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Lime Crime Inspires Personal Beauty and Expression

There are a lot of reasons that women have traditionally used make up. Most often to hide their own perceived imperfections and to appeal to what they feel society finds attractive. Enter an exciting new company called Lime Crime which provides women with another option of using their makeup to express their unique personality to the world. If you want to be who you are and display that to the world without apology then the Facebook indicates Lime Crime makeup provides colorful and unique products that can help with the process of self expression and personal beauty.

One of the things that make their makeup different is the philosophy and attitude of their founder Doe Deere. She started this company with the idea that a person could look pretty and desirable and still express their inner personality to the world. That is where they began to produce one of the most colorful, powerful and cruelty free lines of makeup available anywhere in the world today. From meager beginnings Doe Deere has inspired a generation of young women to continue to follow their dreams and reach to become the best versions of them and to share that with the world through the use of makeup products they have produced.

In a world that tries to place people inside a box and limit what is acceptable behavior, Lime Crime is a company that offers young women another option. Sometimes branded as makeup for unicorns, the company is appealing to young women because they often feel like they are not fitting into what they feel society is expecting from them. Lime Crime allows for a vehicle of expression that allows them to show the world the different palette of color and style that is living under the surface. Each product comes in a variety of wilder colors that provide a nontraditional appearance. That is the contribution and mark of this company that has revolutionized the industry and captured a loyal and passionate following all over the country.

Each day all across the country there is a growing number of young people who are using Lime Crime products to express their own unique personal style. The bright candy colors and combinations between different types of makeup will allow for their feelings of freedom and manner to everyone they meet. The products are designed to allow people to aim for the best that they can be and apply all the vigor and enthusiasm that they have into the process of personal fashion. Tumblr shows that makeup provides expression and allows people to express their inner beauty on the outside and share it with the world. Expressing your style with Lime Crime allows for a better, more authentic version of yourself to be shown to the world.  Check out some of the cool things people are doing with Lime Crime on Pinterest.