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How Financial Expert Glen Wakeman Helps Businesses Succeed

Businessman, writer, and financial leader Glen Wakeman takes an active approach in making sure businesses succeed by branching out and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs. He uses his MBA in Finance and BS in Economics to guide startup companies and improve performance within business settings. Now, with his many years of expertise, Wakeman has founded LaunchPad Holdings LLC, a fully-automated Software service that enables early-stage entrepreneurs to organize their ideas ideas into workable plan.


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Wakeman knew he wanted to help new businesses as he started questioning why failure rates seemed to be getting so high. He realized a lot of this was due to a lack of a solid plan rather than lack of a great idea. With LaunchPad, he seeks to provide structure to these new businesses instead of letting them jump into the deep end by themselves. With LaunchPad’s software and tool kits, businesses can better mold their ideas into something with structure and organization.

He’s also in tune with younger crowds of businessmen and women who want to succeed now and in the future. is excited by the idea of machine learning in application to business problems. He believes machine learning, which gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed, will improve decision making and become an important tenant of modern democracy.

This interest in technology also extends to his daily productivity. He uses Doodle as an organization tool and calendar, which keeps costs down. He also supports Fiverr, a global online marketplace that offers tasks and services starting at five dollars, because it pools resources from around the world and allows for large amounts of skills and data acquisition at low costs.

Along with his interest in tech, much of Wakeman’s mentoring begins with his signature five key dimensions of performance: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance. He uses these components as the foundation for any successful business, and by improving on them, can improve a business. All of these factors combine to help Wakeman succeed with LaunchPad Holdings LLC.

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