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Why ClassDojo Is The Best App For Teachers

ClassDojo is the ultimate app that is going to change the way teachers educate children in the classroom. This app is going to help provide teachers with the chance to work together with parents to create an atmosphere where children can grow up with knowledge and have teachers and parents be on the same page. Nothing is harder than having a teacher believe one thing and have a parent say another. The goal is to be able to grow and build a place where students can have teachers let their parents know what is happening with the child.  More read on

According to, the creators of the app said that they want parents to feel included in their child’s growth at school. Taking what’s happening in class into the home and talking about all of that. The app also allows parents to schedule out the day with activities and making it all known for parents through the app. Now parents can see what their child is up to on a daily basis.

Videos, messages, and pictures of a child can be captured for a teacher to send to parents almost instantly. Now parents won’t feel so clueless on what their child is doing in class.

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ClassDojo is currently looking for ways to expand their brand name and improve everything that they already offer. They received millions of dollars in capital funding to help support the app to help make it grow even further and improve what the app has to offer. ClassDojo is a highly respected app that is going to change the way schools operate in the future.