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iFunding Making CrowdFunding For Real Estate Investments A Possibility

iFunding has announced some great new innovations for its 2016 strategy. The reality when it comes to real estate is the security of the investment. To make sure that all property deals that are presented to iFunding are worth the investment they will be putting together a completely new advisory board made up of professionals from many different sectors of industry. This is to ensure the knowledge and expertise needed for the screening of these opportunities is provided for. This makes the security and safety of the investment greater. The professionals will be made up of individuals from the financial services industry as well as top industry professionals for real estate, peer to peer lending and venture capital. This transformation of the advisory board will allow for future positive growth of the platform as well as success within the market place.

William Skelley believes that investing in the future of iFunding with these professionals will ensure that the company has on going success. This platform is new for those investors looking to secure their wealth for the future. iFunding and William Skelley take advantage of mixing investment best practices with disruptive ideas will allow them to define the industry. LinkedIn indicates William and Sohin Shah its cofounder have been friends since their days in collage and have always looked for ways to start a business together. According to the iFunding Twitter, William Skelley came across the idea of combining real estate and crowd funding during his job as a principal at Rose Park Advisors.

After registering on there is an easy way for investors to take part in great real estate opportunities which have since been untouchable to most people. Minimal investment and the pre-screened property list allows iFunding to guide its client to the best real estate opportunities on the market. With the new advisory board that will be forming in 2016, iFunding will improve the service they provide even further and making their real estate opportunities that much more attractive. Seasoned professionals such as William Sipple the executive managing director of HVS Capital Corporation, Greg Weingast, executive vice president of Van Metre Companies, Alicia Syrett the founder and CEO of Pantigrion and Jason Jones cofounder and CEO of Cardinal Rose Group are all part of the new advisory board at iFunding. The future looks bright for the innovative platform and this decision insures their future success.