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Eucatex’s Environmental Friendly Wood Products

The president and CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf has been adamant that the Brazilian timber Market needs to be structured in a sustainable way. The current depletion of the world’s natural resources is a tragedy of great concern to him and he has been very vocal about it. This is why he has led his company in developing some of the leading innovative products in the wood and blocks market hence cutting himself an edge in the fight against environmental hazard. Flavio as an entrepreneur feels the pressure of conserving the environment which should be a burden for every caring investor.

On his website he talks about sustainable production of wood products is the main objective of Eucatex under the able leadership of Maluf. Having come from a business family, he understands the need to give back to the community and he takes the initiative of conserving the environment as his way of giving back to the community. Eucatex has done its research thoroughly and the results have been good. The company has come up with a product that will greatly reduce the rate of deforestation in Brazil hence help in conserving the environment. Environmentally friendly production of wood products can greatly help the country in recovering its environmental health.

The company had planned to introduce its new thin block product some years back but the economy was not doing so well. Owing to this, the management decided to postpone the launch of the product for a little longer to monitor the country’s economic performance. This is a clear indication of a highly professional workforce in the company. The move to wait for the economy to recover paid off as the county hastily recovered from the economic crisis and began to experience rapid growth. Eucatex thrives in careful economic maneuvers that has led it to become one of the greatest dealers in block products in the region.

As a result of its innovative ideas, the company is now looking at new prospects in the entire South American region. Being the only dealer in thin block panels and also being in the most centralized geographical location, the company is looking at immense growth potential on a regional scale. Fortunately, the Brazilian market is already liking the new product hence the rising demand. The market for Eucatex’s new product is estimated to have risen to 30% last year alone and this growth is expected to increase on a double scale in the near future.