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Should We Continue to Use Pennies?

Does it make sense to keep pennies in circulation? With prices such as $9.99, marketers think that the customers feel they’re paying $9 rather than $10.

The fact is that a penny costs more than one cent to make. It’s made of 97.5% zinc, and it’s been costing the American taxpayers over $100 million a year to produce.

On the contrary, the supporters of the penny, including some economists, believe that eliminating it from circulation would raise inflation.

In a recent CNBC Squawk Box interview, U.S. Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl, claimed that the value from using pennies doesn’t cover the costs of producing them.

According to Mr. Diehl, “very few transactions on the market would be affected by the elimination of the penny,” while competitive markets would keep vendors from raising prices.

At present, only 25% of transactions are cash-based, while the rest is done electronically. So, few transactions would actually be affected by the elimination of one-cent coins.

Mr. Diehl had served as the Director of U.S. Mint after being appointed to the post by President Clinton. Currently, he runs U.S. Money Reserve, a top distributor of gold, silver, and platinum coins. The company has clients on all the continents.

The U.S. Money Reserve offers investors precious metals coins of varied sizes, ranging from 1/10 to 1 ounce for the gold coins. Government-issued coins from the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Australia are available, and are guaranteed when it comes to their purity.

The customers receive top quality customer service through a team of dedicated precious metals investment professionals.

The company also offers Individual Retirement Accounts for American investors as a way to diversify into precious metals for retirement savings. The gold bought in an IRA account is held by a custodian, while those looking to buy precious metals outside IRA get outright possession of their investments.

Improve Online Dating Skills and Experience Success

Anyone having a tough time connecting or succeeding on the dating scene has to make some changes. Making the same mistakes on the dating scene is not exactly going to improve the chances of meeting the perfect person. Well, meeting someone might not be tough. Impressing the person and then getting a second date is where so many run into problems. Online dating sites do provide an excellent means for meeting someone new. However, those who are a bit awkward when it comes to dating success do need to become proactive and seek the help of others in order to improve results.

One way to increase the chances of dating success is to keep a log of all interactions with others on the site. To some, this step might seem like a wee bit too much. Who would be interested in keeping a journal of dating success or foibles? There is a simple answer to such a question. A person who wants to improve social and dating skills to the point bad dates and doomed relationships become ghosts of the past.

Keeping an updated journal is not all that difficult. All that needs to be done is type down the basics of what occurred on the site (or on a date) on Notepad or Word. Save the document. Review the notes and log pertinent questions about steps necessary for improvement. Write down any questions that might come to mind as well. All of these steps aid in performing reliable reflections over what has occurred. From this, better steps towards making improvements becomes possible.

Figuring out how to make all the improvements does not even have to be something done by one’s lonesome. The internet is home to tons of discussion boards and social media sites. Simply asking others for help could lead to really positive results. In order to acquire sought-after advice, it is critically important to ask the right questions. The only way this is possible is through carefully reviewing what went right and what went wrong on previous days.

Having access to a great social network and dating community definitely makes this possible. Skout has emerged as a really popular name in the land of online dating. The Skout app can be downloaded onto a mobile device and, once it is in place, logging onto the dating community is pretty easy. Connecting with possible partners is not the only thing a member can do on the site. Asking advice of others is an option as well. Exploring this options is definitely recommended. Skout’s easy to use platform certainly makes interacting with all members fairly straight-forward and even enjoyable.

The dating game has changed in some ways thanks to the arrival of new forms of technology and communications. Online dating is one of the cooler and fun results of these new technological and software developments. Members of online dating communities must still do their part and approach others the right way. Improving from day-to-day helps with this cause.

Innovation Is the Key to Success

Increased business opportunities leads to increased economic development. When the economic situations of a country is stable, business opportunities are readily available for people to invest in. Many countries rely on entrepreneurship and business development as the key to successful economic growth. Majority of people in different countries prefer to engage in business oriented activities as a source income as compared to a small number in the employment sector. Through this initiative, many organizations have been established to focus on developing many business entities. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is one of the companies that have invested a lot in economic sector. With its headquarter in New Jersey, United States of America, the company has supported many small business enterprises to develop and become some of the leading economic hubs in the world.

This is a non-profit making organization which offers both technical and professional support to the entrepreneurs. The firm guides different companies in site location when setting up a company. This enables the company to have prior information on the condition of the environment before investing. They also carry out economic survey to establish economic indicators of a place before advising its clients on what to undertake. Its nature of empowering people economically, the company has invested in small business enterprises for women with the aim of developing them economically. The company gives low interest loans to individuals who are willing to invest in business oriented field. Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is one of the leading real estate firms in United States of America. It gives its clients the ability to develop structures through proving the necessary mechanism for approval of construction permit approvals.

The company has made tremendous development because of the leadership capabilities of Kevin Seawright. He is an innovator and a financial specialist whose goal is to maximize on the business opportunities at his disposal to achieve the said goals. He is the current Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and also serves as the Chief Financial Officer. This is the position that has seen him develop the company to greater levels through his proper financial management practices. With over 13 years of work experience, he has continued to work closely with the employees through finding answers and solving employee related problems. He oversees the overall budgeting process of the company and ensures resources are not lost. Through this process, cash flow is made easy and different departments can access the money to handling different programs.

Freightliner Shows Off First Autonomous Vehicle on the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam was the site of Freightliner’s grand unveiling of their new driverless autonomous commercial vehicle. Freightliner, owned by Daimler, was given a license plate for their self driving vehicle by the state of Nevada.

There was no mention of how much the autonomous semi would run or when it might be available. It will probably be at least a few more years until it is available for purchase. There’s still much testing to be done to make sure that their autonomous vehicle is road-worthy.

While the vehicle will be able to drive itself without intervention for hundreds of miles, it is only being given a level 3 NHTSA rating. This means that you won’t see them driving down the road without a driver in the cabin any time soon. NHTSA level 3 means that a driver will still need to accompany the vehicle and be able to takeover should something go wrong.

According to tests run by Paul Mathieson, drivers are 25% less drowsy when they operate an autonomous vehicle. Sleepy drivers account for many accidents on the road every year so anything that can be done to keep drivers alert will help to save lives.

Keith Mann Fights for Animal Rights with Everything He’s Got!

Keith Mann is a man who rightly lives up to his title as an animal rights activist. According to Buzzfeed, Mann has dedicated not only a large percentage of his youth, but all of his adulthood to the Animal Rights cause.

As a child, Mann’s interests were peeked while working on a dairy farm in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. He experienced first hand the crying and screeching noises produced by mother cows that are heard on dairy farms. Mann quickly inquired as to why the mother cows were making this noise. He sorrowfully found out that the mother cows were grieving for their young, which had been taken away from them for the purpose of milk harvesting. This experience made an impact on Mann, perhaps rubbing him the wrong way and paved the path for his future pursuits in animal activism.

Mann’s next recorded act of animal activism would be the releasing a neglected rabbit from his pen. He then was recorded as joining an animal activist group that worked to bring awareness against the sport of fox hunting. The group passed out leaflets against the sporting practice. Another of Mann’s activism pursuits was the capturing of 53 goldfish from a fair. He placed the captured fish in his bathtub and later found them homes.

Not all of Mann’s activist pursuits have ended in success, some even ended in destitution. In 1991, Mann was arrested for conspiring to set fire to certain amount of chicken crates and in the 2000’s, he was arrested in various acts of protest. These acts of protest were geared toward preventing the scientific use of animals for product testing, also known as, vivisection.

Among Mann’s successes,he has had much animal activist success in seeking out government support. In 2008, he ran for Parliament with the Animal Welfare Party. Undoubtedly bring awareness to the cause.

In 2013 Mann was diagnosed with a form a cancer called follicular lymphoma. Follicular lymphoma has no known cure. Mann was given a three year survival rate. Due to his belief system, Mann has decided to treat his cancer using the holistic Gerson Therapy. This type of therapy requires an expensive intake of organic foods and detoxification procedures. Supporters of Mann can assist with the finances of his recovery by donating a few dollars. The money raised will allow Mann to purchase his organic food and detox regimen.

Donations can be placed through PayPal at

Drones Could Plant One Billion Trees Per Year

Deforestation has been a hot topic for the past several years. Trees are a natural resource that provide lumber and oxygen for the entire planet, which makes them pretty valuable parts of several different ecosystems. Like many issues facing the planet and the growing population, technology just might have found a way to help out with the problem thanks to a startup company and the use of drones.

According to a source, Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, close to the Independent, BioCarbon Engineering, which is helmed by a former NASA engineer, has developed a way to plant a billion trees a year by using drones. The drones survey an area from altitude and then descend to inject a nutrition rich pod complete with seeds into the soil. Since 26 billion trees are being removed every year and only 15 billion are being replanted, the company has developed an interesting solution to reforestation. The company expects to have two fully working prototype drones completed by the end of the summer.

While not as effective as hand sowing individual trees, the company and technology accomplishes the task at about fifteen percent of what it would cost to send teams into the designated areas. With the ability to plant so many trees at a fraction of the cost, BioCarbon looks to be on the verge of a very important breakthrough. Technology and nature are two industries that do not usually team up, but this union looks like it could be extremely promising.

Start-Up Will Use Drones To Plant Trees

BioCarbon Engineering, a drone start-up, plans to use its technology to plant trees. The group will start by mapping target areas and determining what kinds of trees will grow best there. They will choose seeds that have already germinated and encase them in a gel loaded with nutrients. They will then use drones, which will be hovering five to ten feet above the ground, to shoot the seeds into the soil.

Hypothetically, BioCarbon Engineering could plant 36,000 trees per day in this fashion by using multiple drones for the planting. They hope to plant one billion trees per year with the drones, and they expect to spend 15 percent of what it would cost to plant the trees through conventional means.

BioCarbon Engineering plans to work with forestry services and non-profits around the world to plant trees by drone. Ray Lane posted on Carnegie Mellon University’s blog that he will also monitor the results of such plantings and use the data to refine their techniques. BioCarbon Engineering also notes that 26 billion trees a year are cut down or burned. Such large-scale deforestation can be combated only by planting methods that plant lots of trees and ensure most of them grow into healthy plants.

Cook from Disgrace Fraternity Finds a New Position

Howard Dixon spent the last 15 years of his career as the cook for the now defunct Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma. Now that the University has closed down the fraternity in the wake of racist videos that have surfaced over the last few days.

According to the story on, Howard was offered another position with the school however he opted to turn it down. Howard said that he has already accepted another position at a different organization.

Howard said that he will miss his previous position at SAE however stated He said the job was one-of-a-kind and that the boys were like family to him. When asked his opinion of the video, Howard said that their actions were stupid and selfish. Their organization was meant to promote brotherhood and that their chant showed that the fraternity was not a real brotherhood.

After the story broke about the racist video and SAE being shut down, many felt sorry for Howard who would lose his job because of it. A former fraternity member and University of Oklahoma student who remembered Howard fondly began an Indiegogo page to help him through his unemployment. So far the donations have amounted to $60,000 to help the cook.

The above Buzzfeed link can lead you to the donation page if you are interested in helping Howard Dixon out.

Never Pee in the Pool – Here’s Why

Everyone has done it. Just having too much fun in the pool and it’s too cumbersome to have to get out of the water, dry off, go indoors, peel out of a still-wet swimsuit and take care of the process of elimination. So much easier to just let it go in the pool. who’s going to know?

You might, if you get sick because of the chemical reaction between the pool chlorine and your own urine.
A study conducted recently with finding published in the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science & Technology, reveals that mixing chlorine and the uric acid produced in your won urine can result in several volatile disinfection by-products.
One by-product, called trichloramine, which can cause respiratory problems as well as irritation to the skin and eyes. Another by-product is cyanogen chloride, a chemical which has been used for chemical warfare stated Haidar Barbouti.
The typical amount of urine an average person releases while swimming in a chlorinated pool isn’t enough to create a weapon of mass destruction when mixed together, but it is enough to cause skin and eye irritation. It’s also enough to create the ‘ick’ factor too. Highland Village pools and others around the country are trying to get people to stop peeing in the pool

One Eared Cat, Van Gogh Raises Money for Animal Charity with Artwork

A special cat in London has started giving back to the charity that rescued her in a very unlikely way. As reported by the Telegraph , the three year old cat was rescued by the Mayhew Animal Home in Kensing Green. According to a staff member at the facility, she came in with a part of her ear missing and a flea allergy. After noticing that the cat was scratching at her ears frequently, the vets discovered the cat was still having severe ear infections. The veterinarians decided the best course of action was to remove the infected ear completely. The shelter decided to give the one eared cat the cheeky name Van Gogh, after the eccentric artist who sliced off his ear to give to the woman that he loved.

As an act of gratitude, Van Gogh has decided to show her appreciation for the shelter using her unique talent. Rather surprisingly, the cat also has a knack for art like her namesake. Made using fruit juices that are safe for the cat to use, Van Gogh’s creations are being auctioned off on the shelter’s Facebook page said Brad Reifler. The shelter claims that the cat has even done her own renditions of Van Gogh’s famous works Sunflowers and Starry Night. The proceeds from the unusual works of art are then used to help rescue and shelter other animals in the area. Van Gogh is available for adoption and is known to be quite fond of cuddling.