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Alec Sellem Journey Of Success In Gold Mining Industry


Alec Sellem is a great entrepreneur who is recognized as the founder of Sellem industries. Sellem is the chief executive officer of Sellem industries located in England. Sellem is from France but has spent most of his lifetime in Africa where he built his career.

Today Sellem is famous in the gold mining industry due to his great gold refining skills. As the chief executive officer of Sellem industries, Alec ensures that all daily business operations are running smoothly, maintains a productive and safe working environment, creates efficiency and ensures that the firm continues to grow and develop. Alec Sellem has spent most of his career focusing on technology and security strategies.

Recently, Alec has developed strong business relationships with business minded people as well as with energy conservation. Also, Alec has ensured that Sellem industries are working hand in hand with business operation and trade partners in Latin America and Africa for it to secure all port activities through public and private partnerships.

Sellem industries is a strong business that keeps becoming successful day by day under the leadership of Alec Sellem. According to Alec Sellem, the idea of Sellem industries came to his mind as he was trading gold for one of his friends.

Sellem industries is one of the best gold refining industries. Currently, the company mines in Senegal as well as Sierra Leon using the bespoke technique. Sellem industries handle their mining projects carefully to avoid harming the environment as well as the health of those living around the mining areas. Alec Sellem loves giving back and has ensured that Sellem industries have a foundation that is focused on offering support to needy families in the community.

Sellem industries foundation can provide employment as well as offer education to children from needy families. During an interview, Alec Sellem was asked to advise the youth, and he said that young people should work hard, enjoy life, and learn how to balance between work and pleasure. It is through hard work and enthusiasm that Alec Sellem has achieved so much in his career.

In an article with Geeks News entitled, “Artisanal And Small-Scale Mining With Alec Sellem”; Sellem discussed artisanal and small-scale mining differs from large scale mining primarily with lower levels of investment and less use of mechanization and its overall effectiveness and possible solutions to protect human rights.


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