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Jason Hope, Technology and the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a respected entrepreneur who is part of the technology universe. He resides in Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s a lot more than just a focused enterpriser as well. Hope frequently refers to himself as being an investor, philanthropist and futurist, too. This is a person who has a rock solid commitment to technology. This is also a person who has an enthusiasm for doing great things for the people that are around him. Volunteer work is something that’s close to Hope’s heart.

Hope lives in Arizona at the moment, and it’s nothing new to him. He actually came from the Grand Canyon State. He was reared in city of Tempe. He studied finance at Arizona State University. He got a degree in the subject, too. He also went to the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business. That’s where he earned his MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Hope spends considerable amount of time thinking about all of his business efforts. He spends an equal amount of time focusing on all of his philanthropic goals. He’s even more balanced, though. That’s because Hope is also someone who has a strong zeal for all kinds of political matters.

This entrepreneur is an avid writer who has contributed to many trusted publications throughout the years. He regularly pens pieces for a website that’s known as These pieces delve into pertinent topics such as the Internet of Things. Other popular sites that Hope writes for are and His articles cover a broad range of topics. He routinely writes about the future of the Internet of Things. He frequently writes about high and low-impact hacks. He knows so much about the Internet of Things of potential security dangers. He can talk for ages about topics like marketing and the Internet of Things.

Hope is a person who wants to make a positive change in this world. He, because of that, spends a lot of time thinking about all facets that involve technology, science, health and education. Hope is a businesswoman who wants to make sure that all children everywhere get access to top quality educational opportunities. He is a person who wants to make sure that people everywhere all get access to A+ healthcare, too.

Hope has numerous different areas of expertise. He’s an expert in entrepreneurship, startup organizations, SaaS (software as a service), business development and business strategizing. He’s always learning.

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Creating Problems on Facebook Has Consequences

Facebook makes it easy to communicate and that is a good thing. What someone chooses to publish, however, does not exactly always serve a positive purpose. Just one error in judgment can lead to problems on the job. A series of poorly-conceived posts could lead to serious problems in life. Inflammatory posts turn people off. When looking for a job, it would clearly not be a good plan to create controversies. All those years of posting over-the-top comments on Facebook, however, cat

ch up with the person making the posts.

Not everyone realizes there is a connection between Facebook and the social media site’s news feed and the search engines. The way things work is the search engine crawlers eventually scan and index the material posted on the platform. Anyone who assumes anything posted on Facebook is going to disappear is sorely mistaken. If “Jon Doe-Smith” is posting things on the internet, then any Google search of “Jon Doe-Smith” is going to lead the persons searching to the body of work Mr. Doe-Smith has opted to post.

Status Labs, the reputation management firm based in Austin, TX, works hard at helping people overcome the problems they have created on Facebook. Those Google search engine results could be loaded with material that is backfiring on the author. Status Labs can go to work at creating a variety of new content to help change the results in the search engines. Instituting a change really is going to be necessary if all those Facebook posts are leading to trouble on the job or keeping someone from being hired.

There are just some things best avoided on Facebook. These things are best avoided when hoping to keep a professional career sailing smooth. Spending too much time on Facebook instead of working is one of the obvious ones. Getting into fights and arguments on social media, making controversial posts, appearing immature, speaking poorly of previous (or current) employers are all things that could have consequences.

Status Labs has helped 1,500+ clients overcome online reputation woes. Clients ranging from celebrities to major executives have called on Status Labs for help. Those whose errors in judgment on Facebook have gotten them into trouble may wish to contact the service.

FreedomPop Manages to Raise $30 Million

FreedomPop is an L.A. based tech start up that first got developed back in 2012. Since then the new telecom company has been growing astronomically thanks to their unique twist on what it means to get customers in with ‘free products’. FreedomPop focuses on giving their customers an essentially free cell phone plan: free mobile, talk, and text and then they upsell to those same customers in hopes of actually making their initial sale. The product plan has been working despite some leery investors and now the company is coming off of a $30 million investment weekend.

For FreedomPop on fortune much of their recent company drama has been focused on whether or not the company is ready to sell or merge with a bigger telecom giant. The current economic climate for telecom companies has made FreedomPop, who recently turned the corner on one million subscribers, something of a market phenomenon. With AT&T and Comcast purchasing up any promising young companies it seemed like a lock that FreedomPop was on the block. This rumor, however, ended up being just that.

CEO Stephen Stokols broke the radio silence regarding a possible M&A agreement by saying that FreedomPop was not going to be sold. Stokols admitted that he saw at least six offers for the company with one of those offers broaching the $250 million mark. Stokols passed on all of those offers as the head of the company citing that it would be a “premature time to sell”. With M&A rumors completely put to rest it was now time for FreedomPop to focus on their next big push in the telecom world. Through a round of Series B investing FreedomPop was able to bring in an additional $30 million in support through various venture capitalists including Partech Ventures. Partech Ventures has back 50 companies since 1982, including 21 that went public.

The reason for FreedomPop’s success comes down primarily to their ability to be the first peer-to-peer data sharing telecom company on the market. The reason they are able to afford doing this is because they purchase data from Sprint wholesale. The savings they are then able to pass on to their customers are so large that the company is able to eat the expenses of the nearly 50% of their customers who end up never purchasing a thing. Though the business plan is slightly whacky it has been working to a supreme degree and now the company is looking at an expansion into European markets.

Right now FreedomPop is focusing on soft launches in the United Kingdom as well as Asia and new deals with companies in those markets should clear the way. FreedomPop’s goal is to become the next big telecom company.

New Funding Helps FreedomPop Grow

FreedomPop is all about providing free services to individuals on their phone. With the skyrocketing price of most mobile providers, it can be rather difficult to find someone who charges a fair price. FreedomPop wants to offer free services to those interested in it, but in order to offer free mobile data and calling services, it does become rather expensive to open and to maintain. That is why the recent fundraising outreach the program obtained is extremely important. FreedomPop recently received $30 million in funding in order to expand its free mobile services.

The company has been around since 2012 and it has been spreading out from LA since it initially opened up. Basically, the company provides bare bone services without charging anyone for using it. This way, it is possible for someone who just doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars a month.

Multiple other carriers have attempted to buy out the upstart company in recent years. Whether it is to take advantage of the networking elements the company has put into place or to simply buy out the competition (or a bit of both), FreedomPop has turned down all of these different offers and has instead raised nearly $50 million in three years. The original seed money came from Skype’s founder and it has quickly grown into one of the fastest growing mobile companies in the United States as it has more than a million subscribers.

Now, the company is a mobile virtual network operator, which means it does not own any of the wireless infrastructure but instead simply rents it from larger companies. It purchases the data from Spring at wholesale rates, which is similar to how Google works as it buys data from T-Mobile and Spring. However, FreedomPop is giving the services to customers for free.

Mozilla Protects Users With Polaris

When picking your browser, many turn an eye towards tracking protections in order to maintain the privacy of what do and with whom online. Mozilla seeks to continue their trend of privacy protection for users with Polaris, an initiative that will expand private hosting and collaboration with TOR.

Those who’ve paid attention to the politics of information protection will know Mozilla has taken tough stands against data collection. So how will Polaris continue this?

Over on Mozilla, data about Polaris’ tracking has been released, and the numbers look promising.

Tracking Protection, a feature that is prominent in this new initiative, minimizes online tracking which increases the speed at which streaming content loads by 20%. This data was collected by one user over a period of months comparing the load times of content with True Protection turned on and off.

Using Lightbeam, a Mozilla extension for tracking the load times of online content, discovered some variability depending on the site visited and the number of banner and clickable ads that were present. However, it remained constant that using True Protection lowered the rates of loading on all sites considerably.

Tech-savvy folks like Sam Tabar ( know that, at present, Mozilla is still developing Polaris, and it is likely the numbers will be more reliable when it is completed. And while it is not yet clear if it will be packaged with an entirely new browser, but users can interact with these new features with a copy of Firefox Nightly, provided by Mozilla.

Google’s Rising Claim to Fame

You’re very familiar with Google. You don’t live under a rock. But within the past decade Google has made significant strides as an internet and software industry as they continue to expand globally. So what is their real claim to fame and are they going to continue with their brand of innovation?

Starting after Yahoo in 1998, Google has made leaps and bounds as a trendsetter in all things internet that makes it no surprise their revenues are up. Google is known for taking chances with their newer products and has made a number of acquisitions that has made it a giant of today’s industry. Let’s take a look at the myriad of special products Google has to offer.

In 2007, Google initiated Android, which is now a major competitor to Apple’s products. You may be familiar with the little green robot, but Android has continued to rise above Windows and iOS(Apple) based on operating system market share.

You may be surprised to learn that YouTube, the leading video website was actually acquired by Google in 2006. 4 billion videos are streamed daily with increases in postings yearly.

If you think Google’s reign stops there, you’re sadly mistaken. Google launched Google fiber to enter the Internet provider industry. This service boasts of more reliable connection speeds and give the Internet provider monopolies a real run for their money. They also provide advertisement opportunities to companies like Bulletproof Coffee (company Instagram) making for a win-win situation.

In short, Google continues to shock and amaze us with their innovative strategies and wide variety of services. They don’t show any signs of stopping, so stay tuned for further development as they excel in multiple industries with ease. For a list of popular Google products click here.