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David McDonald at OSI Industries

David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University in 1987 and received a bachelor’s degree in animal science. He was born and raised in northwestern Iowa on a farm. Upon graduating college, he began his work his career at OIS Industries in Chicago and worked his way up to become president and chief operating officer. McDonald also served as project manager of OSI industries, chairman of North American Meat Institute, and an Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. Through David McDonald’s position as president and chief of operations, he has made great strides to make OSI Industries sustainable. One way he achieved this was by the launching of DaOSI, which is a joint partnership with DOYOO Group. Other ways McDonald continued to make OSI sustainable was by launching a beef processing factory in Poland, a modern feed mill in Shandong Province and a frozen foods processing plant in India. Through this form of sustainability McDonald was able to supply his clients with world-class products and services. David McDonald also added Baho Foods to their OSI Group in Europe, which he says gives OSI a broader presence in Europe. This allowed them to use the company’s products to strengthen and broaden their services to best fit the needs of their customers. By acquiring Baho Foods, OSI Industries was able to serve a greater community reaching out to 18 European countries due to Baho’s subsidiaries with processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands.

In an interview with Inspirey David McDonald said he has allows been interested in the subjects of biology and agriculture and during his college career he wanted to pursue this passion, which is why he decided on a degree in animal science. While working at OSI Group he is able to profit by providing food products and services to major companies around the globe. Through the dynamic partnerships that David McDonald was able to develop over three decades, he was able to see a profit in the company in the early stages. The OSI Group received their first customers by seeing them as family and making sure that their products are of high quality. To help generate more business they instill trust in their customers and becoming part of the local culture. What makes OSI Industries such as success is the company’s ability to create valuable partnerships. In the future, McDonald hopes to continue the path the will bring the highest value to the clients and remain innovative. David McDonald has brought great success to the OSI Group and he is extremely proud of the work he has done but he will always remain humble.

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The Impactful Innovations of Waiakea Water

Bottled water is ubiquitous and, frankly, a menace to the environment. That’s how Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is different. Not only has the company has been certified Carbon neutral because it utilizes low emission vehicles to deliver its product, but also the company has started using fully degradable bottles that are manufactured using 100% recyclable plastic and utilizes 85% less energy to manufacture the bottles.

Plastic bottles do eventually degrade, but it takes approximately 1,000 years. Waiakea’s bottles will degrade much more quickly; in about 15 years. Certainly the denizens of the world’s oceans would appreciate that. Waiakea is a founding partner with TimePlast and has the only patented nano-additive for plastic in the world. This allows the bottles to not only biodegrade in a much more reasonable time frame than traditional plastic bottles, but is also recyclable.

Another aspect that makes Waiakea different from other bottled water is that it is filtered through 14,000 feet of the volcanic rock of the Mauna Loa volcano. Volcanic water provides water with a higher pH level and imparts minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium which are essential for a healthy body.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water company was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012 and since then has gone from selling about 2,300 cases to over 122,000 a year. The Specialty Food Association has awarded Emmons their Citizenship 2018 Leadership Award.

Waiakea has teamed up with PumpAid and donates 650ML for every bottle sold to disadvantaged areas of Africa and to date has donated 500 million liters.

A Santa Barbara native, Emmons also vacationed with his family in Hawaii, where he first tasted the local waters. He is an avid surfer and generally revels in the great outdoors which has spurred him to his environmentally conscious endeavors such as Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and his social consciousness has led him to his donations to PumpAid.

The OSI Group: Great Food for High-Quality Restaurants

There are many restaurants that rely on food service companies to ensure that they get the exact food that they need to be able to be successful and serve the clients that they have. The majority of these restaurants want to make sure that the food is the highest quality possible and that it is delivered to them. They want to take advantage of the convenience that food service has to offer and the OSI Group has allowed them the opportunity to be able to be the most convenient option for people in different restaurants around the world.

Some companies work with restaurants that are close to them. Some work with restaurants that are in different areas around the country. The OSI Group takes it one step further and offers their services to people around the world. While they are not available in every single country, they are available in many more countries than some of the other food service companies. They are able to get what they want out of the food service industry and this means that they can do many different things for people who are in different areas of the world without having to worry like the other food service companies do.

There is a huge market for fresh food in the food service industry. The OSI Group takes advantage of that and they want to make sure that they are giving their clients the best of the best.

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They only source the freshest meat and the freshest produce. Many things that they have are local to where they are at. They have come up with nearly perfect solutions that allow them to ship the products to different restaurants in different areas of the country to serve all of their clients.

When it comes to different countries, there are different products that the OSI Group has to offer. They mostly take the cultural differences into account and this is why many different countries around the world have many different things for the clients that are in each of the areas. These things can be anything from different meats to different sides. They try to make their food match with the food that would typically be served in that country or that area so that it is able to fit in with the tastes that each of the people in that country have.

The success of the OSI Group is directly related to each and every effort they have gone through for their clients. Happy clients mean a more successful food service business and the OSI Group knows that. They want all of their clients to be as happy as possible and this means going to any length to make sure that they are successful and that their clients are happy. There are many ways in which they are able to serve their clients so that they can make sure that they are happy. This is something that some companies never even take into account when working in the food industry.

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