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CSC and Eric Pulier Come Together to Form a Winning Combination

When Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) acquired Eric Pulier’s computer, Service Mesh, there was a goal in mind: to become a leader in the cloud services industry. Computer Sciences Corporation already has a strong leadership role in the general business of IT support for things like data analysis, critical task implementation solutions and consulting for the corporate world, but cloud computer is still new territory. What Pulier’s one of a kind company does is bridge the gap that CSC was looking to fill with the current platform solutions that are currently offered by Service Mesh. see:

It is important to see that Computer Sciences Corporation could stand and deliver this type of solution without acquiring Service Mesh, but it would have taken time. With Service Mesh Pulier has already proven his success. He already had a customer base and a growing number of clients that were ready to hop on board with his Agility platform. This is what has helped Service Mesh build a customer base of client support for identity management, security and IT auditing. In other words, it was easier for Computer Sciences Corporation to hop on board with someone that had already created a platform that was solid and ready to be rolled out.

By acquiring Service Mesh, it was easier for Computer Sciences Corporation to put more money into this and see profits quickly. CSC is a multi-billion-dollar corporation. There are funds available to turn Service Mesh into an even greater enterprise, and it works because Eric Pulier has stayed on board. He did not simply sell the company and move on. To the contrary, Pulier has stayed and taken on an executive role under the Computer Sciences Corporation umbrella. This has allowed him to help CSC gain more ground with cloud strategies. With this union of Computer Sciences Corporation and Service Mesh a lot of clients can come to CSC for even more IT solutions that Service Mesh could not provide. Click here to learn more.

It is winning combination that has proven successful because many clients that were customers of Service Mesh were already aware of CSC. With Computer Services Corporation, there were a lot of customers that had never been exposed to what Service Mesh could do, but now these CSC clients have access to abundant IT solutions. It was a big step, but it has proven to be a successful one because it has allowed CSC to evolved in a short time frame. It would not have been impossible for CSC to provide the same type of IT solutions that Service Mesh had in place. It would have been a competitive struggle, however, because Service Mesh has carved out a niche and already commanded the market.