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Diversant LLC’s John Goullet

An innovative entrepreneur in his field, John Goullet founded first Info Technologies in 1994, which utilizes his experiences in both consulting and staffing of IT professionals. It focuses on making the best matches possible between experienced IT workers and clients, for the best possible outcomes. The primary consumers of Info Technologies were mostly Fortune 500 companies.

The business helped spur along the ever changing IT industrial world. In 2010, John Goullet and Diversant founder, Gene C. Waddy, merged Info Technologies with Diversant Incorporated, creating Diversant LLC.

John Goullet took upon the role of Principal in this new company, utilizing his experiences to further grow and strengthen Diversant LLC alongside his new partners. Goullet spends his days working on ways to tackle each new problem the ever evolving business world brings; reading and anticipating changes and how to meet the new requirements for each job, and how to prepare the IT employees accordingly. He intends to continue looking into and updating the skill set that is needed most as the days go by. As needs change, so will the required skill sets, and so will customer expectations, and so will Goullet’s plans to meet all demands required of him.

On Ideasmench, Goullet explains that he owes his success not only to hard and the inspiration from others, but his own “productive paranoia” as he calls it. The anticipation and needing to know what could change, what could go wrong, and how to keep things from going wrong has certainly helped him stand tall today. He explains that one of his biggest whip-crackers is the fact that, while he is changing things and advancing for the better, so are other companies; so if he wants to stay in the head of the game, he cannot slack off. As we can clearly see, John Goullet has no intention of letting up his pace, and we can certainly expect him to continue on this path for years to come.

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