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Two Brides in Russia Tie the Knot

Shumilova was born as a male in Russia. Shumilova was permitted to marry Alyona Firsova due to this identification as a male even though Russia has a strict ban on gay marriages.
Sumilove is undergoing the process to get gender reassignment surgery, Shumilova is not identified as transgender according to her, but is rather identified as transsexual. Despite her female appearance Shumilova is still listed as a male on her passport.
Both brides wore white dresses, and carried bouquets at their wedding. They were married at the official registry in St. Petersburg on Friday with photography by Terry Richardson. Family and Friends witnessed the union of the couple. This marriage is frowned upon by the Russian government, but activists for gay rights say that this is a big steo for the gays in Russia. Maybe someday hopefully it will not be such a treason, and people would be able to accept the couples.