Category Archives: E-Commerce, commonly known by many as Jingdong, is a Chinese company that has had business success in many ways. Currently, is considered a rival of, which is an e-commerce powerhouse that is run by Jack Ma.

Richard Liu, which is the CEO of his company,, added approximately 30 thousand employees in 2017. Indeed, Jingdong is China’s top retail and e-commerce service company.

They announced that they received the SEAL Business Sustainability Award for 2018. This award exemplifies the great focus and determination that has when it comes to manufacturing, recycling, packaging and more in the company business process. is known to have recycled one million items in the clothing category and hundreds of thousands of toys. Matt Harvey, who is a creator of the SEAL awards, was very impressed with the results of what has accomplished as an e-commerce firm.

Harvey noted concerning’s accomplishments concerning their recycling initiative that earned the highest score for their environmental impact. The SEAL Awards relies on a panel of judges to choose the best company that has produced results regarding sustainability and environmentalism.

Jingdong has been included in a short list of other companies that have been given the SEAL Business Sustainability Award like Apple, Nike, Samsung, Patagonia, Seventh Generation and also Impossible Foods. has also set itself apart from other companies by working had to bring healthcare solutions using blockchain technology.

CEO of, Richard Liu Qiangdong also is focused on procurement. Indeed, is providing small, medium and large business enterprises an easy way to hit all of their needs regarding procurement.

JD Business, which is a branch of, functions as a procurement channel. Business enterprises can purchase office supplies as well as important services with JD’s help. They can also deal with MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) as well. Visit This Page to view their channel on YouTube.

Jingdong helps by streamlining the procurement process for companies and brands. Moreover, can provide a one-stop shop as a business solution.

They have acquired new clients like Volvo Automobile Asia Pacific, Southwest Cement, Bosch and Siemens. has used its procurement platform for their client, Volvo Automobile Asia Pacific. Volvo has a supplier relationship management (SRM) system, which includes a stream of procurement management datum. This procurement system has helped to reduce errors.


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Richard Liu Qiangdong – Helping Jingdong Grew At A Fast Pace


Richard Liu Qiangdong has become a popular name in the e-commerce world for the success he singlehandedly achieved in a highly competitive and already saturated e-commerce market. The entrepreneurial journey of Richard Liu Qiangdong began in the year 1998 when he launched his first retail store in Beijing at China’s Technology Hub.


The small store he opened that sold magneto-optical products achieved tremendous success under his leadership and it empowered him financially to start a chain of retail stores across the country. Richard Liu understood that even though the market may seem competitive, there is always space for a service provider that focuses on quality in terms of quality products and services.


In the face of the crisis in 2003-2004, when entire China was going through the SARS outbreak, Richard Liu Qiangdong suffered massive losses in business. However, Qiangdong did not bog down and instead converted his physical retail operations into an e-commerce business. It is what has become the e-commerce empire that we know today as the is listed in Fortune Global 500 and has annual revenue touching nearly $70 billion and growing.


Richard Liu is a futuristic person and knows the only way to grow in a highly competitive market is through innovation, and he continues to implement innovative and effective marketing strategies that help attract more customers as well as provide the customers with better products and services.


Richard Liu is a highly qualified individual as well and has completed graduation in sociology and post-graduation in business administration from the China Europe International Business School.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is looking for new ways to increase its reach and also add to the offerings of his company. Richard has started drone delivery of products to places that were unreachable in the past. It has helped Jingdong increase its customer base as it became the only company to deliver to remote places of China. is also using reusable packaging for its customers so that they can minimize the harmful effect of packaging waste that the e-commerce industry is known for contributing to immensely.


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Doe Deere Achieved Her American Dream of Success

For many people from other countries that are exposed to the media and see the portrayal of the successful American dream coming to America becomes part of the dream. Becoming a successful entrepreneur was Doe Deere dream and one that she thought she would fulfill if she lived in America. At the age of seventeen Doe and her family moved to New York and the reality of the big city was a shock. The television shows and movies that showcased did not come close to explaining how big the City of New York is. The family struggled to earn money and a few times ended up in homeless shelters.

To earn money Doe Deere and her family did several odd jobs like dog walking, pet sitting, and house cleaning. Times were tough, but the family refused to give up and continued to work hard. Doe Deere escaped the harsh reality of her circumstance’s by dreaming of a better future as a fashion designer. Though it seemed like nothing would change meeting Dorchen Leidholt a lawyer for the organization Sanctuary for Families changed their lives. Leidholt helped Doe Deere’s mother obtain a job in Accounting and helped Deere enter the Fashion Institue of Technology based on some of Deere’s fashion sketches.

Doe Deere took a chance to start selling some of her fashions on eBay and then expanded into the beauty market. It took some time, but eventually, Doe Deere decided to concentrate only on the beauty industry and started developing and selling her own cosmetics online. From selling small on eBay to developing her makeup line, Doe Deere worked hard to create her own cosmetics line, and the Lime Crime Cosmetics brand was created. Doe Deere’s dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur in America became a reality and she continues to look for new business ideas. Deo Deere recently founded the Poppy Angeloff Jewelry Line.

Doe Deere Views on Fashion Market

Doe Deere is one of the investors that have in the USA and around the world. Although she was born and partially raised in Russia, her dream of living and working in the USA was alive. She confesses that her love for American fashion and American culture started when she was still young. During this period, the only interaction Doe Deere had with the American culture was mainly through print media and different fashion magazines. When the time came to move in the USA — at the age of 17 years — she knew her dream of becoming a fashion icon and an investor in fashion was not farfetched.

Living in New York City was an eye-opener for the young Jewish girl. Although the economic reality was harsh and sometimes unpredictable, it was a chance for her to learn about the USA and more importantly — learn about her abilities. The late 2000s was her season for experimentation and more importantly, a season for her debut in the fashion industry. Her first company — Lime Crime — later became one of the biggest fashion start-ups in the USA. Doe Deere points out that through the company, she learned more about the fashion industry and more importantly, the customers’ expectations from a fashion product.

Doe Deere understands the value of research in the fashion world. For the last six years, she has worked with different entities — all with the aim of improving products’ quality. Deere points out that understanding the value of working with other professionals has assisted her in growing her company. Some of the areas she has collaborated with other professionals include — doing market researches and product branding. Thanks to this brilliant understanding, her company is one of the few fashion companies that have grown at a faster rate while retaining initial clients. In the next five years, she hopes to change the face of fashion — with brilliant products.

She is now the CEO of Poppy Angeloff — an innovative cosmetic and jewelry brand. With a huge online following, she believes that the company is slowly changing the business dynamics of this competitive niche.

Seasoned Entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie Transforms Entrepreneurship Through C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India in 1978. He grew up in the city with his brother and parents. His diligence earned him a place at Boston University where he went to study International Business and Marketing. After college, he gained experience interning at JP Morgan. His experience gave him an upper hand in his recruitment at C&C Alpha Group in London.

World at C&C Alpha Group

Bhanu Choudhrie teamed up with his friends to form C&C Alpha Group. The company is a private investment firm that offers investment advice to clients on various matters. He rose to the role of Executive Director in 2001 and still maintains that role to date. Some of the investments that CCAG has amassed over the years are care homes in the United Kingdom and luxury spa hotels in Mauritius and India. Apart from his business interests, he is also a firm believer in assisting the less fortunate in society by donating to charity.

Bhanu Choudhrie firmly believes in teamwork. As such, he collaborates with other leaders at the company is steering C&C Alpha Group in becoming a formidable investment company. Their central role is offering consulting and investment advice to venture capital investors. Bhanu and his partners are involved in sourcing and identifying new deals for emerging markets that provide positive returns. Additionally, CCAG also prides itself in being on the forefront in promoting agriculture, healthcare, aviation, and hospitality. Visit about Bhanu Choudhrie

Further Studies at Harvard Business School

Education is a crucial ingredient to success. Bhanu Choudhrie believes in this age-old adage and also reiterates that education is a continuous process. Therefore, he enrolled at the Harvard Business School in the Owners and President Management Program. The skills he acquired at the program played a crucial role in his service at Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. as the director. He accepted working as the company’s director in 2018 shortly after they had raised their IPO.


Bhanu Choudhrie’s work was recognized in 2008 at the Asian Voice Political Awards. His dedication to his work earned him an accolade as the Entrepreneur of the Year. He says that the award reinforced the fact that you can find an opportunity in a foreign country and still emerge successfully.

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Nitin Khanna: A Successful Visionary Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna is the current chief executive officer of Merger Tech, and he is also regarded as a successful entrepreneur and investor. Born in India in the year 1971, he was inspired by his family to become a businessman because of their involvement in entrepreneurship. By the time he was 17 years old, he decided to travel to the United States and studied industrial engineering. He later took a Ph.D. in robotics and used everything that he learned in the university to start his own business.

He first entered the software development industry in 1999, as he launched the Saber software. It was used for the elections and grew steadily for the next 10 years. It also led to the modernization of the American elections, and the high tech election systems were put into use in the year 2006. Nitin Khanna shared his knowledge in the field of technology to help modernize the elections. He also developed several other software programs to be used by the American government. Later on, he sold the Saber software and worked on a new startup. Nitin Khanna launched Merger Tech in 2009, and it became a leading mobile company that develops mobile applications helping entrepreneurs around the country.

During his entire career in the field of technology, he developed skills in becoming more visionary, and strategize on how his company can shine above the rest. He is also investing in the right people, and he claimed that it is advantageous because you can use their talents that could result in the company’s growth. He also used his resources to help other businesses succeed, and he is helping smaller businesses develop their own strategy or approach on how they can become successful in the field of business.

Another tip that Nitin Khanna provided is to become more productive when managing a business. He believes in the importance of time, and it should not be wasted. Businesses should also learn how to prioritize, taking down information on which things they should start working on.

Currently, Nitin Khanna dreams of creating a company that would last for generations, and he is thinking about establishing new businesses in different industries.

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The Truth About Shervin Pishevar and His 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Shervin Pishevar’s a super angel investor, an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist and a humanitarian. Shervin is a co-founder and previous chairperson of the Hyperloop One Company. He’s the managing director and co-founder of Sherpa Capital as well. The firm acts as a venture capital fund and has put money into several companies such as Munchery, Uber and Airbnb. As a developer and angel investor, Shervin Pishevar has put capital into more than 60 companies.

He used to be the chairperson and the managing director for the Menlo Ventures Company. He handled many investments in companies like Warby Parker, Turblr, the Machine Zone and Uber during his time there. He’s currently a lead strategic advisor for Uber. He held a position as the board observer for Uber from 2011-2015. He set up and operated different technology-enabled companies like the HyperOffice. He now is part-owner of Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker and various e-commerce brands.

Shervin Pishevar 21-Hour Tweet Storm

Most of you will recognize Shervin Pishevar because of how he set himself apart during his time as a super angel investor for Uber. His recent statements began because of a financial storm. He noticed the turmoil was coming many months following his initial tweets in February of last year.

Shervin Pishevar made another influential statement as he was talking about the end of the Silicon Valley after dinner. Pishevar also analyzed how volatile the bonds are and the way he believed it would ripple adversely over the market of today. The following details a few of the primary points Shervin made during the 21-hour tweetstorm.

The Usefulness of Government Bonds

Central banking has used bonds to connect markets once again by utilizing quantitative easing in the last couple of years. Pishevar holds a firm belief that this strategy is not going to work this next time around according to his tweets. He argues that this method has been used too much in the past to be effective any longer.

The Five Big Unicorns

He identified Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and Alphabet as monopolies in his tweets. Shervin Pishevar predicts and warns that the trend of these companies and their acquisition of startups will fail the subsisting economy.

Hedge Fund Hall Of Famer Shervin Pishevar Knew The Economy Would Tank On Trump’s Watch

When Shervin Pishevar went on a no-holds-barred tweetstorm in February 2018, most investors thought Pishevar was way off base. Back in February, President Trump said the economy will stay strong while he slept in the White House. But Shervin Pishevar read the investment tea leaves, and what he saw shook him awake. Mr. Pishevar started his now-famous tweetstorm by telling the world the stock market was not the place investors should be during Trump’s presidency.

 Shervin Pishevar predicted a 6,000-point stock market drop a year ago. But most investors didn’t listen to the investor who made Uber and Airbnb household names. Shervin put up $21 million to get Uber off the ground when he worked for Menlo Ventures. He followed that win with investments in Postmates, Warby Parker, and several other startups. Shervin Pishevar became one of Silicon Valley’s top investor’s thanks to his ability to spot winners before other investors.

But even though Pishevar is a member of the Silicon Valley riding high club, he didn’t mince any tweeting words when he said the Valley may not be the startup capital of the world much longer. The Chinese want to dethrone Silicon Valley, and Shervin Pishevar thinks that will happen within the next two years.

Mr. Pishevar also threw bond market investors a tweeting curb ball when he said the bond market won’t help investors ride out the stock market storm. The yield for two-year notes almost equal the yield of 10-year notes, and that’s not good news for investors who need to park their money in a safe place.

During Shervin Pishevar’s 50-plus tweetstorm, most investors thought the investing maven wanted to relieve some of the anxiety he felt when he resigned from Sherpa Capital, his hedge fund firm. But Pishevar wasn’t licking his business wounds when he sent those tweets. He wanted to warn investors that a financial storm was in the works, and they needed to take cover. According to Pishevar, no asset class is safe right now. Shervin thinks the 2018 market drop was the start of a major asset adjustment, and that adjustment could last for several years.

Revisiting Shervin Pishevar 24 hour tweet storm

It has quite some time since Shervin Pishevar went online with his popularized 21 hour tweet storm. During the Twitter conversation, he engaged his followers on a number of issues that relate to the country’s economy. Considering that he is someone who has been successful with a variety of investments, we have to go back in time and find out what he said during those tweets. This early Uber investor is known to air his opinion candidly whenever he sees something wrong with the finances. Here is a look at what he said would happen in the following months.

What he said about the stocks and the financial situation

When Shervin Pishevar looked at the stocks at that time, he noticed that they were performing badly. He also observed that there were little indicators of an immediate revival. In his analysis, he concluded that this pints to tough times ahead. He was projecting that the stocks would continue on the downward trend, and this is the situation that led to the 2018 financial crisis. His observation was that the stocks were plummeting because of poor practices in the financial sector including inflated interest rates and poor credit handling techniques.

Shervin Pishevar had two warnings to the government and the citizens. The first one was that this time, reliance on government bonds would not save the situation. His observation was that it was a traditional option that had been exhausted. The second warning was that Americans should drop the notion that when it comes to talents, they hold a monopoly. He warned Silicon Valley that other countries had been developing steadily and so, there is nothing like monopoly. Shervin Pishevar said that he believes the best way to get the country out of this situation is by getting government agencies to come up with new policies that determine how finances are managed.

Impact of Sahm Adrangi and Zalik

GreenSky is a tech company which has changed the real estate industry in America. The main objective of the organization is arranging loans for families which want to undertake home improvements. As a result, the organizations prides its image on a different technology startup compared to others within the market. The company was founded by mathematics guru known as the David Zalik. One of the unique characteristics of the CEO David Zalik is his shyness towards the press. In many instances, he has turned down invitations to speak at the conference as well as presentations. In addition, he does not believe in the idea of raising capital outside the business, and this has enabled the firm to experience significant growth without a huge burden of debt.

The management approach adopted by the GreenSky has challenged other Silicon Valley beliefs of the importance of staying private for the long operational duration. However, GreenSky is on the brink of launching an IPO, and according to The Wall Street Journal, the company could raise $ 1 billion at the valuation of $5 billion. In the course of going public, the company has diverted from other well-funded companies such as Credit Karma, Uber, and Stripe. The main reason why many companies have steered off the IPO debate is that of the pressure arising from the investors and other shareholders on issues to do with quarterly earnings as well as profitability. Unlike many startups which depend on the public for funding, GreenSky is different, and Zalik did the opposite by working with the bank for the benefit of raising capital. Through its partnership with large banks such as SunTrust, Fifth Third, and Regions  the ones which hold the loans in the balance sheets.

In the course of the doing business with the banks, GreenSky receives one 1% of the balance each year. In order to meet the high market demand, the company has employed the services of more than 17000 contractors  who are doing the heavy lifting. Each customer who wants to engage in homemakers can access up to $65000. As a result, each loan disbursed enables the company to generate 6% on the loan amount. The application of the loan is done online using smartphones and decision of lending or decline is received in a matter of seconds.