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Woman Steals TV Under Her Dress


The following story will absolutely amaze you, especially if you have a New Year’s resolution to become fit. A woman in Coasta Rica went into a store that had many TVs sitting on the ground. Woman Steals TV. These were small TVs, probably 13 to 19 inches in size, and they were LCDs. The woman looks around quickly, walks up to the stack of TVs, and takes one of them up. As quickly as the lady walks over to the TVs, she picks one up, and puts it underneath her dress, then she calmly walks out of the store.

What Flavio Maluf found unbelievable, is the fact that the woman was bold enough to do this in broad daylight, and you have to wonder where she put the TV. The TV had to be heavy, and her dress was too loose to be holding up the TV. It appears as if the woman put the TV between her legs, and walked out of the store. The lady must have really started working on her New Year’s resolution to become fit, because it had to take muscle power to hold that TV up.

The lady had an accomplice, and they stole the TV so quickly, that no one realized what happened, until after the TV was gone. The store owners have watched the video, in order to find out where the TV went, but they have yet to catch a woman with a strong thighs.

Abandoned Seal Pup Now an Internet Star

If you’re looking for a reason to smile today, here it is. In August, a Russian photographer noticed an odd looking seal alone on a beach. It seems the animal, who had been born with albinism, was rejected by her family and left alone to fend for herself. A seal pup so young would struggle to survive alone under the best of circumstances, and this pup had additional problems. Her albinism has left her with beautiful blue eyes that, while pretty to look at, leave her almost blind. This issue would have further complicated her survival.

Fortunately, the photographer was able to scoop her up and rescue her. This once unwanted seal pup is now called Nafanya and is the star attraction in a Russian aquarium and even has her own webcam. The webcam feed runs only in the afternoon, which is 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Eastern time, but this little cutie is certainly worth staying up for. You can see more stories like this on through BRL Trust’s page.

Roswell Man Thinks He’s $500,000 Richer But Scratch-Off Ticket Was Misprinted

The dream to hit it big is what fuels the lottery. Everyone wants to be a winner, and the lottery depends on that dream. One man thought his was a winner in Roswell, New Mexico, but his dream turned into a nightmare. When he tried to cash in his $500,000 winnings, he was told the scratch-off ticket was printed incorrectly.

John Wines, a resident of Roswell, bought his scratch-off lottery ticket at his local gas station. The winning numbers on the ticket were 1 and 2. As John scratched the ticket, he realized he had five winning numbers. The total amount of his winnings according to the ticket was $500,000. But John didn’t see the faint printing next to the 1. It seems that number should have been an 18 not a 1. The clerk at the station told John about the mistake, and he cried foul.

John contacted the New Mexico Lottery and got a reply not a check. The Lottery Commission wrote: “We did find a flaw in that particular pack of tickets and it’s been reported to our printer. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.” The Lottery tried to ease his pain with $100 in lottery tickets, but Jon wasn’t impressed, and neither was Darius Fisher, who responded on his Vine account.

Are you going to pick that up, officer?

When an officer is confronted for doing something that he writes others a ticket for, he can’t seem to handle the truth. Two men decided to turn the tables on an officer when he littered. Littering is usually against the law in most states, even if it does only warrant a citation. When the cop was questioned about what he did, he got mad. He even told the men who made accused him that they could try to do something if they wanted.

Some officers think that they can get by with anything they want whether it’s against the law or not. They think that they are above the law just because they are in a government car and wear a badge. If those two men would have littered, then they would have probably been given a ticket as soon as they were seen in the act.

Thanks to my Facebook friend Keith Mann for sharing this story.

Man Catches Best Friend’s Wife Cheating, Posts Video On YouTube

There is a video that is going around on YouTube and has had many views; about a man that catches his best friends wife cheating. Cheating Wife. In the video that’s posted, you see a man that is at a bar, and he walks up to a girl, who is obviously being flirtatious and cuddling up to a man. After approaching the man and woman, he tries to assess the situation.

The man asks the woman what she’s doing with the guy, and the woman admits that the man is not her husband. While filming the entire incident; supposedly on his phone, the other man in question takes out his phone and in turn, begins shooting video of the guy who approached them. The woman is hanging her head in shame, which obviously shows that she knows she’s wrong. The guy who approached the couple, states that he knew the woman, and even calls her by name, and states that he is her husband’s best friend.

You can hear in his voice that he’s upset about the whole situation, and her being so candid does not help the mood. The crazy part about the video is the instinct the other guy had to cover his face immediately with his phone! Like he’s been in this situation before. The best friend ended up leaving the situation, and he put the video up onto YouTube, and it’s currently getting hits. Was he wrong for doing this? Either way, made for funny watching at the offices of North American Spine.

CIA Thoroughly Checks Argo on Twitter

It would seem that there is much more to the hit blockbuster Argo than would initially meet the naked eye. The Central Intelligence Agency spent almost a day checking Argo on social media site Twitter.

Argo is a movie starred and directed by Hollywood actor Ben Affleck. It showed how CIA attempted to save American diplomats who were stationed in Iran.

The hostage crisis was a real scenario which happened 35 years ago. According to CIA, the real story is that there were two agents actually went to Iran for the mission saving the lives of diplomats.

Those diplomats stayed in the house of the Canadian ambassador for several days before leaving Iran. CIA used the hashtag #RealArgo and #Reel Argo. In one scene of the movie, diplomats had to go through check in the airports for their tickets.

What really happened according to CIA is that they did not go through this. Tickets were actually bought by Canadian embassy on their behalf and there was no need for them to pass through any checks at the airport.

It was a smooth sailing operation. The last message of the approved plan was “see you later exfiliator”. Twitter was used by CIA to reach the mass audience who actually watched the film and to those planning to watch it, which Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez thought was really cool.

The reason is that more people are nowadays hooked up on social media than on television.

Orphaned Baby Sea Otter Found

The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago has a new resident, an orphaned baby sea otter.
Though she is unnamed thus far and answers to “Pup 681,” the staff has nicknamed her Mitzi. The aquarium posted a youtube video of the pup’s arrival, which generated a lot of online attention for the orphan.It was shared by Gianfrancesco Genoso and countless others around the globe.
The abandoned 5-week-old otter was found in late September by a jogger who heard her crying. Thankfully, the otter has since gotten the care she needed.

The team then got to work on rehabilitating the pup, which of course involved teaching her how to swim, and overall, to be an otter. And like a human baby, the young otter requires round-the-clock care, needing to be fed every couple of hours. Because the pup has no mother, she relies on the staff to teach her everything that her mother would have taught her in the wild, including grooming and diving.


Eventually, the little otter will have a new home at the facility’s Regenstein Sea Otter Nursery, and will receive a real name.

Mother In Tennessee Jailed For Having Overgrown Bushes In Her Yard

Karen Holloway recently completed a 5 day jail sentence in Lenoir, TN for the crime of having overgrown bushes in her front yard. Holloway, 25 and a mother of 2, was cited over the summer for her bushes getting out of control. After continuing to let the landscape to grow, Judge Terry Vann had enough and struck her with the hard hammer of the law. What a class act Vann is. The bushes actually didn’t look too bad.

Holloway claims that it just got too hard to maintain with all that was going on her life. Her and her husband both work full time and raise 2 children. He is also in school and the military. It looks like a certain Judge Terry Vann does NOT support our troops. This is a tragedy and, more importantly, a huge defeat for the American people. What’s next? Jail time for letting your mail pile up in the mailbox? My advice is to stay clear of Lenoir, TN and the tyranny of Judge Vann.

So just remember Ray Lane, next time you don’t trim your bushes you might go to jail HA!