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Max Salk Has Interesting Times to Contend With

The Current Market

Max Salk and his peers may see that investors seem to be less exuberant than they were in 2007 and 2008. It seems as if investors are more interested in pulling capital out and allocating it toward classically safer investments such as fixed income instruments instead of traditional equities.

Equity fund outflows are a signal to watch and see. An organization conducted a survey called the AAII Asset Allocation Survey. This survey showed that there was a slight increase in allocation to cash and an overall decrease in capital allocated toward equities.

Investors seem to be continuously scared of potential issues that may obvious yet unseen in the stock market. Issues such as the trade war with China, the potential rise of consumer and corporate debt, in addition to other issues within the market and the economy have investors sitting back and becoming more passive in how they want to approach their investing.

As stated, there was a slight decrease in allocations to equities and equity funds. But this is still not a reason to panic as stock allocations are still at higher levels than in the past. The bond fund allocations might have captured the decrease in equities as it is said these rose up by a bit higher than 1%. Cash allocations have also risen slightly. Despite these changes, investors are still moderately bullish on these stocks and indicate that they would still purchase stocks if they had the necessary capital to do so.

Investors are looking at dividend growth stocks, bonds, cash, and other investments that may be safe. The reasoning is that if a correction were to come, they would be prepared to scoop up stocks at a lower price and have bigger returns.

It is certain that Mark Salk and his peers are looking at how this will affect their holdings and their analysis over the short term and over the long term.

Max Salk and his partners will have to look at how corporates think about the current markets and how they will act in regard to issuances of debt, whether it will be short term or long term. They will also look at how corporates will use their current dry powder (their cash) to increase their valuations and treat investor capital.


Alastair Borthwick Works as the Author of Classics in Two Different Fields

Most individuals consider themselves lucky to write a classic in just one genre. However, Alastair Borthwick created two classics in very different areas. The first classic is Always a Little Further, which was published in 1939. The book focused on a carefree number of years that Borthwick spent mountaineering in the highlands of Scotland. It is full of adventure and humor where he describes encounters with hawkers and tinkers as well as the usual youth shenanigans. The book also includes a journey to Ben Nevis where he boarded a lorry filled with dead sheep.

The classic describes the initial grass-roots movements into the hills of Scotland. Ever since it was published, Always a Little Further was known as a classic of outdoor literature. The book is remembered for its humor, memorable characters and Alastair Borthwick’s vivid descriptions which always made the classic more interesting than other novels on mountaineering and climbing during the time.

At first, Faber and Faber declined to publish the classic because they were not impressed with the new writing style and unique subject content. However, T.S. Elliot, who served as a member on the board of directors, insisted that the book should be published.

Alastair Borthwick’s second classic, Sans Peur was published in 1946. The book is also as popular as the first one. San Peur was written immediately after World War II, and it contains graphic detail and a sense of immediacy. Alastair had experienced a lot of incredible events during the war and was talented enough to recapture and describe this series of events accurately. Sans Peur was well received, and in 1994, it was republished with the title, ‘Battalion: a British infantry unit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945′. The book received excellent reviews and widespread acclaim, now preserved as a non-fiction war classic.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Alastair Borthwick’s books were re-issued, and he enjoyed immense acclaim especially in the outdoor community. He also enjoyed the recognition along with Tom Weir, Seton Gordon, and Bill Murray, who were among the great celebrants of his home country’s highlands.

A Snapshot of Max Salk

Max Salk being a man of many talents is both an investment analyst and landscape photographer in New York City. Max became interested in stocks during college, that interest expanded even more when he worked at PPM. Being able to make his living off researching companies and give his recommendations on investments furthered his interest and passion for the market.

An earlier passion of his was photography which started in college. During his time at the University of Illinois Max Stalk spent a semester in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 2010. During his time there Max explored the foggy harbors and snapped photos that would result in some of his first photos seen on his website. From that trip on he made sure to bring his camera on all adventures. Eventually his portfolio grew enough that he started a website just for his photography.

Being able to juggle both a photography website and his job as an investment analyst is no easy task. Max found a way to juggle his responsibilities while also going the extra mile to be successful. He starts his day by reading emails to plan out his day, then he has a short commute to the office. He stays on task at the office by ensuring he gets up often to stretch his legs. When working on something specific Max likes to plug in his earbuds and plug away at a project.

Getting all this work done Max says that planning, preparation and prioritizing are the key to getting things done. Planning outlines the idea you want to bring to the table, then after prepping all your information you can present your idea with confidence. Confidence is important when recommending what people do with their money, so knowing the information is key to putting out good work. Max Stalk’s favorite quote by Ben Franklin emanates how Max runs his personal and work life; “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Sound Engineer Clay Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer and project manager who works in the music industry. With considerable experience working with renowned music artists, Hutson became an entrepreneur who created his own live entertainment production venture. This firm produces, manages and designs concerts. He has worked with popular artists, including Pink, Guns’n’Roses, Garbage and Kid Rock.

Hutson prides himself on ensuring his work is precise and organized. This prevents errors from occurring during shows. These efforts are important because it reduces the chance of injury during a show and helps the performers satisfy their fans. Hutson keeps lists of tasks to complete, including minor details that may seem inconsequential to some. This sometimes requires significant time for Hutson, but he recognizes that even a small error could have serious consequences.

Because the success of the concert is largely dependent on the satisfaction of fans, Hutson strives to keep himself informed about the latest technological advancements in the music industry. By doing this, he is able to arrange for entertaining shows, with satisfying visual and audio enhancements. This includes the use of mobile lights, video screens and walls, stunts and other forms of art. This sometimes requires putting in extra time, which Hutson recognizes is essential to his success in the industry.

To keep shows entertaining and interesting, Hutson pays careful attention to design and measurements. His engineering background is especially useful in this regard, as he knows how to utilize CAD design programs to assist in planning the proper dimensions for audio and visual equipment. Through trial and error, he has found what works and what does not in stage shows.

Many of Hutson’s client relationships were the result of referrals from other artists who worked with him. Hutson recognizes the importance of maintaining a good reputation in the industry to allow his business to be successful. He enjoys working with performers who are involved in their shows and explore cutting-edge forms of entertainment.