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How Educators Are Using Class Dojo to Teach Empathy and Values

Educators around the United States are now implementing Class Dojo’s empathy-inducing videos into public elementary curriculums. ClassDojo, the educational application which was developed to enhance teachers’ relationships with parents and students, has recently develop a series of these videos in an effort to instill empathetic values into children on a regular basis. Representatives from ClassDojo recently participated in an interview where they discussed the development of educational videos about empathy and reasons the company believed these videos were relevant to the educational process. The videos, which were made available to Class Dojo subscribers a short time ago, have received raved reviews by educators, parents, and students alike.

Development of Empathy-Based Videos

Class Dojo representatives stated that the development of empathy-based videos has been on the company’s agenda for several months. After the launch of Harvard University’s empathy campaign, which was developed in an effort to convey empathetic values to the nation’s youth, Class Dojo decided that the videos should be created and rapidly released. Class Dojo’s creative department developed a series of videos which feature lovable monsters and other characters who engage in interesting plots which teach children how to respond to difficult situations with empathy for one another. Representatives from the ClassDojo stated a new wave of instructional videos will soon be released to Class Dojo subscribers.


Relevant Nature of Educational Courses About Empathy

Class Dojo representatives emphasized the need of empathy-based videos in the public education system. According to the latest Harvard University study on empathetic values in the United States, there has been a drastic decline of empathy between American citizens who disagree. ClassDojo hopes to rectify this decline through the education of the future generation of American citizens. By including empathy-based programs in the public school curriculum, educators can teach students to develop successful practices for communicating with those who disagree with them. Although students could also benefit from an education that teaches them to think critically and react to difficult situations logically rather than emotioanlly, ClassDojo representatives believe that the first step toward the development of successful citizens is the development of empathetic values. Students who are taught to place themselves in the shoes of those with whom they disagree are likely to successfully engage in conflicting situations in the future. ClassDojo has become widely regarded as one of the best educational applications in the United States and is quickly growing through the development of successful strategies.


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