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Are Gadget Reviews Always Trustworthy?

If you are thinking of buying a new gadget, you already know the huge investment that often goes into them. Newer gadgets are just not cheap, so you may wind up spending hundreds just to get what you want according to Keith Mann. When you go online and begin to read reviews on a product, you may not know if it’s a good place to go to trust the source. In general, most reviews online are being written by people who own or have used the gadget you’re looking to buy. There are cases, however, where the review is being written by someone who is paid to write that review and give it either a positive or negative note.

The best way for you to tell if a gadget review is real is to see if it is a verified purchase. If you are on some of the more popular product and gadget sites, you can see if the person reviewing the gadget has actually purchased it from that site. If this is the case, you can easily rely on the review as something being written by a person who has used the item and wants to tell others what it is like for them. You will want to make sure that you look into quite a lot of reviews before making a decision on any one product in order to find exactly what you want without worrying that you are wasting money.

Start-Up Will Use Drones To Plant Trees

BioCarbon Engineering, a drone start-up, plans to use its technology to plant trees. The group will start by mapping target areas and determining what kinds of trees will grow best there. They will choose seeds that have already germinated and encase them in a gel loaded with nutrients. They will then use drones, which will be hovering five to ten feet above the ground, to shoot the seeds into the soil.

Hypothetically, BioCarbon Engineering could plant 36,000 trees per day in this fashion by using multiple drones for the planting. They hope to plant one billion trees per year with the drones, and they expect to spend 15 percent of what it would cost to plant the trees through conventional means.

BioCarbon Engineering plans to work with forestry services and non-profits around the world to plant trees by drone. Ray Lane posted on Carnegie Mellon University’s blog that he will also monitor the results of such plantings and use the data to refine their techniques. BioCarbon Engineering also notes that 26 billion trees a year are cut down or burned. Such large-scale deforestation can be combated only by planting methods that plant lots of trees and ensure most of them grow into healthy plants.

5 Dollar Wi-Fi Coming To a Hot Spot Near You

It was not too long ago that the startup company named FreedomPop made the headlines with its free basic cellular plans. Now they are offering unlimited Wi-Fi use at 10 million hotspots across the United States. Most of the current hotspots are located in the top metro areas in the country. Places that host a pro sport teams are on the top of the hotspot list. FreedomPop is planning to expand the coverage to 25 million spots by the end of the first quarter.

The app needed for this service is available on an Android device. Such devices can be purchased from FreedomPop. An Apple app was also released. One of the advantages to this Wi-Fi service is when a user is in the proximity to the hotspot, the user is automatically signed into the service. There is no more searching for service or having to log into the hotspot. This feature will allow for a smooth transition from users going from service from their cellular service to the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop.

CEO Stephen Stokols sees many benefits from this type of service. One benefit is that cellular customers will be able to eliminate costly data plans. They will be able to cut their cellular bills in half in most cases. People who do not have a cell service will now be able to use Wi-Fi compatible phones without having a cellular carrier. This is an inexpensive way for people who cannot afford the expensive premium plans that cellular carriers charge their customers. Unused phones will now have a purpose. FreedomPop also plans to introduce a Wi-Fi handset to their customers in the price range of 50 dollars. The FreedomPop reviews are in and at this price point it is certainly more affordable than most tablets and cell phones that are on the market.

Microsoft set to Release Nokia 215 in 2015

Microsoft plans to continue using the Nokia brand name in developing markets and release the Nokia 215 this year. The new brick phone will feature a battery that lasts up to 30 days on a single charge. That kind of makes me jealous, considering I have to plug my smart phone in once or twice a day.

The only catch, the Nokia 215 will only be available in “developing” markets. That means you nor I nor Keith Mann won’t see it in the United States or Canada. If you’re in Europe, Africa or Asia you should see this little guy popping up sometime in the first quarter.

The phone will retail for just $29. It’s aimed at first time cell phone users. It’s not a smart phone, but it will come with some apps like the Opera mini-browser for surfing the web. Just don’t expect blazing fast speeds, this phone will only be 2G.

Minimalism And Technology Combines

Minimalism and high tech meet in an innovative new product that adjusts to compliment the wearer’s movements. Wearable devices have quickly become a hot commodity that is on most people’ wish lists this holiday season. Zeca Oliveira likes this watch because of its innovative durability.

The newest device is a watch. This is not just any watch though. This new innovation is made from e-paper. This is a durable material that is virtually as thin as paper and has the ability to flex and move to offer the maximum comfort to its users.

The watch, dubbed the FES watch, is made by the SONY company. SONY is a name that is well recognized for leading electronic devices. They have kept their name off of the watch in initial launches because they wanted the item to be judged and critiqued on the merits of its abilities and the innovative materials it is made of.

The company has also been working on other products using the electronic paper as the main material. Other items such as ties, shoelaces and buttons are also in the works. The company seeks to offer new and innovative ways for individuals to interact with not only their environment, but also with the devices that can make them even more productive.

The FES watch is only in the development stage. While many protypes have been seen throughout the fashion and electronic circles, the initial public offering of the FES watch will not happen unitl mid to late March in 2015.