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End Citizens United Makes Minnesota 3rd District A Priority Race

A national ticket political action committee (PAC) has named Minnesota’s 3rd District Congressman Erik Paulsen to its Big Money 20 list – a group of money-grabbing politicians that have spent more time catering to giant corporations and billionaires than to their own constituents.

The PAC, End Citizens United, has endorsed Paulsen’s opponent, Democrat Dean Phillips, in this year’s midterm election cycle. In fact, ECU has called Phillips “a priority candidate.” Phillips has embraced the central purpose of End Citizens United – getting the corrupting influence of unlimited Big Money out of politics.

Phillips, a sixth generation Minnesotan and successful entrepreneur, said he is proud to receive the backing of End Citizens United. He called big money and “dark money” in our election system “a threat to our democracy” and “the root cause of many problems” confronting American society today.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 as a reaction to the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court ruling known as Citizens United. That name is a misnomer considering that the average citizens has been increasingly disenfranchised from their own government thanks to the conservative-leaning Supreme Court.

Citizens United opened the flood gates for mega-corporation and self-interested billionaires to “buy” politicians and place them in public office to be used like personal puppets. And it’s worked out pretty well for them. Rep. Erik Paulsen has been among the most egregious errand boys for his corporate masters while voters in the 3rd District scramble to be heard or see their basic needs met.

End Citizens United has raised an astounding $35 million ahead of the 2018 election cycle. Even more amazing is that the sum was raised using a strictly grassroots model. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans donated an average of $14 to the PAC. It seems a lot of people are waking up. They know it’s time to take back the government of the people from international corporations and billionaire oligarchs.

End Citizens United currently boasts 3 million members. More than 400,000 people have donated and a total of 2.7 million contributions have been made. What this shows is a significant groundswell of support for what End Citizens United stands for – getting Big Money out of our elections system.

The race between Phillips and Paulsen promises to be decided on a razor-thin margin. End Citizens United plans to support Phillips financially and with help on the ground to bolster his chance for a win in November.

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