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Jeunesse Global Product Review MonaVie

If you’ve ever wanted to preserve your youth, then you’ve probably stumbled across Jeunesse Global. With the countless testimonials and positive reviews the company has garnered, it has slowly become a huge multi-million dollar success. Jeunesse Global however is more than just halting the aging process, it’s also a multi-level company that provides consumers the opportunity to earn a decent living. Becoming a distributor for Jeunesse is what many consumers result to, because many people they get compelled to try what they use. 

Jeunesse Global Product Review MonaVie

One of their more popular products outside of skin revitalization is MonaVie. A case of MonaVie consists of 19 body-beneficial plant-derived and fruit glucosamine known to help joints stay mobile and in motion. One of the main ingredients to this drink is açai which contains a rare phytonutrient composition filled with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and polyphenols. 

This Amazonian superfood ingredient has been used for centuries for the various benefits it provides for optimum health. When consumed, you will be able to internally improve the functions of your body. This in turn will help all of the external products of Jeunesse to better take effect. Every 60 mL serving contains roughly 750 mg of vegan friendly glucosamine. The glucosamine derived from non-animal substances in corn that contains no by-products of animals as well. 

Glucosamine plays a huge role in building the cartilage in the body. When the cartilage is strengthened, you will be able to combat osteoarthritis and arthritis. Mobility will be much easier and you will find your body to be more flexibility altogether as well. MonaVie is all about providing you overall wellness that regular vitamin supplements can’t give you.

Overall, it is a very effective product that will bring back the energy and physical capabilities you once had. When those around you see how strong and flexible you still are the older you get, they will want to know your secret. Becoming a distributor of Jeunesse has been said to be the easiest sales pitch out there so long as you use their products. The results they want to achieve will be seen in you.

Grace Farms Foundation and its Incredible Contributions to the Society

Sharon Prince is the think tank behind Grace Farms Foundation. She envisioned the space to be a public space that would host visitors for a day and keep them engaged in solving community issues and sharing experiences. Currently, she is the chair and president of the organization. She is particular about the organization being a non-profit organization. To build the Grace Farms Foundation building, she hired SANAA to build a masterpiece on the 80-acre farmland. From the year it was launched, Grace Farms Foundation has been a haven for the public to interact with nature and learn more about faith and justice through interactions with art and people.

Grace Farms Foundation

The organization featured in Live Newspaper welcoming a new artist, Carrie Mae Weems, to share some of her artwork at the facility. Carrie Mae Weems is one of the most talented artists in the world. Her art has been described as awe-inspiring and thought-provoking. Sharon Prince Grace Farms was explicitly attracted to two of the artist’s pieces stating that they represented the very soul of the modern community. Apart from her magnificent works of art, Carrie Mae Weems happens to be one of the most influential artists of our time.

Through her work, Carrie takes the observer through a collective violent past that we all share. Her works of art try to show the value of human life to stop the violence that has rocked many parts of the world. He articles are on display in some of the most fabulous showrooms of modern society. Most importantly, her articles inspire hope for a better community. Her pieces represent a flexible and robust society that can change for the better. Carrie Mae recently said, “ As much I am in touch with violence. I am hopeful that change is not only necessary but unavoidable and we will, as a community, get there.”

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Breaking Through Archaic System of the Private Jet Industry; Sergey Petrossov is a Technological Leader

Big dreams; big strides, nowadays you’ll find Sergey Petrossov in Forbes 30 under 30 for his technical brilliance and innovations of an industry that has changed very little over the years. With a passion for technology and the drive as an entrepreneur, there’s no question why Sergey is a rising star. He has transformed the private jet industry, no more are you going through the middle after middle man, waiting for that right phone call to book your private jet. Sergey created a stream-line system call JetSmarter; the application was released March of 2013 after Sergey worked his magic with finding credible investors and the top developers in order to provide the best product to consumers. Not only is JetSmarter a seamless application where clients can schedule a private jet, share flights, enjoy VIP and experience packages in a matter of hours; you don’t need a high net worth to jet set around the world.

In the beginning; Sergey Petrossov was born in Moscow but quickly moved to the states where he lived in California than Florida. Sergey kept his roots for Florida and perused higher education at the University of Florida. The Sun-Sentential has also named him South Florida’s Top Working Professional due to his ties to the community. Although Sergey is often in the sunny state, he has named his favorite destination to be New York City with his next stop to be Hong Kong.

The Entrepreneur; this isn’t the first time Sergey Petrossov has created a platform that has gained success; the first was a chat system called LiveContact. The second, a program for a Russian teaching system called the Federal System of Distance Education. Co-founding these platforms and his education gave Sergey the opportunity to move on to bigger and even more innovative system. JetSmarter isn’t just another app; it’s a challenge to change the private jet marketplace and industry.

What is to come; with the launch of the VIP and experience packages, Sergey Petrossov is working on developing the platform further. With offices from Florida to Moscow to Dubai; Sergey wants to expand destinations and continue to develop the company as a technological leader and innovative service that is unmatched by its competitors.

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Isabel dos Santos Remains One of the Richest Women in Africa

Forbes always has an updated list of the African rich. The 2019 list shows there are less than 20 who qualify as millionaires. This is, in part, due to falling prices of stock shares owned by individual along with African currency devaluation. Of the top 20 richest, there were only four of this group that maintained their level of wealth from the previous year. Isabel dos Santos’s own fortune lowered to the equivalence of $2.3 billion. She is still considered to be the riches woman in Africa. There is one person, Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, who maintains the position of being Africa’s richest person. See more on

Isabel dos Santos offers her take on what it is like to be a businesswoman in a world dominated by men. It is not easy, but it is possible to find success. Her family is critical in her rise to success. Her father, husband, and others have always supported her growth as a female business person and entrepreneur. She realizes that even her level of education was different than what most African women receive. Her father raised here exactly as he raised her brothers. She grew up with an understanding that she could achieve anything she wanted to.

Isabel dos Santos was taught, and learned, to make her own way in life. She was also fortunate to marry a man who believed in her success. Her husband understood the space she needed to become a success. As such, her advice to parents with girls is to teach them skills for independence. The world should treat females as complete human beings.

Isabel dos Santos shares some of the biggest challenges she has faced. She states that prejudice and discrimination are real. Often, women are second-guessed when it comes to their business acumen. It is also tough for women to raise business capital. She also has felt a slight from being the only black individual in the room on numerous occasions.



Louis Chenevert- Highly Experienced Personality in Leadership and Management and Execlusive Advisor in Goldman Sachs

Louis Chenevert mostly referred to as Louis R. Chenevert is an American from Farmington in Connecticut. He is mostly found in the north eastern side of us in the east coast new England. Louis Chenevert is the Exclusive advisor in Goldman Sachs. He is also the chief executive officer and the chairman of the united technologies corporation. As the chief executive officer, he was elected in the year two thousand and eight April while as the chairman he was elected in the year two thousand and ten. He began his commitment in united technologies corporation in the year two thousand and six march. Louis Chenevert is a post graduate in the university of Montreal where he pursed his course of bachelor of arts in production management.

Before Louis Chenevert began working in united technologies, he was there before the president in Pratt and Whitney company since the year nineteen ninety-nine April to march two thousand and six. Prior to that also, Louis Chenevert worked in general motors as the production general manager that was St. Therese operation.

Among the position that Louis Chenevert holds currently, is being the member of committee’s executives in business roundtable where he manages as the chairman in the fiscal and tax policy department. Similarly, he is a member of the committee in business council and US-India CEO forum. Thirdly, he works in Cargill as among the board of directors. This is the congregation medal honor foundation. Also in Yale Cancer Center, he works as the chairman.

Back in the year two thousand and five, Louis Chenevert was elected as a partner of AIAA which is the American institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics. Louis Chenevert is the chairman of Montreal’s international board of advisors and has also the seat of the chairman in friends HEC Montreal of the board of directors.

It’s through the high experience that Louis Chenevert has been through that he has been able to play his role in different companies he works in. Similarly, her earned education has helped in implementation of the expected skills in the business world.


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Serge Belamant is a pioneer in the development of blockchain technologies. He used his knowledge as a software and system developer to invent technologies that are now a crucial part of most financial systems. His innovations helped banks and governments to keep track of how money was being used in various departments. Through Serge’s technology, fraudsters were easily caught up with. Visit Serge Belamant is also behind the invention of many cryptocurrencies known today. Serge grew up in South Africa with his family after his father moved there to seek better job opportunities. Serge Belamant attended an all-boys school where he was taught how to talk and write in English. Serge was an exceptional student with good grades and an athletic body. He played rugby and was a champion at it. Serge also played chess and athletics while in high school. Serge had a charming personality that attracted people, and this prompted him to be nominated as House Captain and Head Prefect at his school. Serge Belamant is an alumnus of the University of South Africa and Witwatersrand University. He enrolled as an engineering student at Witwatersrand, but his real passion lay in Software and Information systems. He, therefore, changed courses to follow his passion but this messed with his degree, and he ended up not graduating. This was not scary for Serge as he had gained enough knowledge to start his career. Serge Belamant proceeded to work at Matrix using his skills to develop applications that were useful to the South African government. The applications were used to check water levels in South African dams and keep track of future droughts. Belamant was also part of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research where he contributed to advancements in statistical methods and digital mapping. From the research, Serge got to increase his knowledge on network analysis of roads which became instrumental in his career later. Belamant worked with Control Data to increase his income. At Control Data he worked as an analyst and in 1980, Serge was recognized for his exemplary work. Serge later worked at Databank and is behind designing the first financial system that was scientifically driven. Read more on

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Doe Deere Views on Consistency in the Fashion Market

Doe Deere is one of the designer/investors that have made the cosmetic markets one of the fastest growing niches in the fashion world. Although she has been active in just ten years, she has successfully made the market home to creativity and more importantly, home to customization. According to her, the market has exhibited that it is possible to have customized and high-quality products without overcharging a customer. As a designer and one of the most influential cosmetic investors, she believes that the future of this niche depends on the following factors.

Doe Deere understands the value of the effective distribution. She was one of the first investors in the world of cosmetics to make her products available in all major e-commerce sites. According to Deere, making products available to all potential clients enables her to get more feedback and more importantly, serve a larger population. Lime Crime is one of the few entities to have products in multiple platforms around the world. Apart from making her products available to all her customers across the globe, she understands the value of customer feedback. Every feedback according to her is a chance for her to grow and make Lime Crime the future.

Since her niche is home to hundreds of products — research is critical. Doe Deere understands that investing in research is one of the best ways of ensuring that her customers get the best products. According to different fashion commentators, her products are the best example of consistency. Since fashion is not static, she points out that her company is always in constant growth. The growth according to her does not affect her products and their authenticity. Doe Deere believes that one can improve the quality of a product without changing its identity. In all the products — from her extensive cosmetic line — have authenticity and are a product of research.

Finally, Lime Crime is home to some of the best fashion experts. Doe Deere understands the beauty of having a team — that is passionate and dedicated. Although her team is relatively small, she points out that they have achieved a lot, in a market where major companies operate on billion dollar budgets.

Jojo Hedaya Creates a Solution to the Junk Mail Epidemic

Despite smartphones giving us access to email 24/7, many Americans have begun to ignore their emails. This because their inboxes have become a mailbox full of random newsletters, subscriptions, and overall junk. 80% of all emails are nothing but junk and this includes work email accounts. This junk buries important work emails and has made email a less-effective means of communication. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald have sought a solution to this problem. This solution comes in the form of an app known as Unroll.Me.

Unroll.Me works by scanning through your entire inbox and it then sends you an email of all your subscriptions. With one click you can unsubscribe from any subscription. The service was launched in 2012 and has since grown into one of the most popular organization apps with over a million users.

Jojo Hedaya grew up in New York and while in college had the opportunity to study abroad in Israel. It was during his time in Israel that he met Josh Rosenwald a fellow New Yorker. They both were interested in starting a business and were trading ideas back and forth when Hedaya noticed that Rosenwald wasn’t answering his emails. This was due to Rosenwald’s inbox being full of junk. The idea hit them and they both knew they had to create a service that would clean out their inbox. The pair of New York entrepreneurs were only 24 years old when they launched Unroll.Me in 2013.

Hedaya was the Vice President of student government and three credits shy of a degree at Brooklyn College when he dropped out to start Unroll.Me. He knew it was a big risk, but he knew with hard work and the right mind set his idea would succeed.

When Unroll.Me was first launched, it was very buggy and didn’t work properly. However, the press caught on and the app quickly grew to over a million users. Hedaya and Rosenwald were able to secure funding and turn the app into what it is today. Jojo Hedaya’s ability to execute, strategize and maximize his personal strengths have helped grow Unroll.Me into a success.

Guilherme Paulus: Challenges in Tourism and Hotel Industries and How to Overcome Them

When you talk about tourism and hotel industry in Brazil and Latin America, you are talking about Guilherme Paulus. For the last twenty years, Paulus has been able to revolutionize the tourism sector in this region to make it a business fortune. CVS Tours and CJP Hotels are popular tour and hotel companies around the world thanks to Paulus extensive marketing and commitment. The two companies, under his stewardship, have been able to move into the international stage where they are competing with other heavyweights from Europe and the United States.

Despite the massive success that Guilherme Paulus has been enjoying in the last twenty years, he is well aware that hotel and tour industry is not for the faint-hearted. He notes that these industries are full of challenges and the only succeeding company has to accept challenges as the only way to learn. People’s tastes and preferences keep on changing, and therefore, the way food and other services are prepared in the hotel has to change. Customers want to be highly engaged in what they are consuming, which has become a challenge to the hotel industry. Only a few customers will comfortably eat food without asking curious questions about the ingredients and method of preparation. To know more about him click here.

In the tour industry, one of the standout challenges that Guilherme Paulus notes is that this is one of the most competitive industries around the world. Tourism is a major industry, which means that some countries have an added advantage over Brazil as tourism destinations. For example, most of the East African countries outshine their competitors due to the extensive savanna, the big five and other wild animals, and the natural physical features such as the Rift Valley, Mount Kilimanjaro, and coastal beaches.

Guilherme Paulus continues to highlight that extreme competition and the changing consumer tastes and preferences have not hindered success in both hotel and tour industries. It is a challenge that most companies have accepted and have formulated strategic plans to remain relevant. One of the strategies that Paulus uses in his companies is ensuring that CVC Tours markets unique attraction sites in Brazil such as the Amazon forest and Amazon Rivers, which are major tourist attractions around the world.

Max Salk Has Interesting Times to Contend With

The Current Market

Max Salk and his peers may see that investors seem to be less exuberant than they were in 2007 and 2008. It seems as if investors are more interested in pulling capital out and allocating it toward classically safer investments such as fixed income instruments instead of traditional equities.

Equity fund outflows are a signal to watch and see. An organization conducted a survey called the AAII Asset Allocation Survey. This survey showed that there was a slight increase in allocation to cash and an overall decrease in capital allocated toward equities.

Investors seem to be continuously scared of potential issues that may obvious yet unseen in the stock market. Issues such as the trade war with China, the potential rise of consumer and corporate debt, in addition to other issues within the market and the economy have investors sitting back and becoming more passive in how they want to approach their investing.

As stated, there was a slight decrease in allocations to equities and equity funds. But this is still not a reason to panic as stock allocations are still at higher levels than in the past. The bond fund allocations might have captured the decrease in equities as it is said these rose up by a bit higher than 1%. Cash allocations have also risen slightly. Despite these changes, investors are still moderately bullish on these stocks and indicate that they would still purchase stocks if they had the necessary capital to do so.

Investors are looking at dividend growth stocks, bonds, cash, and other investments that may be safe. The reasoning is that if a correction were to come, they would be prepared to scoop up stocks at a lower price and have bigger returns.

It is certain that Mark Salk and his peers are looking at how this will affect their holdings and their analysis over the short term and over the long term.

Max Salk and his partners will have to look at how corporates think about the current markets and how they will act in regard to issuances of debt, whether it will be short term or long term. They will also look at how corporates will use their current dry powder (their cash) to increase their valuations and treat investor capital.