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How EOS Was Able to Gain Market Share

The lip balm industry has long been dominated by large and long established companies with plenty of capital to ward off or acquire upstarts to the industry. That is part of why EOS’ emergence in the lip balm industry so amazing, both in the rapid ascent of the company but in the time frame that it took them to become a major player in the industry.

When EOS first entered the lip balm industry their co-founders noted that there was room for a smaller company that was willing to provide products that customers were looking for. Their co-founders saw that there was significant room for a company to enter the Target market by providing a product that followed the trends present in the food industry.

Consumers were increasingly concerned with the products that they consumed both inside and outside of their body. Well, these concerns extended to not only the foods that they ate but also the products that they placed on their lips and skin. Up to this point, lip balms were made from petroleum jelly. While petroleum jelly was able to protect the lips effectively enough, many consumers noticed that it quickly wore out and needed to be constantly applied. Further it was artificial being a by-product of the oil refining business.

EOS developed a more natural blend of lip balm that was made from high quality oils and didn’t contain artificial petroleum jelly. Instead, it was often made from shea butter and had natural additives for flavors which kept the balm tasting fresh and unique, when compared to the alternatives.  The products are available on eBay and Amazon online making them easy to purchase.

These higher quality ingredients truly showed off in the flavor of the lip balm, as well as its impact on the lips, and the brand was able to greatly expand their sales and quickly gain market share.