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A Movie About Tetris?

Ever wonder what a movie about a puzzle game would be like? Well, according to Screenrant, you won’t have to wait very long. A movie based on the classic puzzle game, Tetris, is currently in development by Threshold Entertainment.

CEO of Threshold Entertainment, Larry Kasanoff, has stated that they are developing an “epic sci-fi movie.” While most wouldn’t expect much from a movie about moving blocks, Kasanoff claims that the company has created an imaginative story behind the popular game that has captivated millions of people.

While some have had moderate success, most film adaptations fail to impress the core audience. Even board games have been adapted to films, such as Battleship. Film adaptations of popular games perform notoriously bad in the box office, often due to their unimaginative story lines and failure to capture the essence of the game. Will a film about Tetris be another Mortal Kombat?

With a number of promising video game franchise being developed into movies, a Tetris movie can either ride the wave or lead the pack. Is Hollywood grasping at straws, or do they have an solid idea in the works? Only time will tell.