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USHEALTH Group Inc: The Health Insurance Firm Has A Product For Everyone

Texas-based health insurance firm USHEALTH Group Inc. has shown its commitment to the customers by bringing up customized insurance products that are fit to different groups. The firm has a long reputation of providing excellent service and customer-centric plans as it thinks the smooth relationship with the customers is most important in its business.



The diversity of insurance products offered by USHEALTH starts from PremierChoice that gives first Dollar coverage for specific diseases and accident plans, to Essential Health Benefit Plans, which give coverage to 10 specific health care services. The firm also has a life insurance product named LifeProtector that covers educational expenses, car payment, mortgage, etc., if something unforeseen happened. With premium payments from $10 to $50, it looks like a cool option for the customers.



Another product that can fit for everyone is Secure Advantage that gives 3-years lock-in rate and at the same time can be clubbed with other plans offered by USHEALTH. The plan covers specific diseases and accidents along with first Dollar coverage. Specific plans like SecureDental is helping the customers on Orthodontic issues, and PremierVision is designed to ensure the proper care for eyes. MedGuard is giving a great option to receive full or partial death benefits for any specified critical diseases or surgery. Considering the statistics of critical diseases such as Heart Attack, Stroke, and Cancer, the option looks a real necessity.



Apart from offering specific insurance products, the firm also provides counseling services on various medical treatments and advises better options available for each. The cost associated with drugs and a comparison is given to its customers if required be. Also, the firm reviews the medical history of the customers to make sure that they get accurate and detailed analysis to ensure proper treatment and medication. It also runs a Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE), a mission to make a difference in the society. The active participation of its advisors in hurricane-hit New Orleans won accolades from the mass.



The customer-oriented service of USHEALTH has brought recognition and prestigious awards to its showcase. Recently the firm has received One Planet award 2016 in the category of Banking, Financial, Accounting and Insurance. The award is given to businesses that excel in terms of service and professional excellence. The firm’s vision and its drive make it eligible for more awards and recognition in the future.



USHEALTH designs each product by keeping what an average customer thinks in his mind, and it tries to give special mention to his priorities and concerns. The dedicated management of the USHEALTH is researching to provide innovative products that can provide a complete solution for its customers. A firm that has decades of experience in the health insurance industry is obviously understanding the different groups starting from low-income to aged people and tries to address each of theirs concerns.