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Adam Milstein Looks at Anti-Semitic Values Present in the Left’s Support of Muslims

Adam Milstein is an author on the blog. His most recent article covers unlikely radical alliances that are escalating anti-Semitish all over the world. It talks about how this is nothing new and anti-Semitism is an ongoing issue, but it’s been burning hot on both the radical right and left.

In the article, Adam Milstein says, “anti-Semitism has become a cornerstone of radical Muslim movements.” Lately, North America has joined with Europe to see an alliance forming between the radicals of the left and Muslims. With a hatred shared between them of freedom of speech, Western influence around the world, and other causes, the left can look the other way when Muslims kill the homosexuals, ignore basic human rights, and stone women.

The way the left looks at it according to Adam Milstein is that Isreal is oppressing Muslims. They are then able to see this as the reason Jews are at fault for any of the issues the world is facing. In an example of this unlikely alliance, the activist Linda Sarsour who helped organize the Women’s March opened a speech she made by thanking Siraj Wajjaj who was not convicted but known to conspiring in the Trade Center bombing and praised the way Saudi Arabia treated women. She’s a known representative of the left and praising a Muslim radical.

Adam Milstein points out two recent events that prove this allegiance is still going strong. The first is the Chicago Dyke March and the second is the SlutWalk Chicago. The first was to celebrate the LGBT community but participants with Stars of David on their flags were kicked out. The second was to fight against sexual assault, but Zionists who marched were condemned by those who organized the march. After the SlutWalk, the organizers encouraged participants to attend a speech by a Palestinian terrorist who killed two Jewish students.

The far right isn’t excluded in the anti-Semitism. They have also worked with radical Muslims to spread the idea of hating Jewish people. A huge grouping that grows this hatred of the Jewish community is college campuses. Young people who are used to anti-Semitish being mainstream with people like Bernie Sanders campaigning for people like Jeremy Corbyn who worked with a Holocaust Denier and anti-Semitic personality, Paul Eisen. Things like this concern Adam Milstein that the future of the Jewish community in America is in danger.

Adam Milstein is a real estate entrepreneur and a philanthropist. He’s an Israeli-American who is the president of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and the national chairman of the Israeli-American Council.

Avaaz’ Amazing Work to Protect the Society

Avaaz has been fighting for rights for almost a decade at the moment. The organization commenced in January 2007, and it is dedicated to solving most of the issues that affect the society. Avaaz is located in the United States, and it advocates for different topics that include human rights, corruption, climate changes, war and conflict, animal rights and lastly poverty. The organization is leading when it comes to the activities it has planned and how influential the group has become globally. The word Avaaz seems unusual, but it was derived from avaz a Persian word that means song or voice. As the name dictates, Avaaz is the voice of the people undergoing discrimination facing different injustices.

Res Publica is a group of professionals that work in the public sector and focus on bringing democracy, enhancing good government leadership civic virtues. Res Publica combined forces with and Service Employees International Union to form Avaaz. Individuals like Tom Perriello, Ricken Patel, David Madden, Eli Pariser, Jeremy Heimans and others also helped to form Avaaz. Ricken Patel holds the executive director and president positions at the organization. Ricken has the relevant education  experience to lead Avaaz since he is conversant with the online tools for activism.

Individual members of the organization fund it and this is the reason they do not allow corporations or other foundations to give them money. Several foundations donated to help with the start-up expenses but from 2009 the organization stopped accepting any donations. Avaaz also has a limit on the amount of cash they receive from any individual. Avaaz has a team made up of people from different regions like India, UK, Brazil and much more. The group communicates via the internet using emails to come with better ways of campaigning. Advertisements are also used to provide solutions for a better campaign action.

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