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With Seven Decades of Cardiology Skills Dr. Edward Honig Keeps His Pulse on New York City Patients

Very often when a patient chooses to see a cardiologist it is typically after they have experienced some sort of health issue pertaining to their heart. The very first step a cardiologist will take in treating a patient is by doing a complete and thorough review of their medical history. Depending upon the ailments a person is experiencing, a cardiologist may also perform a physical examination of a patient in order to rule out any issues not already discovered in a patient’s history. It’s extremely important for a cardiologist to know the stability of a patient’s blood pressure, weight, heart, lungs and blood vessels in order to establish a treatment plan for any patient’s condition.

A cardiologist can sometimes diagnose a patient’s condition primarily by the symptoms that are present; however, more times than not he or she will order specific tests such as an electrocardiogram (EKG), x-rays and blood tests. Additionally, more specialized tests are ordered in extreme cases or that are unique to a person’s condition.

A patient is typically recommended to see a cardiologist by their medical doctor. Generally, a patient is experiencing shortness of breath, chest pains, and dizziness that causes a medical doctor to suggest the patient be treated by a cardiologist. It can often be a life-saving recommendation by a medical doctor. However, a patient can also be treated by a cardiologist during a hospital stay due to a medical condition that caused their hospitalization such as a heart attack or other heart failures.

Dr. Edward Honig is a leading expert in cardiology as well as internal medicine. As a practicing cardiologist in New York City, Dr. Edward Honig is affiliated with Glen Cove Hospital; an award winning and accredited facility which has a 90 year history within the state. He has been a medical doctor for 66 years. As an extremely skilled cardiologist, Dr. Edward Honig has helped countless patients and provided them with the proper solutions to their everyday heart condition struggles as well as severe conditions.

When New York patients complain of an issue which results in seeking a cardiologist, Dr. Edward Honig is very often chosen as the expert to seek. At 90 years old, his experience is highly-regarded and his knowledge of cardiology is extremely preferred. He’s been an advocate for patients receiving preventative treatment throughout his entire medical career. Dr. Edward Honig believes that heart disease is the number one reason for a person having a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure. He says patients need to become very aware of their symptoms and seek medical attention as soon as symptoms present themselves.

It is vitally important that patients seek medical attention by a cardiologist when experiencing any symptoms that are unusual. A cardiologist is extensively trained which includes four years of medical school, three years of internal medicine training and three to four more years of specialized training. They are considered to be one of the most highly-skilled doctors in the medical field; second to brain surgery.