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Introducing Pocket Candy By Lime Crime

Lime Crime is releasing a new line of shadows called their Pocket Candy Palette. The makeup is an avant-guarde line that was founded by Doe Deere in 2009. She entered the market with Unicorn lipsticks, known for its bold but attractive colors. Note that the more popular colors have been blue and purple.

The line has introduced several unique takes on makeup since its inception. Velvetines is a line of lip colors released by Lime Crime characterized by their matte surfaces. The Velvetine line came in colors ranging from the typical lip colors as well as more exotic tones.

  • A soft pink found in ‘Cupid’
  • The apple red of ‘New Americana’
  • The reddish brown of ‘Saddle’
  • The rich black of ‘Black Velvet’
  • The orange yellow of ‘Squash’
  • The subtle beige of ‘Buffy’
  • The deep purple of ‘Raven’
  • The deep indigo blue of ‘Blue Flame’
  • The bright luminescent green of ‘Alien’

Doe Deere also offers Diamond Crushers, a sparkling lip color grouping for sale. Each lip color when applied creates the look of having crushed diamonds spread on your lips because of the sparkling color. There are fifteen available iridescent colors for the consumer to choose from.

The latest offering for the line is Pocket Candy, a line of eye shadows and cheek colors that are packaged in bright colorful compacts in multi-color groupings. Each compact has five super shadows ranging from a neutral to a dark tone. Consumers can select ‘Sugar Plum’, a grouping of colors in the plum family; ‘Pink Lemonade’, a wider range of colors in the red family; and ‘Bubblegum’, consisting of neutrals and softer pink tones. Now, consumers can buy a Pocket Candy compact and complete their makeup with Lime Crime colors on their cheeks and eyes.

Doe Deere is still pioneering the makeup world. From uniquely different lip colors to powders for the eyes and cheeks, she has opened up new ways of wearing makeup to the world’s females. We’ll wait for her next installment. Its sure to be exciting if not earth shattering, just like the indigo blue lips that stepped onto the world stage shocking some and winning over many.