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Don Reseller and Adam Goldenberg Are Doing New and Amazing Things With Fashion

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler no doubt have the potential to go far in the business world. The two are the founders of the Techstyle fashion group. The company includes beauty accessories and membership-based clothing. The two founders knew so little about fashion when they were just starting up the business. However, they had a high drive to succeed. They also had the awareness to what consumers wanted.

Adam joined the business world at a young age of 15 years. He started his first company called gamers Alliance. The company dealt with advertising and network, and it was suitable for gaming websites. In 1999, Goldenberg sold the company to Intermix media. He later dropped out of school and became the president of strategic planning for Intermix. By age 20, Goldenberg was already riding high on the career ladder; he was Intermix’s chief operating officer.

Don Ressler also similarly joined the team. He had a website, that he sold to Intermix in 2011. While working at Intermix, Goldenberg and Ressler became good friends. Their friendship grew, and they started an e-commerce company in 2006. The company was called intelligent beauty. They did not stop there as they continued to develop other successful brands. They started thinking of ways to create online shopping platform. Armed with the only slight knowledge of what was trendy and the clothing that was in high demand, they decided to go ahead and a start a fashion store.

The first company that Goldenberg and Ressler had was JustFab. The company was membership-based, and it allowed members to get personalized athletic clothing every month. The company demonstrated ways to mix and match different fashion pieces. JustFab got its funding from Matrix partners. JustFab got rebranded to Techstyle in 2016. Techstyle stands out from the rest because the company committed to social responsibility. The company does not only focus on making money but also in becoming a successful corporation. The clothing brand makes women feel confident on how they look even when they are in the gym. Techstyle has always been involved in community development. They have participated in charity events, beautifying community gardens. One of the charity events they participated in is the Cinderella project which donates gowns to low-income students who have a hard time attending their proms. Goldenberg and Ressler have great potential to succeed. However, they will continue to focus the Techstyle company.

Here’s Why Tony Petrello Donates Millions Every Year

Since 2006 Tony Petrello has donated millions of dollars to various research organizations. And from the looks of it, he won’t be slowing down on his giving anytime soon.

What Has Inspired Tony To Be Such A Big Giver?

When Tony’s daughter Carena was born she weighed in at only 20 ounces. She was premature and would eventually be diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia, a disease caused by an insufficient amount of blood flow to the brain. As a result, Carena developed cerebral palsy and has experienced developmental delays since birth. Even with all these obstacles the Petrello family refuses to give up. Everyday Tony has the pleasure of watching his daughter eat breakfast. Something she couldn’t do just a year ago. And now, at the age of eight, Carena is working on mastering walking and talking.

Tony Saw A Big Opportunity To Give Back

When Tony Petrello and his wife realized what a difficult journey they would facing, they made it their mission to find the best pediatric research institution they could find. They didn’t care where it was located or how much it would cost. All that mattered was their daughter Carena was able to get the best possible care in the world. Though Tony and his wife looked into facilities all over the world, it turned out the facility that could help them the most was their neighborhood Texas Children’s Hospital. They are now on a mission to ensure any child who has been diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia will have the opportunity to grow up and pursue dreams just like the rest of us.

Who Is Tony Petrello?

Since 2011 Tony Petrello has been the CEO of Nabors Industries, the largest drilling contractor in the entire world. After graduating from Yale University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, Tony started working at the Baker & McKenzie law firm. He joined the firm in 1979 and worked his way up to Managing Partner by 1986. In 1991 he resigned from that position and started working at Nabors Industries as an elected member of the Board of Directors.

12 years later, in 2003, Petrello was promoted to Deputy Chairman. He served in that position until 2011 when he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer. And last but not least, since 2012, Tony Petrello has been the Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board.

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