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Expert Dr. Dov Rand Is Changing The Ageing Process Through Personalized Wellness Planning

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert in Bioidentical medicine. He created the Healthy ageing Medical clinic in New Jersey to bring his innovative customized care to both Men and Women to maintain optimal health and hormone balance in a caring and sensitive environment.

How qualified is Dr. Dov Rand to help you feel your best as you age?

Dr. Dov Rand received his medical training from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY. He is a Rehabilitation physician, Physiatrist, and Physical Medicine Doctor. He is also certified in Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Dov Rand holds board certifications in regenerative and functional medicine, as well as anti-aging medicine. He has more than more than 15 years of experience in treating patients with chronic pain through a wide variety of hormonal treatments including:

*Nerve blocks or epidurals

*Steroid injections

*Anti-inflammatory medications


Ageing has never felt so good

We live in an exciting time. As science and modern medicine has advanced, medical experts now realize they have the tools necessary to enhance our quality of life by slowing down the inevitable aging process and preventing deterioration through wellness and hormone replacement like never before.


Discover your own unique plan for staying resilient

Dr. Dov Rand believes in formulating a plan for individual wellness through; diet, nutrition, supplements and physical fitness. You will never leave Dr. Rand office with a generic medical ministration. From the first initial examination a thorough and complete plan will be developed to treat your health, utilizing the latest research and medical treatments.


Dr.Dov Rand is a believer

Dr. Dov Rand models his own behavior around what he teaches in his practice. He leads a fit and healthy lifestyle that is apparent in his day to day life. He enjoys weight and cardio training, yoga, and multiple martial arts. He is a firm believer in the power of supplements and clean eating. He credits his current health, at 50 years young, to harnessing the power of preventative medicine to allow his body to remain strong, healthy and vigorous.


Well respected educator

Dr. Dov Rand is takes pride in keeping up with the newest advances in science, when it comes to ageing and long-term therapeutic protection. He continues to actively travel around the country educating himself in the science of age management and keeping up-to-date through both attending and speaking at seminars and lectures. He also enjoys passing the torch, educating new doctors interested in learning the benefits of anti-ageing wellness.