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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is among few executives in the Brazilian economic life who have achieved unprecedented success and recognition.

He is currently the president of Bradesco, the leading insurer in the Brazilian insurance and banking industry. Trabuco was born in the city of Marília where Bradesco originated. He later joined University of São Paulo from which he graduated under the Faculty of Philosophy.

Prior to his appointment as the President of Bradesco, Trabuco had worked in various hierarchical levels in the bank. He began working at Bradesco in the year 1969 and since then he has received various promotions due to his determination, persistence, and wisdom. Bradesco’s headquarters is located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo – the city of God. It is at this headquarters that the executives of the bank including the President are normally chosen through a rigorous vetting exercise. The fact that Trabuco was chosen to become the President of Bradesco under this rigorous selection exercise means that he was fit for the position.

Indeed, all the previous presidents of the bank had undergone the same vetting process. Just like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the former presidents have never disappointed the bank’s key stakeholders. Trabuco was appointed by the bank’s Board of Directors to lead the bank as the President from March 2009. Until then, he had been working as the executive Vice President at the bank. He had also served for 40 years at the bank before becoming his appointment as the Vice President. Thus, he was considered the most suitable candidate for the position of presidency under the bank’s organizational culture which focuses on “continuity and renewal.”


Trabuco could have been appointed to the bank’s lead position earlier on except that he was a bit younger during the time and the position was taken by Cypriano. He was only 40 years of age by then and thus he was considered to be “too young” for the position of presidency in accordance to the banking institution’s standards. Other prominent executives who had served as presidents at the Bradesco include the bank’s founder, Amador Aguiar, and Lazaro Brandao. While the Board of Directors did not approve Trabuco for the position of presidency at the Council’s first meeting, it was not a coincidence that he was chosen at the second meeting which was held on March 2009 as the most suitable person for that position.

One of the most remarkable things regarding Trabuco is that he assumed office as the President of Bradesco at a time when the bank had lost its market share to Itaú Unibanco. He once claimed in an interview that the leadership of the company was the bank’s main goal but rather providing the best services to the clients in the municipalities in which it operates. One of the strategic moves to restore the bank to its leading position in the Brazilian banking industry was the acquisition of the HSBC’s Brazilian subsidiary. In light of this, Trabuco bought this subsidiary for US$5.2 billion. This strategic facilitated the company to gain more account holders. In addition it also led to the growth of the bank’s total investment funds as well as its branch network. Indeed, the move enhanced the bank’s overall growth within a year. Some financial analysts have argued that it could have taken the bank 6 years for it to achieve the same growth through organic growth.

After taking office as the President of Bradesco, Trabuco established a corporate University. Similarly, he also held discussions with the executives at all the hierarchical levels of the bank while seeking to renew leadership. In order to achieve this, he established a comprehensive plan for promoting the executives to the top leadership positions.

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Jim Tananbaum: For the Love of Science

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital. He founded the company in 2011 as a private equity firm dedicated to healthcare specializing in pinpointing and growing future market leaders by offering capital, information, and networks. He is a Yale, Harvard, and M.I.T. graduate, having obtained a math and computer science/ electrical engineering degree from Yale, an M.D. and M.B.A. from Harvard, and an M.S. from M.I.T.

Before founding Foresite Capital, Jim had already co-founded two healthcare investment practices and two top biopharmaceutical companies. He founded GelTex Pharmaceuticals which introduced two drugs into the market for less than $80 million. The company was then acquired for $1.6 billion in 1998. Jim also co-founded Theravance, Inc where he served as the CEO.

His vision for starting Foresite was to marry all the elements he had picked up in his career and create a great investment platform. Theravance, Inc. has a joint venture with Innoviva and shares GSK’s respiratory franchise, completing a spinoff, Theravance Biopharma, Inc. These two companies have approximately $3.2 billion in combined market capitalization. Visit

Earlier in his career, Jim was a partner at Sierra Ventures where he was instrumental in establishing its investment practice in health care services. He was also one of the founding partners of Prospect Venture Partners II and III. His numerous investments include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Healtheon.

According to INC42, Foresite Capital invested in Aeri Pharmaceuticals, which has brought a once daily glaucoma treatment to the market. The company has also been at the forefront in quite a few investments in synthetic biology and sequencing. Despite receiving its first institutional capital in 2013, Foresite has invested in many healthcare leaders in Pharmaceuticals that are emerging, synthetic biology, gene sequencing, healthcare delivery, and data science.

Jim admits that his love for learning has considerably contributed to his success. He may be focusing on the business-arm of healthcare, but he views himself as an academic at heart. It is his passion for learning that has driven him to find some of the best scientific solutions. He has coupled his passion with persistence and commitment to push him to continue building his firm and expanding their innovative portfolio.

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Whitney Wolfe Makes Good On Her Passion

Whitney Wolfe is one of the many examples of people who have brought forth a product in the industry that has made a huge impact in the industry. This product is called Bumble. This is a dating app in the similar vein as OK Cupid and Tinder. However, there are a few key differences in this app.

As a matter of fact, this is the first time that this type of approach has been tried with any dating app. With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has decided to put a limit on the account of the male user. This limit prevents them from sending messages to women.

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With the limit of men on the app, women are given a little bit of freedom to choose who they want to talk to. However, women are urged to respond quickly when they are given a match. When it comes to dating, timing is a very important thing. In the outside world, there is no telling when someone who is available is going to be taken. Bumble simulates this experience with the time limit for responding to the match. Women are given 24 hours to respond. If they don’t respond, then the match is going to disappear from their page.

Whitney Wolfe’s approach to dating has made it a lot easier for people to find someone to go with. Dating is also made to be a lot more fun for people. One of the worst things about online dating was that there were many cases of people trying everything they can to get a date. However, they were not able to get any responses. Therefore, many people have given up on online dating. This is of course not what Whitney Wolfe wanted given that she is working in the online dating industry and wants to make sure that people are having the best experience possible.

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Troy McQuagge’s Incredible Contributions In The Insurance Sector

Troy McQuagge, the current chief executive officer at USHealth Group was recently applauded and recognized for his creativity and his visionary leadership in the 2016 One Planet Award. He was named the most innovative leader and appreciated for his leadership skills and the milestones that he has taken his company. One Planet Award, is an annual program that rewards leaders and companies who show excellent performance in their teams, programs, social corporate responsibility, services and products and also who come up with new ways of doing things. The program is inclusive of all the organizations in the world which makes the award one of the most respected and coveted in the world.

Troy McQuagge joined the company in the year 2010. Ever since he joined, he has shown excellent performance by breaking his own sales records every year since he joined the company. At the awards, he was honored and told the press that it was through team work that he was able to make it. Through the team work, the company was able to create and come up with plans and policies that help the company’s target market for their betterment in the health sector.

Troy McQuagge is a veteran when it comes to the insurance field. He has been in the business for thirty-three years, all through which he has gathered mastery and comprehensive knowledge that makes him an expert in the field. He uses his visionary leadership skills and his creative mind to inspire and motivate his team to push forward to come up with great services for their clients. Since he took over as the chief executive officer, the company has registered a growth of 1,093% which is more than ten times increase in profits and revenue.

Troy is proud of his company and believes in its creative team. USHealth Group is one of the largest insurance companies in the country. Compassion and a drive to help the needy is one thing that pushes the company to be creative. Their main target market are the low-income earners and those starting up new businesses. The company knows how hard it is for their clients to get an insurance cover and thus works with their needs to bring the best reliable and affordable covers for their clients.

Troy McQuagge is a role model to most leaders in the corporate world. With the high competition and entrepreneurs having the need to be better, Troy gives leaders a way forward. Leaders can borrow the commitment, team playing and innovation to make an impact in whatever they do. With his modest nature and brilliance in understanding the insurance industry, USHealth Group is in great hands with Troy as their chief executive officer.

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David Osio – article recap

With a highly impressive legal education and background, Mr. David Osio is a respected financial services leader and aficionado of art and music. He graduated in 1988 with honors, earning a Law degree at the revered Andres Bello University. Andres Bello is a well regarded Catholic University. David has an impressive set of skills that he acquired during the time that he trained at the Financial Institute, situated in New York. Mr. Osio spent a great many years performing upper level executive training. This extensive degree of experience honed David’s skills, preparing him for an important role in Florida, as Vice President of Commerce Banking. This achievement was attained while working at Banco Latino, a valued position that Mr. Osio prospered at for around 4 years. He focused his education on defensive methods for marketing, all while protecting his client’s financial properties. When he left Banco Latino in 1993, Mr. Osio established his own business brand, Davos Financial. For nearly a 20 year period, Mr. Osio’s financial group has been highly regarded as a profitable leader in the Latin American community of business.


David’s conglomerate provides experienced and accomplished asset control as well as recommendation services for fiscal concerns. This exceptional variety of offerings earned Mr. Osio’s brand, Davos, great appreciation as Venezuela’s principal comprehensive economic guidance firm. David’s business services are not constrained wholly to Venezuela. His group, Davos Financial maintains offices in Miami, New York, Geneva and other countries across the world, including Panama.


Outside of performing his company duties, David is a very important member of the famous Miami Symphony. Mr. Osio is also known to be an impassioned owner of collectible art, as well as a worldwide voyager with a weighty interest in financial and private money-making preparation.


David’s educational and professional experience allowed him to easily create a ground-breaking mobile application specifically designed to work out the probable asset earnings on real estate properties for his multitude of clients. This inventive service is called the Davos CAP. It is in essence a specialized computing application. Working in combination with a different application called a Mortgage Calculator, the device provides patrons with the alternative of computing their mortgages using estimations that come directly from the banking establishment. Clients, with no difficulty, can set up properties using a mobile device and convey statistics to staff at Davos Financial.