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Infinity Group Australia: Company Foundation and Profile

The Infinity Group Australia was started in 2013 as a financial company targeting the Australian loans and real estate markets. The company, under the helm of Graeme Holm, specializes in using a customer-driven approach when dealing with its customers. Since its foundation, the company has achieved tremendous growth while increasing its market presence.




The founder, Graeme Holm, is regarded as one of the prominent financial experts in Australia. He has been classified as an MBA Top 100 Broker with over 17 years of experience and expertise in financial services. His push to establish a revolutionary financial solution for the Australian market spans his entire career. While working for other banking institutions, Graeme noticed and got frustrated with the products and services that financial companies pushed clients to take.




With the inspiration, Graeme decided to start his own company, Infinity Group Australia Pty Ltd, which he branded as a contemporary financial solution to Australians. The company has also been working towards changing the way financial solutions are rendered to customers. For instance, Infinity champions coaching its customers and giving them financial lessons on how to optimize on this incomes and expenditures while managing their loans well. The prudent financial planning lessons that the company has been offering clients have placed the company in a strategic position to succeed in the competitive Australian market.




The supportive framework that the company has been operating under has been revolutionary. The highly customized services give clients a peace of mind, knowing that their financial lives would be well sorted under the guidance of the company’s financial advisors and wealth managers. According to customer reviews, the company has instilled some SMART goals on clients while helping other clients to realize theirs.




To help entrench its products and services to the customers, the company has been working with the local community through collaboration programs. It has also participated in corporate social responsibility programs such as giving away assets like cars, volunteering to renovate homes, among other sponsorship programs.




In its future strategic direction, the company targets improving its customer service by introducing new products and features. This initiative, according to Graeme, would be facilitated by the incorporation of financial technology into the company’s operations and customer service.

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