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Mozilla Protects Users With Polaris

When picking your browser, many turn an eye towards tracking protections in order to maintain the privacy of what do and with whom online. Mozilla seeks to continue their trend of privacy protection for users with Polaris, an initiative that will expand private hosting and collaboration with TOR.

Those who’ve paid attention to the politics of information protection will know Mozilla has taken tough stands against data collection. So how will Polaris continue this?

Over on Mozilla, data about Polaris’ tracking has been released, and the numbers look promising.

Tracking Protection, a feature that is prominent in this new initiative, minimizes online tracking which increases the speed at which streaming content loads by 20%. This data was collected by one user over a period of months comparing the load times of content with True Protection turned on and off.

Using Lightbeam, a Mozilla extension for tracking the load times of online content, discovered some variability depending on the site visited and the number of banner and clickable ads that were present. However, it remained constant that using True Protection lowered the rates of loading on all sites considerably.

Tech-savvy folks like Sam Tabar ( know that, at present, Mozilla is still developing Polaris, and it is likely the numbers will be more reliable when it is completed. And while it is not yet clear if it will be packaged with an entirely new browser, but users can interact with these new features with a copy of Firefox Nightly, provided by Mozilla.