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George Soros Is Trying To Make A Difference

George Soros has taken the typical image of a billionaire and flipped it. He has used his more than $30 billion fortune to make the world a better place through the work he does through his philanthropic organization the Open Society Foundation. His work through this organization has helped people throughout the world uplift themselves through the use of democracy and free markets. There are simply none out there who have created the same level of prosperity and freedom for so many in the developing world as he is. This latest effort to help out through the Open Society Foundation is no different.

The Open Society Foundation operates on the principle that giving people the ability to define their position in life is absolutely essential to improving their standing. He himself understands this thanks to his life in Hungary. His home country underwent several serious issues when they were invaded by the Nazis and later on through the spread of communism. Fortunately, he was able to escape that to make a better life for himself. He later on went back to help the country by giving the people access to a new way of life that would offer them more freedom and more potential to define their status in life. He later on worked to help other eastern European countries reach similar fates with their own movements towards democracy. The success led him to create the Open Society Foundation which works on finding ways to help people throughout the work make a difference in for their country.

The recent political winds have not been in a direction favorable to the left. Soros understand what has happened and he wants to do what he can to protect the progress that was made under Obama. He has decided to give all he can to make sure that things go back the direction that they need to. Trump has deeply upset him with his particular efforts to curtail important visa programs and isolate America. If left unchecked Soros believes that these efforts may actually lead to the downfall of the globalization he has championed over the years and the rise of a new much more nativist time for America. The consequences of this will be devastating for everyone no matter what they believe. A more global world is prosperous for everyone involved and gives us the opportunity to make better economy and culture.

Although things aren’t going the way he wants them to, he is still going to use his philanthropy to the best of his ability. If there is anyone who can help bring about more open societies, it’s certainly going to be Soros. He’s done it in the past and he understands how to do it today. Philanthropy is one of the most important things you can do in just about any society. It’s the reason we now have so many of the things we now take for granted around us like libraries and parks. George Soros is taking that and bringing it into our modern world.

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George Soros the Humanity Champion

The world is full of flaws and imperfections. Everybody works towards taking advantage of each other either socially, politically or economically. It is, therefore, important for us to look for ways of ensuring that we remain committed to the making of the world a better place to live in. One man alone cannot save the world. However, George Soros, in his small way, has tried his best to make the world a better place for all of us.

Many institutions have been built on imperfection. While some have prospered, they have left suffering to many in their wake. Communism and anarchism are one such example. In Eastern and Central Europe in 1930, this was the order of the day and not many people grew up knowing peace. George Soros is driven by his desire to change the world for the better for all people in the world.

George Soros is an advocate of human rights. He believes in a society where all the people in the organization are treated equally. Growing up in political anarchy could be the reason he has come out so strongly against the oppression of all kinds. He yearns for a society that places value on human lives and one that fosters equality and protects the oppressed, marginalized and vulnerable people.

George Soros Open Society Foundations has been instrumental in helping people all over the world cope with injustices that have been meted on them. The organization has helped shape the fundamental principles of the societies around the world. The foundation has been very successful in many parts of the world mainly South Africa during the apartheid. It also was involved in working for the organizations in European countries during the cold war.

Ukraine is one country that George Soros helped establish Democracy in the society during the cold war. His efforts have borne fruits in the society as the society in Ukraine is more integrated and cooperative in ensuring that human life is valued.

His work in South Africa during the apartheid was very commendable. He was in the forefront of speaking against the evils being committed against the people of South Africa. Many were bitten and illegally detained for speaking against the evils happening to the population of the South Africa by the national rule.