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Patients Might Forget They Are In A Medical Facility At The Copa Star Hospital

In October of 2016, a new luxury hotel opened in Copacabana in southern Rio de Janeiro. Easily fitting in with Copacabana high rises; the gleaming five star hotel resembles an upscale residential building, as opposed to a medical facility. The Copa Star is a private hospital with cutting-edge technology, skilled medical professionals and an atmosphere that rivals that of a five star hotel. Providing differentiated services, such as luxurious VIP rooms and a restaurant featuring a renowned Swiss chef sets the Copa Star apart from the Rio’s other hospitals.

Hoping to bring in medical tourists seeking the highest quality care, the Rede D’Or Network, of which the Copa Star belongs, designed the hospital so foreign patients will feel as if they are on vacation in sunny Rio de Janeiro, instead of having a medical procedure in a clinical setting. In 2007, the Hospital Copa Star joined an elite group of organizations in 100 countries that have earned the coveted Joint Commission International accreditation, which signifies globally recognized quality care on Apontador, and is essential for attracting affluent patients from around the world.

As one of Brazil’s most modern hospitals, the $115 million Hospital Copa Star has an emergency room, 150 beds, with a 45-bed intensive care unit, nine operating rooms boasting the latest technological innovations and a staff of 550. One operating room is devoted to cardiac procedures and one is used exclusively for neurosurgery. As a smart hospital, the sleek, modern rooms are accented with lights, televisions, curtains and temperature controls on that patients can adjust using the app on the iPad attached to the bed. Patients may also confer with their physician using the tablet.

In an attempt to set Hospital Copa Star apart from the normally sterile environment of other facilities, the Copa Star’s architecture ensures that natural sunlight streams in, showcasing an interior filled with Japanese art, plush furniture and a grand piano. While ICU rooms on cannot feature as much sunlight, patients are treated to outside scenes on screens so that they feel less cut off from the world.

Additional Hospital Copa Star are slated to open in São Paulo and Brasilia in the near future.