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Vegan Commitment More Than Just A Concept At Lime Crime

There are many companies in the world who are doing their best to take a stand in one form or another. One of these is a cosmetic company known as Lime Crime. This company and their CEO and Founder, Doe Deere have a strong vegan commitment. As a result all of the amazing products that are being offered by the company are standing up to their commitment by being vegan approved. Because of the way they are made, these products are a favorite of people who are living the vegan lifestyle. This is a product line that they can get behind and use.

Lime Crime goes out of there way to keep their promise of vegan commitment and Doe Deere has made some important choices regarding the company and their products to make sure that every product in their product line lives up to that commitment. Another thing that Lime Crime is known for is the fact that are not animal tested. Being a cruelty cosmetic company is a choice and it is working well for this company and their product line.

If you don’t already know about the fine line of vegan friendly products offered by Lime Crime cosmetics you are in for a real treat. You can find everything from hair dye to lipstick and everything in between. Doe Deere started the company on a shoestring budget and a dream. Her dream was what made the company such a success. She knew that people wanted to find makeup that was bold and colorful in a world where so many other cosmetic companies were making boring nudes that only worked in the nine to five business world.

Doe knew that there must be more to live than those boring shades of makeup and she set out to build a better cosmetic line. Along the way she found the companies vegan commitment and their commitment to not harm animals. Today her company is developing bright and powerful colors of makeup that people love and are happy to purchase. The company does their best to keep the pricing structure cost effective too which keeps buyers coming back .