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Securus Technologies Is Making Customers Happier

With Securus Technologies leading the public safety industry, the customers that need their assistance can feel assured that they will get the help that they need in order to make their correction facilities around the nation a much better atmosphere for everyone involved. The correction facilities love the work that the company does for them, especially the Video Visitations because they are creating a more conducive situation for peace and quiet.


The Video Visitations technology that was created by Securus Technologies is extremely beneficial because it lets the inmates feel more in tune with the outside world on a regular basis. They can see and hear their friends and loved ones via the video. It is very easy for them to do.


Securus Technologies is a great company that has dedicated and professional staff that goes to great lengths to make sure that the people are safe in all situations. The public safety field is grateful for their knowledge and expertise because they are experts at the civil and criminal aspects of justice. Every week, they create more and more technologies that are beneficial, and they will continue to. In the future, the company will do even more positive things for the public safety field, and they want they want to make the world a much safer place for all people to live.



Securus Technologies Provides A Wide Variety Of Security Technology

The business world has changed significantly over the past 10 to 20 years. One of the main reasons for the changes has been the use of technology. The use of technology has allowed the business world to shift its focus from operations to information. Technology innovations in recent years have provided the ability for people to do almost as much on the Internet as they do in the brick and mortar world.


The use of technology has impacted all aspects of the business world. There are very few areas in the business world that have not been impacted by technology. One of the areas where technology has made a huge difference is security. With the technology innovations over the past few decades, the security that is now possible is much different than any security measures that could have been accomplished in prior decades.


Securus Technologies is a technology company that is out front in providing security technology to organizations. The target markets for Securus Technologies includes markets such as public safety, law enforcement, investigations, and corrections. The company provides a variety of technology that helps organizations to enhance the level of security provided. The security provided by Securus Technologies includes communication, video, and related technology.


Securus Technologies recently sent out a press release that provided comments from numerous users of its technology. The comments came from users in many sectors such as corrections and investigations. A large percentage of the comments stated that the use of the technology provided by Securus Technologies allowed professionals at the organizations to prevent security problems either through surveillance or monitoring using the technology provided by Securus Technologies.


Securus Technologies  understands the issues that many organizations have related to security. Whether through video, phone, or other security measures, Securus Technologies provides technology that can help improve security operations.


High Profile and Reliable

Securus Technologies a high-profile and well-known information technology company. They are based out of Texas, and are heavily involved within the United States prison system. Their main focus is to provide customers currently living within the American penal system with reliable forms of communication and security support. Securus Technologies has already seen a massive increase in the amount of customers that its services, which is interesting considering the type of customer base that they usually attract. While most of their companies seem to try and push away inmates as a customer, Securus Technologies and braces them for the consumers that they are. In order to try and to attract more customers to the corporation, Securus Technologies is currently running a promotion on what are the most famous products, a video chat software package.


This software package is a free downloadable application that is compatible on both Apple and Android devices. The application is easy to operate, with an inmate having to open the application and accessing your Wi-Fi signal for them to be able to call their loved ones on the outside. This advancement in technology means that traditional visitation methods can be ignored, with family members no longer having to drive long distances to visit with their inmate loved ones, and then being able to successfully bypass mandatory Security checks.


The promotion of this technology increase the ranks of customers that Securus Technologies will see in the following months. These are exciting times for the communication technology world, as this level of support for individuals facing social stigma is a clear example of how everyone needs to be represented in some way, shape or form.


Securus Technologies Leads in Technology for Investigation and Security

Security is an important part of everyday living; this is due to its multiplier effect on economic development and growth. It would be critical to ensure the safety of all people; this is because there would be no way that a smooth running of our daily operation would be possible without enough security. It has the power to ensure prosperity and development not only in the United States but also globally. Securus Technologies is one of the primary providers of civil and criminal justice technology that mainly deals with national safety, investigation, and monitoring. It has announced that; eleven of its experts have received internationally accepted certification. Most of the recent advances in technology that has incorporated spectrum voice, electronic safety and security have designed with the collaboration of Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) and Securus Technologies. The new project not only deals with audio but also visual technologies in securing the inmates. BICSI is critical to the training of employees in the information technology industry and ultimately fostering productivity.

How the technology work.

In the cutting edge times, crime has gone to another level and thus it would be vital to incorporate advanced technology in the tracking and investigating the same. Members of BICSI design and install the project and then perform regular maintenance, the infrastructure is then connected to the servers and information storing system. The group of professionals has a vast knowledge and expertise due to many years of experience thus design systems that are quality.

Information about secures technology.

The firm is headquartered in Dallas Texas; its primary function is ensuring public safety and law enforcement even in the correction facilities. The number of inmates under the surveillance of their technology has increased in the recent past reaching more than 1.2 million. One can find more information on; BBB Reviews


Securus Technologies Introduces More Applications for its Clients

Securus Technologies is a company found in the United States. The company headquarters are found in Dallas, Texas. The company offers its services to correctional centers in the country, especially those found in Northern America. Securus Technologies was started several years ago. The institution has grown, and at the moment, it has expanded its services and products, services over one million inmates who are incarcerated in the country. Securus Technologies has contracted more than three thousand county and state correctional centers all over the nation.


Securus Technologies specializes in offering communication and technology products to the inmates and their loved ones. The services offered by the company are of great quality, and they are given at an affordable price, compared to what the competitors offer.


This year, Securus Technologies invented automated forms, known as Inmate Grievance Application. The application was launched on Connect Us, and it is expected to make life easy for the inmates and the individuals serving the inmates by providing important services.


Before the invention, the correctional facilities used manual forms. These forms would be filled, printed and kept well for future reference. Whenever an inmate would need any service, they would fill in the form, and they would wait for several days for everything to be processed. The individuals doing the job had a rough time managing the forms, but this will be changing soon.


The new automated form application on ConnectUs is designed using the latest technology. When an inmate in the facility makes a special request like the medical need, they will be able to get the service easily, thanks to the new application. It will take minutes to fill in the inmate details and everything will be processed. The workers will not have to print or keep the files well for future reference.