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The Funniest Movies From the 80’s


If you are on a movie watching binge than there are some quintessential 80’s movies you need to watch. Some of the funniest movies hail from that decade. Here are a few you should add to your list.


The Breakfast Club is one of the best movies for teens ever, and for good reason. This movie goes through the turmoil that different teenagers experience in high school. With some iconic comedy scenes, this movie should top anybody’s list of best movie from the 80’s.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is another classic 80’s movie. I mean come on a kid has the best day of his life when he skips school but has to stay clear of his principal. That just has the makings of 80’s movie classic written all over it. This movie is a must see classic for all comedy lovers.


One of the absolute best PG 13 horror movies, Beetlejuice is a movie that you can watch all year long, but usually its on during Halloween because of its subject material. A dead couple still “living” in their house have to navigate “life” when a new family moves in. I mean come on that just sounds hilarious reading it. This movie has some hysterical moments and all the best parts of 80’s fashion and decor. Watch it on Halloween or watch it now, the point is just watch it.


There are many more movies from the 80’s that will tickle your funny bone. These classics top the list because of their hysterical jokes in true 80’s fashion. Next time you are in the mood for a comedy try out one of these.