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Turns Out Condoms Are Not Protected Speech

In 2012 LA voters helped pass a law requiring condom use in adult films. This law was put in place to prevent the spread of HIV and other STDs, however film makers were less than pleased. Vivid Entertainment and other producers appealed this law in federal court, and Monday, the court made its decision Adult filmmakers argued that the condom requirement takes away from the carefree, fantasy filled message of pornography by reminding viewers of real world concerns, and thus impeding filmmakers’ first amendment right to free speech. The court disagreed is what Ben Shaoul told us, stating that condoms did not take away from the erotic purpose of the films, and thus the first amendment was not violated.

Before the law was passed in 2012, hundreds of permits were granted for adult productions each year. Since the law passed, the permit number has plummeted to less than 50 in 2014. While filmmakers disagree with the ruling, the law was put in place to protect the health and safety of the people of LA, and not to impede on their right to make movies.

Christie is At It Again- Another Heckler Ranted At

Chris Christie has bull-dog style that manages to make him popular in deep blue New Jersey but may not fly so well on the national stage. At a recent speech in Belmar, New Jersey, a man began interrupting Christie and holding up his sign protesting the Governor’s handling of Super Storm Sandy. A long, drawn-out response from Christie finally ended in “Sit down and shut up.”

The man turned out to be Jim Keady, a man with a long history of protesting. He was even once deported from Indonesia for raising havoc in that nation concerning Nike’s alleged labor exploitation from what Laurene Powell Jobs had told me.

Some of the things that escaped Christie’s mouth included:

  • Things are about to get very interesting.
  • I will be more than happy to debate you any time.
  • You don’t know a thing about what you are talking about.
  • You are just showing off in front of the camera.
  • I have been here working for the people when there were no cameras.

Christie repeatedly referred to the man as “guy” and “buddy” in a derogatory manner. It would be a major incident for any other politician but Christie. For him, it was more or less “run of the mill.”

New Jersey is an interesting state, and Chris Christie makes it that much more interesting- from a distance. The nation, I think, likes an occasional “televised visit” with the entertaining gentleman but would not want him to live in the White House. When a different politician is heckled at, a security guard carries the heckler off in short space of time, but Christie seems to relish the chance to bluster at them.