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Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie And Diving Deep Into Productivity

Bhanu Choudhrie may have seen in his career, that when dealing with managers, if they think that they wouldn’t be able to put their best foot forward, they don’t make any movement at all.

Bhanu Choudhrie may have also seen that the emotions of anxiety, stress, or panic at the potential consequences of working on or not completing the task could all cause you to not do it at all. This is even when you know that performing your pending tasks and getting them out of the way could actually provide you with feelings of joy, relief and accomplishment.

Professionals such as Bhanu Choudhrie would quite possibly realize that since your procrastination stems from an emotional response than a rational decision, this realization isn’t enough to motivate you to get back to work.

As a result, you continue your journey of checking meaningless posts on Facebook, taking unfruitful quizzes on BuzzFeed, and exchanging gossip with your friends over your group texts. Sometimes, Bhanu Choudhrie would even see that you won’t even have to indulge into those activities. Rumination and thinking for the sake of thinking would achieve those effects for you pretty easily.

Simply put, you could be staying away from performing your work simply because you think it would bring about negative feelings for you – even when you are aware that completing it would do the opposite. Instead, your mind pushes off the actual work you have to complete due to the potentially negative feelings it carries with itself, and favors doing something that makes you feel good, even if that comes at the cost of your productivity.

Deep down, you have complete understanding that it is not the right thing to do. You comprehend the negative effects that it could have on you and your larger goals. But you find yourself going with your surface-level deduction anyway, simply because your brain votes for what seems good in the moment.

Your mind instantly jumps to save itself from negative sensations, and takes you away to the proverbial land of meaningless joy: the world of procrastination.

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Jeunesse Global Product Review MonaVie

If you’ve ever wanted to preserve your youth, then you’ve probably stumbled across Jeunesse Global. With the countless testimonials and positive reviews the company has garnered, it has slowly become a huge multi-million dollar success. Jeunesse Global however is more than just halting the aging process, it’s also a multi-level company that provides consumers the opportunity to earn a decent living. Becoming a distributor for Jeunesse is what many consumers result to, because many people they get compelled to try what they use. 

Jeunesse Global Product Review MonaVie

One of their more popular products outside of skin revitalization is MonaVie. A case of MonaVie consists of 19 body-beneficial plant-derived and fruit glucosamine known to help joints stay mobile and in motion. One of the main ingredients to this drink is açai which contains a rare phytonutrient composition filled with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and polyphenols. 

This Amazonian superfood ingredient has been used for centuries for the various benefits it provides for optimum health. When consumed, you will be able to internally improve the functions of your body. This in turn will help all of the external products of Jeunesse to better take effect. Every 60 mL serving contains roughly 750 mg of vegan friendly glucosamine. The glucosamine derived from non-animal substances in corn that contains no by-products of animals as well. 

Glucosamine plays a huge role in building the cartilage in the body. When the cartilage is strengthened, you will be able to combat osteoarthritis and arthritis. Mobility will be much easier and you will find your body to be more flexibility altogether as well. MonaVie is all about providing you overall wellness that regular vitamin supplements can’t give you.

Overall, it is a very effective product that will bring back the energy and physical capabilities you once had. When those around you see how strong and flexible you still are the older you get, they will want to know your secret. Becoming a distributor of Jeunesse has been said to be the easiest sales pitch out there so long as you use their products. The results they want to achieve will be seen in you.

JHSF/ José Auriemo Neto

JHSF/José Auriemo Neto: Reputable Property Development Firm

Are you searching for information on how to get started in the real estate field? Do you want to know why José Auriemo Neto, CEO, and chairman of JHSF is regarded as a leader in the property development field? Perhaps you already know that JHSH is a top-rated property developer in Brazil.

Real estate is an appealing field and numerous individuals have amassed their fortunes in their own business. Perhaps you want to create a solid business as a developer. Maybe you’re interested in buying and fixing houses.

There are many ways to approach the real estate business. An experienced and reliable professional can assist you and ensure that you understand what is involved in each type of real estate business or project.

It is advisable to set attainable goals such as buying or acquiring one property, developing it and then selling it for a huge profit. If you go through the property development process on a smaller scale, while you’re still learning what works and what to avoid, you will certainly improve your chances of success. You will have a good understanding of the challenges that are involved in this type of venture.

When it comes to running a real estate business or developing properties, you need to have access to proven systems or resources that will enable you to complete projects successfully.

Reliable advisors or coaches take the time to guide and assist beginners and take them through the steps they need to reach their goal. José Auriemo Neto has been catering to clients from all walks of life and is well respected in the industry. As an experienced real estate investor and property developer, José Auriemo is highly knowledgeable and fully equipped to address a wide variety of issues related to real estate.

If you are searching for a renowned real estate professional who can advise or guide you properly, you need to consider José Auriemo Neto. With José Auriemo Neto by your side, you will understand what you need to do to achieve success in this lucrative field.

Article Title: Grand Tokaj And’s Sweet Partnership!

Jingdong aka may not be as familiar to European and American consumers as Alibaba, but it is actually the second largest e-commerce company in China with over 300 million active users. Grand Tokaj, a Hungarian luxury wine brand, may only be familiar to serious wine connoisseurs or Hungarians, has just partnered with to introduce their brand to new money Chinese consumers living in first and second tier cities.

The massive Chinese consumer market has long been a target for many Western firms looking for growth. Distribution, marketing, and analytics is easy for large companies such as Apple or Nike; however, mid-size firms have a difficult time putting together all the pieces on their own. By partnering together, Grand Tokaj and have made a strategic master stroke as Chinese consumers (especially women) are hungry for luxury European wines. has a long history of selling alcoholic beverages and was able to use its deep data and analytics capabilities to create a marketing campaign targeting the exact ideal consumers who would be ideal of Grand Tokaj’s sweet wine. Grand Tokaj was also able to take advantage of’s huge distribution network to cost effectively and quickly deliver, in fact most consumers will receive their item on the same day or the next day after purchase.

The partnership is obviously a huge wine for Grand Tokaj (they sold more than 1000 bottles in the first day), but also for Jingdong is further cementing its place in the Chinese consumer market as a provider of high quality and sophisticated new products, a feature which keeps bringing back customers who are hungry for high quality Western products. But this win-win scenario actually extends much further as Western firms who are the first to market will likely get a long term advantage from being the first-mover. Many of the Chinese consumer segments are young and the tastes they develop now will stick with them for a lifetime, meaning that companies like Grand Tokaj have truly hit their sweet spot by partnering with The question remains who will be the next company to take advantage of the unique opportunities available from China and e-commerce?

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Article Title: The E-Commerce Man Richard Liu Qiangdong

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the owner of the biggest e-commerce company in China. The company was estimated at $12 billion in U.S. currency in 2018. Richard Liu is known as a entrepreneurial genius which means he has the flexibility, intuition and the savvy business skills that are needed. Richard Liu Qiangdong early life was like everyone else in the area.

Richard Liu parents instilled hard work, education and the dream to excelled in everything he did. After secondary school, Richard Liu went to The Peoples’ University of China for sociology. Even through, he received his Bachelor’s degree, Richard Liu learned computer coding and self studying computer science. Richard Liu received his first job at JapanLife where he worked his way to Director of Computers. He left JapanLife to start his own business. Richard Liu made his mission to only sell authorized products so his customers could have top of the line products that his clients want. Richard Liu Qiangdong expanded and had amazing success and growth int he first five years. When China’s SARS came, Richard Liu’s business Jingdong took a hit but his quick thinking saved his business.

Richard Liu ability to adapt the new circumstances is what help his business became the leader. It took Richard two years to turn his stores into a online business and named it 360Buy Jingdong. The online company made it possible for around the clock customer service. Richard Liu made his website fit the need and easy for everyone to use because customers come first. Richard Liu Qiangdong ended up seeing the profit and the expanding options if he agreed to partnerships. This led to him renaming his website, At some point, Richard started offering daily products, high-end items and name brand items on his website. has figured out an solution to the shipping issue to remote villages. In 2014, is traded on NASDAQ.

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Article Title: Ted Bauman And The Financial Equity

Article Text:

Ted Bauman is a respected individual. Ted Bauman is respected because of his financial assistance to others across the course of his career. Ted Bauman looks at market prices, supply and demand, how the economy works in general.

Ted Bauman realizes the importance and the power of financial knowledge and assets, as such, he pays attention to ways to build wealth. One important aspect is that of the employment equity act that is the present within South Africa.

Equity is an important part of life as it implies ownership in a thing. The more equity and ownership one has in a particular entity, good, asset, or other thing, the better it is for an individual. As such, people are excited about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, tokenization and other sorts of technologies that are ways to utilize assets, to provide liquidity and allow individuals to make decisions that would help them to lead better and more fulfilled lives.

Ted has assisted a variety of people with getting their lives in order and moving forward with their lives in a manner that is respectable and extraordinary. He knows that valuable insights are wonderful, surprising, concise, general and clean. He doesn’t waste people’s time, he expresses interest in value and will continue to generate it in the way that he knows the best.

Here’s what this new equity situation is all about.

The South Africa Employment Equity Act and Why It Matters

South Africa’s Employment Equity Act has been in effect since 1998. While its most recent update is available in the form of regulations passed in 2014, the overall essence of the act remains the same: to protect the rights and equal treatment of employees of different races and genders, as well as those having physical disabilities.

Specifically, the act was passed to protect the interests of designated groups, which in other words are people of color, women, and those with disabilities.

Given South Africa’s past history of discrimination, the Employment Equity Act had been deemed necessary to protect these designated groups and provide equal working opportunities to them.

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Article Title: Neurocore Brain Training Technique

Neurocore interest in innovation goes to extreme lengths of brain training terming it as the next big thing in the sports arena, helping athletes to perform exceptionally on the field without distraction. Dr. Royer founder of Neurocore, credits the brain to have the same potential as the body due to Neuroplasticity. This potential means that the mind is capable of being trained and producing successful results. Neurocore utilizes the biofeedback as a healthy and regular training habit where athletes are involved in modern routine practices of weight lifting before going to the field. The process works to produce optimum results on the side of the athletes while at the same time relaxing the brain.

Neurocore brain training is the new innovative technology that allows the brain to slow down its functions and rest, thereby ensuring that it functions optimally. The process usually is a simple procedure that involves the test subjects having electrodes attached to their heads which monitor the brain electrical waves when the individual’s mind is on a chair watching a film for example, and the spirit roams away, the movie stops. The film is resumed when the mind focuses back on the film. This session depending on the time gap, can virtually adjust the functioning of brain leading to effective operation. Dr. Royer explains that with the mind functioning well and effectively, and with the individual having standard sleep patterns and normal functioning of all systems of the body, the individual stands out to profit richly from good health.

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Article Title: Paul Mampilly And His Professional Pursuits

Article Text:

Paul Mampilly armed himself with vast education background in the finance sector to earn an MBA from Fordham University. He served as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He continued to build his career and honing his leadership skills which landed him in prestigious positions at prominent firms such as ING and Deutsche Bank.

Mampilly became Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund head. He helped the company to grow its assets to approximately $25 billion. After a successful career helping companies to grow and making money for companies, Paul Mampilly embarked on a journey to help main stream Americans to make money. He is now an accomplished research as well as investment analysts. He edits a newsletters which covers sound investment tips and advice to make readers make sound investment decisions. Paul Mampilly is often featured on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC. He now works at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016 and his newsletter Profits Unlimited has attracted more than 90,000 members.

In addition to his professional endeavors writing Profits Unlimited, he manages Extreme Fortunes as well as True Momentum. He also writes for Winning Investor Daily. Paul Mampilly has built an impression reputation as an authority in the industry helping individuals and investors to make money. He leverages his extensive experience inside the Wall Street to help individuals understand what goes on at Wall Street. He puts in the work in his daily activities because the Wall Street is a hard business.

The fast evolution of technology is shifting the market paradigm to analyzing strategies and markets. According to the entrepreneur, computers are leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies to track prices and gain your information to use it against you. Another shift that has been witnessed in the last 20 years is the focus on growth rather than profits by organizations.

Paul Mampilly has noticed that many stock investors go all in one stock. It is not a good idea to invest all your money on one stock. Additionally, Mampilly advises investors to be small. When you bet too big, you risk going bankrupt and not being able to come back.

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Article Title: Learn More About Wes Edens Love For Family And Sports

Article Text:

Wes Edens has earned a reputation in the sports world after buying the Milwaukee Bucks several years ago. He has since then put the team on a winning streak. He has transformed the team from a mediocre team to a powerhouse in sports league. Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks are ranked amongst the top teams in the Eastern Conference in NBA. Wes has made remarkable changes to the team and has shifted his sights to the international sports scene. He has purchased majority shares in one of England’s emerging soccer teams as a way of gaining entry into the European sports scene. Edens got his passion for business in the Oregon State University, which he attended in 1984.

Since his graduation, Wes has worked in the investment markets and proved remarkably successful at it. He currently holds a top management position at Fortress Investment Group. He has spearheaded the transformation of the company from an everyday regular hedge fund a top of the line private equity firms that is almost always making headlines for making breakthroughs in the investment world. His interest in the sports world began when he was a child, and this has been his creative outlet since then. He has made significant investments into the sports world over the years, one of which is the Milwaukee Bucks.

Wes Edens has a knack for taking things around and pointing things in the right direction. In a recent interview, Wes Edens explained to Ric Buchers that despite being a big fan of sports, he enjoys going mountain climbing and being in the outdoors. He also participates in activities such as surfing and bike riding. He also stated that he does not take any devices with him when he participates in sports like mountain climbing. Phones and other devices can cause distractions and lead to grievous mistakes being made. Furthermore, the disconnection from the internet can be reaffirming and allows the mountaineer to focus and enjoy the activity at hand. Wes Edens also expressed his love for his home in Montana. He enjoys visiting his family members, the majority of whom still live in Montana. To Wes Edens, family comes first.

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HGGC on Growing the World Around Them

People are frequently perplexed when they come face-to-face with HGGC, one of the country’s biggest and fastest-growing middle market private equity firms. The reason they cause so much confusion is the sheer level of revenue and companionship they have generated throughout their running; it is very uncommon to find a corporation that both has the potential to grow and cares for the people around them.

Luckily, caring for others is a top priority for HGGC, and it has been ever since they launched over ten years ago. They exist as a means to find and appreciate great businesses that have a chance to change the world. The folks who operate HGGC are all united by one common characteristic; they all have a knack for spotting businesses with this sort of potential within the investment firm industry. Because of their natural talent for this, they have been able to cement themselves within a world that desperately needs the talents they have to offer. Some might say that it is only due to their talents that they were able to make themselves a global force to be reckoned with, but this is far too undermining of their other positive characteristics.

Besides the team’s talent to make proper investments, HGGC has been known to place integrity at the forefront of concern. When they are met with an issue that requires a decision to be made, the question for their board of executives becomes focused on how to help as many people as they possibly can. Aiding their community is something that has pushed HGGC to grow extremely rapidly even in times of seemingly low levels of business. They operate on a simple principle, and this principle is as follows: if you treat others as they would like to be treated, you will find fortune within your life. This much has shown to be true for everyone within their company, as they have all proven to care for others even more than themselves and it has shown only to aid in the expansion of their business. Some people are built to watch the world as it grows around them, but others are built to grow the world around them.