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European Union Problems Concern George Soros

The life of iconic hedge fund manager George Soros has not been limited in its size or scope, particularly after he began using his fortune to help the people of the world through philanthropic giving. George Soros has been taking a deep interest in the future of his native Europe, which the Hungarian born financial expert believes sits at the edge of total collapse, according to an interview with his own Website.
George Soros believes a series of events and forces are combining to force the European Union, and the single currency Euro zone towards collapsing; the major problems facing the European Union are described by George Soros as coming from Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin. In many ways, Soros believes the future of the European Union has come down to a personal battle between Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The refusal of the U.K. to join the Euro zone and the uncertain future of the country in Europe has made Germany the strongest and most powerful nation in the European Union; in turn, Angela Merkel has been described by George Soros as the leader of the free world in the face of Russian aggression.

Despite the fact George Soros told Bloomberg TV he believes the future of the European Union sits in the hands of Angela Merkel the German Chancellor has been roundly criticized by the financial expert for her leadership skills. Soros believes Merkel has failed to provide strong leadership for the entire Union, and instead simply keeps the German people happy in reacting to the issues facing Europe. Since the start of the Greek debt crisis in 2009 Merkel and other European leaders have failed to act positively to end the problems facing the country, and those that have followed between Russia and Ukraine.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin is seen by George Soros as taking advantage of an opportunity to lead his country to further expansion into the European Union after the successful invasion of areas of Ukraine. The Russian leadership looks set to benefit from any collapse within the European Union with further advances into Ukraine, but also with an eye on taking an aggressive stance against the economically powerful Poland. Only with strong leadership from Angela Merkel does George Soros believe a European Union collapse can be averted and Germany hold on to her position as the most powerful nation in Europe.