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How ClassDojo Is Improving Classroom Performance

ClassDojo is a communications app that is based on the goal to encourage more interaction between parents, students, and the teachers. It is being used for teachers to observe the student’s social tendencies, academic progress, and school activities and share those with the parents. The app is also used by the students, and they love how interactive and fun it is to use. Everyone is assigned an avatar and the students are able to customize it so that they are able to express their personalities through the app. ClassDojo also used a point system in which the students earn points when they are awarded with positive behavior markers. This encourages them to perform to the best of their ability because they can easily track their own progress and earn rewards based on that progress. ClassDojo is a huge time saving tool for teachers. They are able to easily and quickly record behaviors simply by opening the app and clicking a button. They are also able to do this on the move since it is available for smartphones. It is also great for sharing data between parents because ClassDojo sends out reports every week. This way the parents can view how their child is performing in class. This also allows for the teacher to determine ways in which they can benefit the class based off of how they are performing.

ClassDojo also features an instant messaging option so that parents and teachers have the ability to communicate with each other very quickly. If there is important matter to discuss, this allows them to do so easier than through emailing or waiting for a phone call. ClassDojo also has a Class Story feature which shows pictures and videos of the class during the day. The students love watching this and it encourages them to have fun and do their best.