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Joseph Bismark Successfully Injects Spirituality Into Business

The business world looms highly challenging and competitive. The blog “Bring on the Random” reports that Joseph Bismark believes including spirituality in a business strategy guarantees success. He puts this belief into action as a founding director of the QI group and managing director of Qnet, an Asian direct selling company owned by the group. Bismark’s beliefs stem from his unique past.

Born and raised in the Philippines, at age nine he left a comfortable home to live in a monastery as a monk. He left the monastery eight years later and developed the business principles that brought him to the attention of Qnet. The company handpicked Joseph Bismark to act as managing director for the QI Group. He is largely credited for the company’s success and founded the their Corporate Social Responsibility platform RHYTHM.

Bismark is also the author of “Gems of Wisdom,” a collection of succinct life lessons, and a captivating motivational speaker eager to share his wealth of wisdom with others.

Though his methods of conducting business might seem unorthodox to traditionalists, Bismark’s success speaks volumes. He strives to share the peace within himself with his business associates and puts an emphasis on cooperation. Joseph Bismark proves himself adept at balancing spiritual and practical business considerations.