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Finding Forgiveness with The Greyhound Diaries

Whenever a parent ceases to be in a child’s life it is something that can fundamentally change who that child is and what they grow to become. Parents who leave their children in a violent manner, such as by suicide, often have children who face a tremendous amount of guilt as they grow older. That is exactly something that Doug Levitt, the author of The Greyhound Diaries, was experiencing before he took his epic journey.

Doug was born in Washington D.C. where he attended public school and learned a great deal about politics and socialism from his mother, a D.C. councilwoman. At the age of 16 his father chose to end his own life, something that would affect Doug for many years to come.

After spending time as a foreign correspondent in London, Doug switched careers to become a singer/songwriter and returned to the United States. It was then that he realized how many people in the nation were simply struggling to get by. He decided that he wanted to tell their stories – to travel the nation and to write folk songs about the people he met and the sights he saw during his journey. It was also where he learned forgiveness.

Raising money by busking, an old tradition where performers play on the street for money, Doug rode Greyhound busses over 70,000 miles across the nation. Traveling from one end to the other, then zig zagging back, Doug was able to truly see how diverse the nation is. He also was finally able to come to understand, and forgive, his father for leaving the family, also learning that forgiving himself is just as important as forgiving his father.

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Couple Decides To Get Married At Bonnaroo Festival

Christian Broda suggests that many people are getting married in different places these days, and some places are unbelievable. There was a festival called Bonnaroo, and a couple decided that they would get married at the festival. In the pictures that are available on MTV News, you can see the couple kiss, and they are standing right beside a water fountain that’s big enough to hold people underneath it. Wedding At A Music Festival. The picture is very festive and beautiful, but who would really get married at a music festival?

People are getting married in different places these days, and it’s not always traditional. A couple decided to get married at Taylor Swift’s concert in Philadelphia recently, and they may have made the best choice. Taylor Swift decided to meet the couple behind stage after her mother brought the couple to Taylor’s attention. Although this is one of the best days of their life, it just seems weird to get married in the parking lot of a stadium.

It could be a lot of fun to get married at a festival or even in a parking lot, but many are still down for a traditional wedding. Those who want to do something different, they’ll have something to pass down to their kids and their grandkids after all is said and done. It might be fun to be able to tell your kids that you listened to some great music from different bands while you got married.

Timbaland Claims Aaliyah Spoke to Him During His Sleep

Producer Timbaland, who collaborated with the late Aaliyah and reportedly admitting his feelings of romance toward her, recently stated that Aaliyah spoke to him in his sleep.

People are either going to believe that Timbaland has some sort of spiritual connection with the late “Are You That Somebody?” singer or that he’s just plain out of his mind.

Dan Newlin said that the producer opened up about the experience during a showcase at the SWSW entertainment festival when he premiered a song by another aspiring musician, Tink.

“I don’t touch my sister’s records, but she spoke to me in my sleep and said, ‘She’s the one.,” Timbaland said.

Could the message have been that Tink was the perfect candidate for Timbaland to incorporate one of Aaliyah’s song into her own music?

Timbaland told MTV that he felt that Tink “saved” him.

“She’s just got it, like really got it,” Timbaland gushed. “She’s 19 and we just don’t see that anymore.”

At nineteen, Chicago native Tink has already collaborated with Rick Ross and rap royalty Jay-Z.

Aaliyah, often referred to as Baby Girl, was an up-and-coming singer and actress. She collaborated with producers Missy Elliott and Timbaland for her sophomore album release, “One in a Million.” The album spawned the smash hit, “Try Again.”

Aaliyah died in August 2001, in the Bahamas, after the private plane she had chartered crashed shortly after take off.

Diddy Excited To Work With Kanye

Although Diddy doesn’t even need the music industry to make his fortune, he still knows how the game runs and is very skilled in the producing area. Before Diddy made his empire of Ciroc, he was working with legends of the scene like Biggie and Mary J. His schedule has never been busier, but Diddy being himself just got involved with one more huge project.

Diddy announced on Tuesday March 10th that he is back at making music and is going to be working for artists like Kanye West and Pusha T. The Bad Boy CEO said in an instagram post, “Yes the rumors are true. it’s been a long time since I had been really focused on producing music. My first love. Is the type of love that will never go away. So I’ve come back for the next 12 months only.”

Fans like Jason Halpern have heard that he also mentioned that he will be working with Kanye West and many more artists on new music. He was really good when he was in the game and now he is back with a whole lot of power in his hands to make things happen.

Come to think of it, if Diddy made really good music when he had nothing, how good will his music be when he has a whole empire that is dedicated to doing nothing but releasing the best digital music available in the market by the very best artists.

A New Sound For Mumford & Sons

No one wants to hear the same thing from a band over and over again. Diversity is what makes music great, and that is exactly what Mumford & Sons is going to give us with their new album. Fans like Brad Reifler ( have heard that they are abandoning their formerly used banjo and acoustic sounds for something completely different. I, for one, am excited to hear what they put out with a louder, higher energy sound. They are a great band as it is, but when they pick up the tempo and add some more music to their songs I bet they will be even better. There is so much to love in music, and even though it is hard at times to see a good band change their sound, it is also great to see progress being made. Music wouldn’t be the same without change, and I give Mumford & Sons credit for being bold enough to go out and do something new and different.

T.I And Jeezy Event Ends In Gun Fire

It looks like two people were shot in a T.I. and Jeezy event on Saturday night after shots were heard inside Label which is a Charlotte nightclub.

Both people were rushed to the hospital immediately according to the police and USA Today. It appears that one of the two victims who got shot left the club and drove themselves to the hospital while the other person had to be picked up by an ambulance and taken to the hospital’s ER.

Both victims are in non life threatening situations and will live to tell the tale, Jaime Garcia Dias says but there is no telling if any consequences will fall back on T.I. and Jeezy and all the other people who were related in organizing the event and the necessary security to keep the place safe.

Neither victims wanted their names released to the media for personal reasons, but many amateur videos were taken by witnesses and posted online that shows a whole lot of commotion after the victims were shot.

According to both rapper’s representatives, neither them nor anyone in their party has been harmed in any way. Diddy was supposed to make an appearance but couldn’t. All employees at the club are cooperating with the law enforcement and have revealed already a lot of information that will help in capturing the culprits.

We are just happy that no one got fatally injured at an event promoting peace and growth.

Drake Heard Chris Brown Talking About Him Behind His Back, Yet Again

When Chris Brown was being interviewed over the past couple of days, questions about Drake would arise from reporters and Chris would just simply reject the questions by saying until he gets paid for talking about Drake, he will not do it. But further along the interviews, he would begin to mock Drake by making impersonations of the Canadian rapper. Those two can’t seem to get a long whatsoever. All that Chris kept repeating is how much him and Drake are not friends, and to be honest it’s very easy to tell these two don’t like each other.

The feeling is mutual from these two, as Drake was performing one of his new songs ‘Energy’ from his latest album ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, when he changed the lyrics to diss Chris Brown without actually mentioning his name, and everyone right away knew exactly what he was talking about.

Chris Brown had another interview a couple of months ago when he said his beef with Drake was over and that he is now 25 years old and wants to act like a mature man, but that maturity did not last very long, but Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG is pretty skeptical.

It’s safe to say that Drake and Chris Brown beef has to die out on its own because these two won’t stop the arguing. They are definitely not going to colab on any songs anytime soon although that would be better for both their careers.

Swift and HAIM Team Up for Tour


Taylor Swift is ready to hit the road rocking for her new “1989” world tour. The twenty-five-year-old star recently announced her tour dates and the name of her opening act.

Who is going to prepare fans to hear Taylor jam down in the live concerts? According to Swift’s February 1st Instagram post, it will be none other but her friends from the band “HAIM”. Sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana will be opening the concert, in addition to guests Vance Joy and Shawn Mendes. These performers will only be available on select dates of the tour.

As her Instagram caption, Swift wrote that HAIM was joining the 1989 tour and added that it was no joke by stating rather comically “this is not a fire drill”.

Swift was not the only one who hit the internet to post about the tour; HAIM was also quick to jump on Twitter the same day and tweeted about their excitement to be touring with friend and fellow-performer Swift. The band stated that it was going to be a hot performance with three symbols of fire.

For those who want to see Swift and the HAIM trio jamming down like myself and my friend Sultan Alhokair, their upcoming tour dates are as follows:

July 10-11 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ
July 13-14 at the Nationals Park in Washington, DC
July 18-19 at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL
July 24-25 at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA
August 21-22 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA
August 24-26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA
September 25-26 at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN
September 28-29 at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO

Spotify Subscribers Top 15 Million

Online streaming has always had its benefits. As long as you have a steady internet connection, you can have access to all the content that you are entitled to. This convenience and access to a wide array of content has made online streaming services successful. 

One particular service that has gained a staggering number of subscribers is Spotify. As of now, there is already 15 million paid subscribers. The paid subscribers have access to all the content available in Spotify’s enormous library of songs and artists.

The total number of users of the service is actually a whole lot more. There are still 60 million users who use the service for free which is supported by ads. Even as a free user, you can still have access to all the content in Spotify although freedom to choose specific songs and skipping tracks are limited. 

Premium users have the ability to download tracks and make them available offline although it could only be played through the Spotify music player. This creates security and safety to the tracks. Sergio Lins Andrade has said on that it is worth it to be a premium user as stated it gives you the ability to download tracks & make them available offline as stated.

Although Spotify has become really popular, there are artists who are openly against the entire system of online streaming of music. Some of these artists include Taylor Swift, David Byrne, and Thom Yorke. Spotify pays for royalty for all the songs that are in their database and determines how much more an artist can get.

Taylor Swift Surprised at Reaction to her Spotify Decision


Taylor Swift is no stranger to controversy in her young career, but some of the latest decisions that she has made in terms of how she will make her music available to the public has caused a fairly significant backlash.

Swift has said she is surprised at the general reaction to her decision to pull her catalog of songs from Spotify. In late October, she released her album, 1989. Within the week, says an article at,  she had pulled her entire list of songs from Spotify, sparking outrage from fans like Susan McGalla, and controversy over whether music should be available to fans for free.

Spotify’s reaction to Swift’s removal of her songs has been called ‘pathetic’ and ‘manipulative.’ So far, Swift has not budged and her songs remain unavailable on the Spotify platform. She has remained critical of the way Spotify has reacted, and says they continue to undervalue her work.

Spotify reportedly has more than 50 million users worldwide, with more than 37 million at the free-tier service. Spotify pays artists ‘per stream’ of music played, but according to some artists, the pay is a mere .006 – .0084 cents per individual stream. Although fans may be sorely disappointed,

Swift says she has received many texts, emails and messages from other artists telling her they are happy that she took a stand.