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Betsy DeVos Would Like To See More Educational Options Being Offered To Students In The United States

Betsy DeVos has been working within the educational system in the United States long enough to understand there are many problems that need to be fixed. Today’s public school system in the country is facing many difficulties as violence and other issues are becoming more widespread. Families in the U.S. simply want other options, but it has been an uphill battle to help support these families. Many politicians do not want to pass legislation that would allow public funds to be diverted to cover some of the costs of private schools and charter schools. DeVos has been working hard to pass this exact kind of legislation, and while she has made a lot of progress, she knows she still has plenty of work to do.


Betsy DeVos would like to see a paradigm change in the United States. As it stands, there is an idea that young students should attend a school that is chosen for them based on the zip code of where their home is located. Along with many others who support families in the USA, she would like to see a growing acceptance of charter schools as an alternative option to public schooling. One of the main issues standing in the way of this is the cost of charter schools. While public schools cost nothing for families because they are paid for by taxes, charter schools are not supported by taxes. DeVos, along with others, would like to see an educational system that supports these kinds of schools along with public schools.


Betsy DeVos was recently asked during an interview to talk about other kinds of schooling methods she finds acceptable. She revealed that she is open to many different forms of education and is hoping that there will be laws passed that can help families to make their own choice as to where their kids receive an educations. DeVos supports homeschooling, digital schooling, blended learning, magnet schools, and private schools as alternatives to charter schools and public schools. She feels that we are living in a new age and that it is silly to not use everything that is available to us now. She recently commented that she believes that digital learning is a perfectly good idea because most children are being exposed to digital technology when they are very young nowadays.


Betsy DeVos has always walked the walk instead of simply talking a big game. She has donated a lot of her own money to educational causes and charities that she supports. Before becoming the secretary of education for the USA, she had to open the books of her charitable organization. After doing so, it was revealed that the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been donating millions of dollars to the educational sector for many years.


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Rocketship Education Rises Above Criticism to Continue with Its Mission to Eliminate the Achievement Gap

Rocketship Education is a U.S. charter school network which looks to eliminate the achievement gap across the country using contemporary teaching methods striking a balance between technology use and teacher-led activities. Rocketship Education has received its fair share of criticism just like any other charter school networks.

The non-profit charter network has put more than 18,000 children from across the country through its education system. The use of technology savvy methods to educate children is at the core of its mission. It envisions a country without the achievement gap. Rocketship Network recognizes that as it strives for excellence, it might fall short of some things but what is important is learning from the shortcomings. Additionally, the best form of education is a continuous and complex conversation.

In 2016, NPR published an article authored by its blogger known as Anya Kamenetz painting Rocketship Education as a technology-focused, test-score-fixated educational system which has strict disciplinary guidelines that inhibits student development. Rocketship Education’s fraternity came out to defend the schools regarding the comments as misused or misinterpreted. While the article was breathe-taking, it was narrow and unbalanced.

The overall tone of the NPR writer’s piece was negative. However, it has been found necessary for the issues brought up by the piece to be addressed focusing on a larger educational context. It is important to strike a balance between teacher instruction time and screen time in the 21st century classroom. Technology has advanced rapidly and educators as well as parents should embrace it in the education system heading more into the digital realm.

The Rocketship Education management questioned, if at all the allegations held ground, how comes there are no parents leaving the charter school network? How comes parents keeps recommending the schools to their friends and relatives? How comes the students they have educated excel in higher educational levels?

Rocketship Education strives to have the best classroom management in place to be able to control classrooms in a healthy way. It important for children to receive the best education and care possible. Classroom management issues are neither unique to Rocketship Education. They are experienced throughout the broader educational system. These are issues that should be dealt with by the educational community as a whole rather than Rocketship Education only.

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Impact of Sahm Adrangi and Zalik

GreenSky is a tech company which has changed the real estate industry in America. The main objective of the organization is arranging loans for families which want to undertake home improvements. As a result, the organizations prides its image on a different technology startup compared to others within the market. The company was founded by mathematics guru known as the David Zalik. One of the unique characteristics of the CEO David Zalik is his shyness towards the press. In many instances, he has turned down invitations to speak at the conference as well as presentations. In addition, he does not believe in the idea of raising capital outside the business, and this has enabled the firm to experience significant growth without a huge burden of debt.

The management approach adopted by the GreenSky has challenged other Silicon Valley beliefs of the importance of staying private for the long operational duration. However, GreenSky is on the brink of launching an IPO, and according to The Wall Street Journal, the company could raise $ 1 billion at the valuation of $5 billion. In the course of going public, the company has diverted from other well-funded companies such as Credit Karma, Uber, and Stripe. The main reason why many companies have steered off the IPO debate is that of the pressure arising from the investors and other shareholders on issues to do with quarterly earnings as well as profitability. Unlike many startups which depend on the public for funding, GreenSky is different, and Zalik did the opposite by working with the bank for the benefit of raising capital. Through its partnership with large banks such as SunTrust, Fifth Third, and Regions  the ones which hold the loans in the balance sheets.

In the course of the doing business with the banks, GreenSky receives one 1% of the balance each year. In order to meet the high market demand, the company has employed the services of more than 17000 contractors  who are doing the heavy lifting. Each customer who wants to engage in homemakers can access up to $65000. As a result, each loan disbursed enables the company to generate 6% on the loan amount. The application of the loan is done online using smartphones and decision of lending or decline is received in a matter of seconds.

Here’s What Every American Educator Should Know, Rocketship Education Edition

Preston Smith has been a teacher in the San Jose area for three years, starting in August of 2001. After three-and-a-half years in an entry-level teaching capacity, Smith went on to found L.U.C.H.A. Elementary School, alongside parents, teachers, board members, and administrators he hand-picked just months before its inception. This experience, especially Preston’s ten years with Rocketship Education, has thoroughly taught him countless lessons about educational theory, planning, application, and everything in between.

Fortunately for every educator in English-speaking North America, Mr. Smith recently published an article in which he outlined ten things that were most important from his experience with the nexus of kindergarten through 5th grade public charter schools. Here are a select few of the most important.

Children with developmental, learning, and social disabilities should be included in regular activities for most of their time at school. Typically, schools strive to place students in special education classrooms for more than half of their time at school, although this hinders their abilities in several areas. However, Rocketship Education requires its disabled students and those with special needs to spend at least three-fourths of their school days in general education capacities, or those with fellow peers that aren’t disabled. This model is unique to Rocketship Education, called the meaningful inclusion model.

School systems should first test their plans at select locations, then make an administrative decision as to whether all schools should be subject to such changes. If all schools tested don’t respond well to such changes, the changes shouldn’t be rolled out in full. Rocketship Education experienced this with their flex model, in which classrooms’ responsibilities were delegated to three teachers and one oversight administrator. Although the flex model worked in a few schools, it didn’t work in 100% of them, urging Preston Smith and his administrators to roll back the flex model.

Teachers need to visit their students’ homes once annually. This helps them develop their learning plans more effectively, as a large part of Rocketship Education’s success is through its personalized learning platforms. Seeing firsthand where a child lives is a great way to fortify customized education endeavors.

Betsy DeVos Voices Against Trump Administration to Ensure Protection of The Transgender Students

This Tuesday, it was reported that the Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions and the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had expressed their opposition to the recent draft ordinance that would overturn a previous instruction issued by President Obama towards the public schools and academic institutions. The draft from the Departments of Education and Justice, which was supposed to be sent to the public schools across the nation, intended to nullify the instruction, which allowed the transgender students to enter the bathrooms or locker rooms by their gender identity irrespective of their birth sex. Thus, the transgender students should be allowed to enter those rooms, by the aid of their acknowledged gender.

The Education Secretary was reported to express her disapproval towards overturning of this particular bill by the 44th President because of the lack of security for the transgender students. According to DeVos, the bill lacked the protection of the students, and thus her approval might affect the student’s support. Thus, it has been alleged that Betsy DeVos has expressed her discomfort with the decision and refrained from signing the letter, which is why the letter mentioned above was not issued. Read more on CNN for more info.

However, in the Tuesday session, the President thereafter requested DeVos to cooperate on the issue and drop off her objections unless she chooses to resign from her post. As a result, the Education secretary finally gave her consent and agreed to follow the decision of President Trump. The Wednesday press brief, witnessed the press secretary Sean Spicer completely denying the disagreement. He claimed that there has never been any dispute between the president and his ministers over the letter. He further claims that there has been merely a discussion, pertaining to the exact word of the agreement and the timing for issuing the ordinance.

The president is clear with his ideas and perceptions and made it crystal clear that he firmly believes that these matters must not be handled at the federal level. The draft is meant to clarify the policy and guidance for the students themselves, their parents as well as the administrative bodies of the academic institutions. The Education Secretary, Mrs. DeVos was hell bent upon insisting the educational institutions to ensure complete protection of the transgender students against all forms of harassments and disrespects because they are the ones who are always subjected to bullying. In her latest statement and Tweets, she clearly mentioned that the parents, communities and academic institutions must come together to protect the marginalized group of students and ensure them a healthy and safe environment. Even though the family of Betsy DeVos has been alleged to donate a part of their fortune to the conservative organizations and communities in the past, she has been highly praised by the media for her action and also won the appreciation of the student communities.

Betsy DeVos Has Spent Decades In Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos is a philanthropist, politician, and businesswoman who has recently been elected to the position of Secretary of Education. Betsy was born to a wealthy family, daughter of Edgar Prince, a billionaire and founder of the Prince Corporation. Betsy received her education from a private school in Holland, Michigan and attended Calvin College after graduating from high school. After earning her undergraduate degree in Politics and Business Administration, she married Richard “Dick” DeVos. The DeVos family is one of the wealthiest in Michigan, with Dick being the multi-billionaire heir to the Amway fortune. Dick stands by Betsy’s side when it comes to political and philanthropic endeavors, standing as a major donor the social causes and conservative political campaigns.

Betsy DeVos began her political involvement in 1982, when she joined the Michigan Republican Party. From the years 1992 to 1997, she served as Republican National Committeewoman for the state of Michigan and from the years 1996 to 2000, she served as the Party’s chairwoman. As an avid Republican Party supporter, Betsy and her family have been known for their political contributions. In 2004, she raised over $150,000 for President Bush’s re-election campaign and in 2008, she hosted a fundraiser in her home for the Republican Party. She spent two years as the finance chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee during President Bush’s administration and has been an active donor to the party since 1989. It is estimated that Betsy and her family have donated more than $17 million in that time. According, their donated money has been aimed at furthering the policies they advocate. With the 2016 Presidential election looming, the DeVos family donated even more money to the Republican Party, with hopes of landing a Republican President in office. After winning the election, President Donald Trump nominated Betsy DeVos as the country’s next Secretary of Education because of her long-time commitment and philanthropic endeavors surrounding the education industry.

Betsy DeVos is also an accomplished businesswoman and philanthropist. She is the chairwoman of the Windquest Group, founded in 1989 by Betsy and her husband, Dick. The Windquest Group is a privately held company that has investments in manufacturing, clean energy, and technology. Betsy and her husband are also board members and investors in a group of brain centers that offer biofeedback therapy for mental disorders, named Neurocore. This company uses their therapies to help treat mental disorders like attention deficit disorder, autism, anxiety, and depression. Alongside her husband, Betsy helped create the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989, a foundation motivated by faith to help cultivate leadership in areas like arts, justice, community, and education. Betsy has also served on the Board of Directors at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, helping to fund a new center that teaches board members and arts managements how to not only fundraise for their institutions, but also how to manage those institutions.

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Wessex Institute Of Technology Talks About The Important Issues

The Wessex Institute of Technology is located at the Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park. This location is only a mere 100 kilometer drive from central London. It used to be the private hunting grounds of King William I. They are a research organization that works with many higher educational institutions and private research companies. They have been operational since 1986.

They work with many Universities within Europe, The United States and Brazil. They work with Universita di Siena, Universidad de Granada, Universita di Pisa, University of Castilla-La Mancha, UNICAMP of Brazil, University of the West of England and many others.

They hold an annual event called the Wessex Institute of Technology Conferences Programme. They hand out their own reward every year since 2004 called the The Prigogine Medal. They have also been handing out the George Green Medal since 2014. Their latest conference will be this December.

For more information about the school’s conferences, check out the Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia page.