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Guilherme Paulus: Challenges in Tourism and Hotel Industries and How to Overcome Them

When you talk about tourism and hotel industry in Brazil and Latin America, you are talking about Guilherme Paulus. For the last twenty years, Paulus has been able to revolutionize the tourism sector in this region to make it a business fortune. CVS Tours and CJP Hotels are popular tour and hotel companies around the world thanks to Paulus extensive marketing and commitment. The two companies, under his stewardship, have been able to move into the international stage where they are competing with other heavyweights from Europe and the United States.

Despite the massive success that Guilherme Paulus has been enjoying in the last twenty years, he is well aware that hotel and tour industry is not for the faint-hearted. He notes that these industries are full of challenges and the only succeeding company has to accept challenges as the only way to learn. People’s tastes and preferences keep on changing, and therefore, the way food and other services are prepared in the hotel has to change. Customers want to be highly engaged in what they are consuming, which has become a challenge to the hotel industry. Only a few customers will comfortably eat food without asking curious questions about the ingredients and method of preparation. To know more about him click here.

In the tour industry, one of the standout challenges that Guilherme Paulus notes is that this is one of the most competitive industries around the world. Tourism is a major industry, which means that some countries have an added advantage over Brazil as tourism destinations. For example, most of the East African countries outshine their competitors due to the extensive savanna, the big five and other wild animals, and the natural physical features such as the Rift Valley, Mount Kilimanjaro, and coastal beaches.

Guilherme Paulus continues to highlight that extreme competition and the changing consumer tastes and preferences have not hindered success in both hotel and tour industries. It is a challenge that most companies have accepted and have formulated strategic plans to remain relevant. One of the strategies that Paulus uses in his companies is ensuring that CVC Tours markets unique attraction sites in Brazil such as the Amazon forest and Amazon Rivers, which are major tourist attractions around the world.

Guilherme Paulus: Having Vision and Seizing Opportunities are How to succeed as an Entrepreneur

In business, vision, patience, persistence, and seizing opportunities that come your way are what will make you successful as an entrepreneur. Guilherme Paulus is a true testament of doing so, and this is seen through his entrepreneurial journey which started in 1972 after he met an investor, Carlos Cerchiari. Carlos Cerchiari, a government official, had the idea to start a tour company. Given he couldn’t do it all alone, he pitched the idea to Guilherme who bought into it, quit his job, and opened the first CVC store in Sao Paulo outside a movie theater. Because of the foot traffic in the area, business was booming within no time. Four years later, Carlos Cerchiari left the company and so began Guilherme’s solo journey in entrepreneurship.

The young Guilherme Paulus had the vision to grow the company into the largest tour company in the country. Armed with ambition and drive, he soon opened CVC stores across all major cities in Brazil and even expanded to other countries globally. To further grow the business, he sold a majority stake to the Carlyle Group for $750 million, raising capital for expansion in 2009. By 2013, the company was operating as a public company which helped raise more funds for expansion of the business.

The tourism industry in Brazil was still open to business and in 2005 Guilherme Paulus dove into the world of hotels and resorts by starting GJP Hotels & Resorts to give tourists 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star accommodation and restaurants to choose from when they visited Brazil. Seizing this opportunity has proven profitable for him. The company now boasts 14 locations with 3,000 rooms which offer employment to more than 5,000 people. Additionally, it has attended to the needs of more than 95,000 visitors since it started operations.

In 2006, Guilherme Paulus seized yet another opportunity in the transportation sector to ease the movement of tourists across Brazil. He bought Webjet which only had one charter plane. Working hard as he always has, he soon expanded the airline to the third largest airline in Brazil before selling it to Gol Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA in 2011.

According to Guilherme Paulus, achieving all that he has is done through building relationships with clients, employees, and organizations. Being a socially conscious entrepreneur by giving back to the community you work in also makes you of importance to your community, which then gives to you by helping you build your businesses.

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Oren Frank Leads TalkSpace To Great Levels Of Success

The TalkSpace app has been taking the world by storm after it was created by Roni and Oren Frank in 2012. Oren Frank believes therapy has the power to allow almost everybody to spend more time being productive and enjoying their lives to a greater extent than before. Pointing to the figures released by the U.S. Government and the World Health Organization, Frank explains the problems of depression and mental health issues will hit at least one-quarter of the population during their lifetime.

Oren Frank began is an experienced writer and marketing executive who graduated from Leicester Polytechnic College before embarking on his career. After marrying Roni, Oren found the couple drifting apart and on the edge of ending their relationship. Taking part in couples therapy made a huge change to the lives of the couple who found themselves able to make tough decisions and stay together because of their therapy experience.

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The establishment of TalkSpace came about directly because of the experience of Oren and Roni Frank in therapy. The couple did not understand why the process was not open to all who could benefit from this form of mental health treatment but were unable to because of the high cost associated with many therapists. Developing TalkSpace initially saw the platform used as a form of group therapy with different subjects discussed to aid as many of those in need as possible.

Oren Frank was not satisfied with simply offering a group therapy platform and set out to create a better way of providing expert help for mental health issues online and via text message. The Huffington Post guest blogger has worked hard to develop a series of advances for the app, including the chance to discuss issues with licensed therapists capable of providing expert help for those who feel they are in need.

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The Unpredictable Predictions Of Shervin Pishevar

When predicting the future, few if any people truly know what will happen in the months and years to come. However, that rarely if ever stops people from offering their thoughts and opinions pertaining to various events. This has been the case with respected venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar, whose recent 21-hour tweet storm on various economic issues gave his followers much food for thought as to the future of the U.S. stock market, Silicon Valley, virtual currencies, and many other pertinent topics of interest.

As he started dishing out his Twitter predictions, Shervin Pishevar first took aim at the U.S. stock market and what he predicts will be difficult times ahead for investors. According to his predictions, the stock market will fall in value by as much as 6,000 points in the coming months, leaving investors in a tough spot. Believing the current volatility found in the bond market will be the reason for the decline, Shervin Pishevar does predict that precious metals such as gold may be the way for investors to keep from suffering tremendous losses.

Once people digested his predictions for the stock market, Shervin Pishevar next focused on the fortunes of Silicon Valley. While a perennial world leader in high-tech innovation, he predicts these companies will fall behind foreign competition from China and other nations, due in large part to an inability to hire the best and brightest minds in today’s world of high-tech IT. To regain their status as the world’s IT leaders, Shervin Pishevar predicts these companies will need to develop much more aggressive global marketing plans to overtake the competition.

As a final surprising tweet, Shervin Pishevar let those who are invested in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin know trouble may be ahead for them as well. Predicting a drop in value of perhaps $5,000 over the coming year, he does however have much more optimism for this area than the stock market. Predicting investors who stay the course will recoup their losses and actually make a profit along the way, he no doubt has many investors on the edge of their seats.

The Job of Bhanu Choudrie

Veteran entrepreneur Bhanu Choudhrie was born in Dehli in 1978. He received his degree in International Business and Marketing. Just after graduation, he spent a short time interning with JP Morgan. He then moved to London where he became executive director of C&C Alpha Group. He leads this firm to invest in a number of different industries, including healthcare, hotels, and restaurants. As of 2010, he still held this position. One of the things he loves about his job is getting to meet so many different kinds of people.

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During a 2010 interview, Bhanu Choudhrie recounted a recent visit to a healthcare facility in Bury during which he met many of its assistant, doctors, and patients. This is the sort of thing he loves. He also really loves help found and run restaurants. He particularly loves this because his company has traditionally had great success with such projects. The same goes for aviation-based projects. But it did not start that way. When they first purchased an airline, they all considered it a huge gamble that might very likely end up as a huge mistake.

Another investment that ended up being hugely successful for them has been their purchase of which they later sold for half a billion pounds. In 2010 he joined the board of New Century Bank. This was not the first time someone in his family has been involved in banking leadership. He recalls how his great-grandfather led Punjab National Bank, the third largest bank in India. until 1969 when it was nationalized. In addition to his new role, Bhanu Choudhrie has also invested in the New Century Bank.

Bhanu Choudhrie says that more and more investors are looking to Asian countries for financial success. In addition to his professional life, Choudhrie is an active philanthropist. His giving both financially and through his personal time is largely based on his Hindu believes that the more you give, the more you get.



From Lime Crime To Poppy Angeloff: Doe Deere’s Plight To Success

Companies tend to come and go no matter the size of the business. The beauty industry has been on fire over the past decade, and a lot of this intensity has come from a company named Lime Crime. This particular company produced some of the most radiating colors for its makeup products. These products included foundation, lipstick, lip topper, lip gloss, palettes and more. Lime Crime was cruelty-free as well as paraben-free. Doe Deere was the creator of this phenomenal brand, but she has ventured into new territories. Jewelry is another popular industry that’s filled with a boat-load of brands. Of course, this is the route that Doe Deere has chosen to tackle because this method has truly worked in the past.

“I guess you can say that I accidentally stumbled into the jewelry business,” said Deere. In other words, serendipity has played a key role in the foundation of her new company. This particular company is based on vintage jewelry. Yes, this is 100 percent correct, and Deere’s family has plenty of heirlooms. These heirlooms have sparked a sense of ambition for Deere. Her sister has been planting seeds of encouragement for starting a new business. Poppy Angeloff is looking to pickup where Lime Crime has left off. Deere and her husband sold the beauty brand recently, but they’re still fractionally involved with the beauty brand to some degree. All eyes are on Poppy Angeloff as of 2019. Deere is looking to expand this line of classical jewelry so that it can become a huge success.

“I have put in a ton of research, and I’ve done a lot of studying in terms of this industry,” said Deere. Poppy Angeloff is looking to mimic the success of Lime Crime by utilizing the brightest of hues, which has been a recipe for success.

Wes Edens : Progression Through Innovation

Wes Edens is today considered to be one of the most respected and accomplished businessmen in the world. His success as at the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group has allowed Wes Edens to provide thousands of jobs to communities, in addition, Wes Eden’s various philanthropic efforts have made him today a person to be revered.

Wes Eden’s success in building Fortress Investment Group from a boutique private equity firm to global leader in asset management that now grosses over 42 billion dollars is nothing short but incredible. Within his years with the company, Wes has assisted in the requirements of various companies in leading fields such as energy and infrastructure, real estate and healthcare.

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One project in particular that captured the attention of the country was the funding of the bright line railway. The financing, managed by Wes Edens is the first privately funded and operated city passenger railway system in the United States. The railway, which spans from Miami to West Palm Beach is the first of its kind seen in the country in over a hundred years.

Recently. Wes announced the creation of Fortress Energy, a company seeking to provide modern infrastructure solutions in order to obtain cleaner energy and while generating growth within the community. The beginnings of Fortress Energy was first developed by Wes Edens when he wanted his newly acquired company East Coast Rail into running on a cleaner system.

Fortress Energy first sought after to provide Jamaica with their first ever LNG. Since then the company with Wes spearheading the company has seen an explosion across the globe. Another very successful venture of Wes is his recent purchase of the Milwaukee Bucks, as a partial owner of the team since 2014 there has been a dramatic increase in the revenue that the organization has seen since his arrival.

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Meet the Brains Behind the Success of InnovaCare Health

Innovacare Health company is a firm in the health industry that is situated in Fort Lee. The firm is primarily centered on innovation with the aim of ensuring that patients, healthcare providers, and all the parties involved in the healthcare process are accorded with high quality yet affordable services.

To attain its goals, Innovacare Health has been using integrated portfolio and health plans, associating with clinical networks and a variety of organizations and practitioners in the medical service industry. For ten years, the company has made its mark as the leading firm in the health management field with remarkable technologies in risk and development. What makes Innovacare stand out from the rest is its tremendous leadership. Innovacare is led by a team of competent individuals, the likes of Rick Shinto, its CEO and Penelope Kokkinides.

About Rick Shinto

Dr. Rick Shinto is quite the learned man. He holds a B.S from the Irvine University of California. He also has a medical degree from the Stony Brook Situated University of the State of New York. In addition to the two, he has an MBA from Redlands University. For more than two decades, Rick has been an active practitioner in the health sector. He is the former CEO of a number of companies including MMM Healthcare, Aveta PMC Medicare Health choices among other companies. He has also held positions like Chief Medical Officer at NAMM, Chief Operating Officer at PMC and VP of Medical Management at a firm called MedPartners. Rick Shinto currently serves at Innovacare Health as the CEO and President as well.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope works closely with Rick as the Chief Operating Officer at Innovacare Health. The two have also in the past worked together at Aveta Inc. where Penelope was the Chief Operating Officer while Rick Shinto was the Chief Executive Officer. Penelope is also the former COO of Touchstone Health. For more than a decade and a half, Penelope Kokkinides has specialized in health care, specifically on the managed care sector and government programs. She is a former associate of the UnitedHealth Organization through its subsidiary; AmeriChoice. Penelope, like Shinto, is equipped with an impressive academic background as well. She is a holder of two bachelors; one in classical languages and the other, Biological Sciences from the University of Binghamton. She also holds two Masters in Social Work and Public Health from the University of New York and that of Columbia respectively.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime With Organo Gold

If you’re looking for a unique way to make serious cash from home, Organo Gold has an opportunity for you. As an Independent Distributor for the company, you control your destiny and with a bit of motivation and the right goals in place, raking in a nice income as you help others improve their health is simple. This well-established company has been around since 2008 and has earned quite the reputation over the years. Join the team and bid farewell to those schemes that don’t really help you earn money and say hello to a company that has your needs covered.

Ganoderma Benefits

Also known as the reishi mushroom, Ganoderma has long been used for its health properties. OG is the first company to infuse the mushroom into their products. The results were amazing, as the coffee produces an enticing flavor and aroma, too. Ganoderma boosts the immune system, reduces risks for Alzheimer’s disease, wards off cancer cells, is great for prostate health and diabetes patients, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. The endless list of benefits that the reishi mushroom provides could go on and on, but you’ve learned so much already, it should be easy to understand why so many people thrive from its use.

It’s All About The Coffee

When Organo Gold came onto the scene, they made their appearance with a Ganoderma infused coffee. This was a product the world had never seen before and one that impressed them tremendously. The chance to drink a delicious coffee and improve the health was an opportunity that everyone wanted and took advantage of. As they say, the rest is history and now the brand is a household name. Their product line has grown over the years and in addition to the coffee, you’ll find other products like tea, lotion, and other products. All of the Organo Gold items are infused with Ganoderma so you get the awesome health benefits that you would stain from the coffee.

Sound Engineer Clay Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer and project manager who works in the music industry. With considerable experience working with renowned music artists, Hutson became an entrepreneur who created his own live entertainment production venture. This firm produces, manages and designs concerts. He has worked with popular artists, including Pink, Guns’n’Roses, Garbage and Kid Rock.

Hutson prides himself on ensuring his work is precise and organized. This prevents errors from occurring during shows. These efforts are important because it reduces the chance of injury during a show and helps the performers satisfy their fans. Hutson keeps lists of tasks to complete, including minor details that may seem inconsequential to some. This sometimes requires significant time for Hutson, but he recognizes that even a small error could have serious consequences.

Because the success of the concert is largely dependent on the satisfaction of fans, Hutson strives to keep himself informed about the latest technological advancements in the music industry. By doing this, he is able to arrange for entertaining shows, with satisfying visual and audio enhancements. This includes the use of mobile lights, video screens and walls, stunts and other forms of art. This sometimes requires putting in extra time, which Hutson recognizes is essential to his success in the industry.

To keep shows entertaining and interesting, Hutson pays careful attention to design and measurements. His engineering background is especially useful in this regard, as he knows how to utilize CAD design programs to assist in planning the proper dimensions for audio and visual equipment. Through trial and error, he has found what works and what does not in stage shows.

Many of Hutson’s client relationships were the result of referrals from other artists who worked with him. Hutson recognizes the importance of maintaining a good reputation in the industry to allow his business to be successful. He enjoys working with performers who are involved in their shows and explore cutting-edge forms of entertainment.