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Eric Pulier is one of Today’s Leading Entrepreneurs Focused on the Field of Technology

Eric Pulier is a big name in technology and business today, having a large number of successful startup companies, innovations in technology, and contributions to philanthropic causes. He started off early with his interests being in technology and business as a child. By the time he was in high school he could already program on computers and had even built his own. He took this expertise and took to being an entrepreneur by starting up his own database company in high school. Today, he is also an active public speaker and writer on various subjects relating to business and technology to share his knowledge and help the future generations be more successful.


To date, Eric Pulier has managed to found more than 15 different companies, most of which have been sold for profits on his part, including his most recent selling for more than $300 million dollars. A few of these companies include Digital Evolution, ServiceMesh, People Doing Things, and Media Platform. Most of his startup’s were largely focused around technology and over the course of his career he has managed to make huge contributions to the technological industry. All of this success and technological expertise has made an authority that is often sought after for advice, which is great for Eric because he wants to share the successful ideas and techniques with others. see:


Eric has always been an advocate for helping others and contributing to the global community, which he has done a great amount of over the course of his career. He worked with US Doctors for Africa to help bring advancements in healthcare and lead as the primary contributor to the development of Starbright World, which is a private network for children who have chronic illnesses. Today, he is also an active member for the Clinton Global Initiatives. Eric’s passion for helping others and bringing about a better world is his most appealing attribute and he has always showed this by taking part in as well as contributing to humanitarian causes since the beginning of his successful career. Click here to learn more of his works.

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The Success of Eric Pulier

One of the most influential individuals in the business industry as well as within the technological industry is Eric Pulier, an individual who is known to be not only an innovator and a businessman, but is also known to be a loving family man as well as a philanthropist who has made sure that individuals all over the world are able to receive the benefits of technology. Eric Pulier is a true believer that innovation as well as technology should not be a luxury in wealthy nations but should instead be a right. Eric Pulier wants to make sure that even the most impoverished individual in the world has access to many basic necessities such as good food, clean water, as well as information. Eric Pulier has proved himself to be an innovative individual by making sure that individuals around the world have access to information about complex issues. One of the topics that Eric Pulier is the most passionate about is the topic of healthcare. Click here to learn more.

Eric Pulier, even as a young boy, has been interested in technology as well as innovation. At the age of nine, Eric Pulier built his first computer and by the age of high school, Eric Pulier had started his own software company. These many projects eventually earned Eric Pulier a spot at the prestigious Harvard University where he studied and went on to graduate with honors. Eric Pulier has used his creative mind and his education in order to help others all over the world. see:

Since the graduation of college, Eric Pulier has helped to build over 15 different companies across the United States which currently generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis. Despite the growth in his revenue, Eric Pulier attributes his success to not his income, but to the number of people that he has helped with his innovative mind. With over two decades of experience, Eric Pulier is heavily sought after by individuals as well as businesses that are involved in both the public sector as well as within the private sector. Eric Pulier hopes to continue his path of innovation.

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