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Ricardo Guimares, The President of BMG Awarded With the Honour of Merit

In the last century, BMG has been highlighted as being one of the country’s leaders in personal loans and payroll-deductible, a critical part of the finance segment in which BMG has been operational since 1998. Once again, history repeats itself and the BMG group along with its president Ricardo Guimarães have stepped back into the limelight.

April 18 which was a memorable date for many, as the president of BMG, Ricardo Guimarães was awarded the honor of Merit by the City Hall. This accolade was given to Ricardo Guimarães on the recommendation of Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno from PSB and president of the house, Léo Burguês de Castro from PSDB.

Shortly after the opening of the meeting, Daniel Nepomuceno took the initiative to lead the congregation and state that it was an honor to present the “Honour of Merit” to Ricardo Guimarães and to pay homage at an individual level to the well-wisher of the sports sector. The primary purpose of presenting this accolade to Ricardo Guimarães was to acknowledge him as one of the few entrepreneurs who has contributed significantly to the sports in Brazil without even the slightest hesitation. Ricardo Guimarães was also sincerely thanked during this meeting for helping Daniel Nepomuceno succeed in his career.

Fred Costa, the State Deputy, took this opportunity to highlight the real scope of this award to the honoree who is now considered as a patron of the national sport. Fred Costa also made a mention of Ricardo Guimarães as an important sponsor who has contributed to the social development of the country through his attempts at improving the sports sector in Brazil. Furthermore, Fred Costa mentioned about the contributions made by Ricardo Guimarães towards other social causes such as the Baleia Hospital and the São Vicente de Paula Foundation.

While Ricardo Guimarães is best known for being from one of the most affluent families in Minas Gerais, he has shown a significant amount of support to the sports sector in the country which has made him stand out from the other entrepreneurs in the country. Between the years 2001 and 2006, Ricardo Guimarães aided the sports sector by achieved a task that others could not accomplish. He proactively assisted the Club Atlético Mineiro with finances that were needed for improving their team. This noble gesture by Ricardo Guimarães, in turn, led to the construction of the Training Center of the “Rooster”, which has become considered one of the best-equipped training centers in the country.

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