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Dr. Edward Honig; Dedicated to Prolonging Lives in New York City

Dr. Edward Honig is an illustrious NYC-based cardiologist, a discipline focusing on heart treatment and other things related to the same. Dr. Honig operates from Glen Clove in NYC where he exercises his duty to humanity. He has been serving in internal medicine, and he has earned several plaudits in reward to his excellent performance. For people who know Dr. Edward, they can attest to his unmatched operational standards, which have continually put him in the limelight. The American Board of Internal Medicine bestowed on him a highly-coveted certification as proof of recognition of Edward Honig’s selfless devotion to the discipline of cardiology. What mostly fuels his already distinguished reputation is the many successful surgeries that in return win him a positive feedback from his patients.

An Overview of the Services Offered by Cardiologists in New York

First, a cardiologist assesses a patient’s health as they also review their medical history. Before getting conclusive results, these specialists also perform a physical test where they obtain vital symptoms on the lungs, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, blood vessels, and the heart. A rigorous examination forms the basis for their report, where they may even detect a potential problem. Upon finding out what the issue is, these heart doctors discuss those findings with their patients before formulating an efficient treatment plan. At this point, the patient gets counseled as they are also allowed to ask any questions relating to their cardiovascular issues. In case of surgery, a cardiovascular surgeon comes into the picture for effective treatment.

Practices Making Heart Diseases Common

According to Dr. Edward Hogin, some of the practices leading to heart diseases and strokes include leading high-stress lives, untreated oral cavities, and blocked arteries that come out of genetic predisposition or even poor nutrition. Edward among other cardiologists advises people to avoid high-stress lifestyles because the body releases hormones, which even though they are useful, should not be released due to pressure from job, finances, or the everyday problems. When a body maintains an overdrive mode, the blood pumps more furiously, and this could eventually overwork the body. Again on clogged arteries, the issue comes about when one feeds on a lot of saturated fats such that they concentrate too much and clog the arteries and veins.

Niceties About Disorders Falling in the Realm of Cardiology

Some of the essentials you will learn from Dr. Edward Hogin include the causes of coronary artery diseases and congenital flaws. As it is, one should always avoid habits that could lead to these conditions especially because their remedy is surgery. Coronary artery disorders come about when plaque accumulates on the interior walls of your arteries. Such a scenario prevents sufficient nutrients and blood from accessing the arteries. The ailment is likely to cause heart attack although its symptoms are quite conspicuous and could be corrected early. The congenital disabilities, on the other hand, disturb the muscle’s pace by affecting blood flow. In most cases, congenital flaws are not detected and that is why you should consider frequenting a cardiologist.

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