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Alex Pall’s Perspective of His Dance Music Career

The Chainsmokers have over the years built their brand to become one of the most popular electronic music bands curving their own space among peers. Alex Pall’s passion for dance music was evident while growing up in Westchester, New York. He had a day job in at an art gallery in Manhattan but still spared time at night working as a DJ. He got hooked up with Andrew Haggart by his manager Adam Alpert and quit his job to pursue his career in music fully.

Alex Pall is a confident personality and from the onset was sure of what he had to offer as an artist. He has passion in his career and has the ambition to build something out of what started as a hobby rather than a profession. It came as a plus when he had met Haggart who luckily shared in the same ambition of creating music that would transcend age and gender.

Alex Pall has been dedicated in his career, spending much of his time with his partner creating music and brainstorming. Haggart’s skills in producing music and Pall’s expertise as a DJ, have been complimentary, allowing them to combine forces to produce music that enables them to connect with their fans emotionally.

Taking note of the continually changing face of music, Alex Pall constantly questions possible ideas and tries new things to remain exciting and relevant in the industry. With the concept of change in mind, Alex is happy to explore new ideas that will take care of the needs of their expanding audience, including efforts to improve their visuals and enhance their live performances. In the same spirit, Alex together with Andrew does not shy away from incorporating talented musicians like Halsey into their productions.

Alex is focusing on producing music that all people can relate to as opposed to concentrating on a specific age group. It is for the same reason that most of the time he creates music about his personal life and experiences.

Two years ago, Alex gifted himself with a house in the Hollywood Hills, whose architectural design and the artistic display has attracted the media.

Indeed, Alex Pall embodies the spirit of “you can make it as long as you put your mind to it and act”. To this far, his achievements to the point of winning a Grammy award is a gesture of to hard work, determination and surrounding himself with like-minded people.

Sound Engineer Clay Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a sound engineer and project manager who works in the music industry. With considerable experience working with renowned music artists, Hutson became an entrepreneur who created his own live entertainment production venture. This firm produces, manages and designs concerts. He has worked with popular artists, including Pink, Guns’n’Roses, Garbage and Kid Rock.

Hutson prides himself on ensuring his work is precise and organized. This prevents errors from occurring during shows. These efforts are important because it reduces the chance of injury during a show and helps the performers satisfy their fans. Hutson keeps lists of tasks to complete, including minor details that may seem inconsequential to some. This sometimes requires significant time for Hutson, but he recognizes that even a small error could have serious consequences.

Because the success of the concert is largely dependent on the satisfaction of fans, Hutson strives to keep himself informed about the latest technological advancements in the music industry. By doing this, he is able to arrange for entertaining shows, with satisfying visual and audio enhancements. This includes the use of mobile lights, video screens and walls, stunts and other forms of art. This sometimes requires putting in extra time, which Hutson recognizes is essential to his success in the industry.

To keep shows entertaining and interesting, Hutson pays careful attention to design and measurements. His engineering background is especially useful in this regard, as he knows how to utilize CAD design programs to assist in planning the proper dimensions for audio and visual equipment. Through trial and error, he has found what works and what does not in stage shows.

Many of Hutson’s client relationships were the result of referrals from other artists who worked with him. Hutson recognizes the importance of maintaining a good reputation in the industry to allow his business to be successful. He enjoys working with performers who are involved in their shows and explore cutting-edge forms of entertainment.

Chainsmokers, An Inside View

In their new release Sick Boy, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall have demonstrated their musical knack and ability to speak what is in their hearts as well as tell the world what is buzzing inside of their minds musically. The song Sick Boy is just the beginning of what their career path is going to look like from now on, because now their managers have permitted them to exercise time in their favor rather than to be pressed with deadlines to squeeze out something quick and not properly processed for the creativity to make the music truly complete. They have gone on to multiple tours and have been to countless public performances futuring Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall doing their thing on stage after stage as they woo audiences with their musical skill and interaction with the crowd. They implement several other talented people on their shows as well when they can, otherwise they will play the audio track for the people to hear. The Chainsmokers are also very dynamic with their performances and know how to get a crowd going so that adds to the validity of the show itself as well. The pair work through complications on the technical side when it comes to other musical artists because they do not always have them on stage with them and they are ultimately concerned about the quality and the performance that the people experience from them. They adapt in between the boundaries of pop, indie, hip hop, electronic, and dance and these styles form the general basis of the band and their overall sound. The two made a ton of great music for a ton of great people, and they are just warming up because they have disclosed that The Chainsmokers are already working on new music for this upcoming year. Their creative projects always contain a lot of work that no one else sees, and through careful, creative, and meditative practice The Chainsmokers will not only stand the test of time by pre making all of their music to set the trends for what is popular in the culture of sound but continue to transform as artists and people as well.

Desiree Perez Has A New Plan Going Forward

You can’t look at anything happening in the music industry today without realizing that the people behind it all just aren’t getting the recognition that has allowed it to happen. Desiree Perez has played a major role in making sure that Roc Nation, the company created by hip hop mogul Jay Z, is able to stay afloat regardless of what situation comes up. Her work has allowed Roc Nation to produce billions as she helped seal some of the most prominent deals out there. There simply aren’t too many people out there who have the same drive and have contributed to the same extent.

Desiree Perez is going to be remember for the way that she stuck with the people who got her into the music industry helped them expand. She understood that the company had the potential to expand into new territory in sports and other areas with the right mindset. Now, we can understand that what she thought is quite true because Roc Nation has entered sports with all of the success you would expect. The success that Perez has generated is giving Roc Nation the potential to go down the same route as other prominent entertainment companies.

Jay Z has created an empire and he uses the people who have been with him since day one to help him. They have proven to be loyal and ambitious on a scale that others can’t hope to copy. Where the future is going to take them is certainly a major theme of Desiree Perez’s story now. She is tasked with helping this company become so much greater than what it started as. Her desire to make the most out of every move is going to prove to be an important part of everything going forward from now on.

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What Alex Pall Wants To Learn

We can clearly see that people who reach a certain height in music are looking to do whatever they can to make things better. They realize that they are some of the most useful things they can do revolve around making sure the audience likes what they have to give and what they are about. There are so many things to take into account when doing something like this that it becomes obvious why so many people are looking at them and what they offer. They are a window into something that people like but haven’t had in a while. This is the start of something new and fresh and we can all see it for ourselves.

Nobody can clearly look at what is being done and not come to the conclusion that the Chainsmokers are an amazing duo with potential still untapped. They have crowds around the world looking at them with anticipation and wants to get in on the experience. Few people can say they have anything remotely close to this and even fewer can say they have gone as far as Alex Pall is taking the Chainsmokers. He isn’t stopping at any of the usual moments and he wants to make sure that we all have that in mind. Something is very different about what he does and what he plans to do. He isn’t a normal college DJ or music producer at all.

The ability to go as far as this duo is going is rare and it can’t be predicted. You have to look at what they are betting on and how far they are taking their risks. Alex Pall wants to learn about how far the crowd will go and if he can make that into something even bigger than before. He has the chance now all he needs is to find a way to take that audience with him to new depths. He wants to be someone that we all enjoy and that we listen to. Let’s help him get that for himself by making it clear what he has to do in the long run.

Bringing Back Cassio Audi’s Music Legacy

Cassio_Audi_Cassio Audi is one of the respected investment managers in Brazil. The successful finance expert has surprisingly unique talent: music. His early teenage years are dotted with a promising career in the industry. Here is look of his life as songwriter and drummer.

Cassio Audi

A teenage musician

Cassio Audi’s love for music began at a tender age. As soon as he reached teenage years he began to exploit e his talents in music. Together with four other Brazilian teenagers, he formed a boy’s band name the Vipers. Cassio and his friends specialized in the metallic rock. It was the trending genre of those days. Even more, they were the pioneers of Metal rock in the South American Nation. Read more about Cassio Audi at

Musical Expertise

Though they were only youths, Cassio Audi and his friends exhibited a high level of organization and harmony. Each person had a role to play. While the others took the guitars and vocals Cassio Audi took to songwriting and drums. He wrote and gave beats to most of the band’s initial songs.

Demo album

Initially, the boys enjoyed the thrill of doing performances and exploiting their raw talent. For years they neverthought of commercializing their songs. However, late in the 80s, Cassio and his friends decided to do a demo album launch in the city of Sao Paulo. The resulting turn out motivated themto produce an actual album the following year. Read more at about Cassio Audi.

Cassio Audi Group

Debut Album

A year after their mock trial, the Vipers put together an album called the Sunrise Soldiers. The album contained a number of Cassio’s own compositions. It remained on top of the charts for nearly a decade and has been reproduced more than four times. Songs such as the Nightmares, Knights of destruction and Soldiers of sunrise still resonate with rock music lovers all over the world.


Desiree Perez a Shrewd Entrepreneur and a Terrific Negotiator

One of the most lucrative deals entered in 2008 between Jay Z, and Live Nation is coming to an end. The deal which was a ten-year deal saw Jay Z pocket a cool 150 million dollars. The deal is set to expire in 2018 and could trigger a buy-sell agreement between the two players meaning that one faction could decide to sell its stake to Roc Nation or entirely buy the company outright.

According to sources that are privy to some information concerning new developments in the industry states that Live Nation wants to continue with the deal but only on the touring side not on the recorded music side. From an insider source, the deal is between Jay Z and Live Nation is not going to be extended since Live Nation is not in the business of buying recorded music anymore however they intend to continue with the productive touring relationship with Jay-Z.

Jay Z was seen in the company of Roc Nation Executive Director Desiree Perez in a meeting at Universal Music Group offices that was also attended by UMG CEO Sir Lucian Grainge. The meeting sparkled speculations that there could be a deal entered between Roc Nation  Universal Music Group. Already Roc Nation and UMG have a distribution deal.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a force to reckon with in the music industry. She is popularly known for possessing excellent negotiations skills and as a result has been able to help several artistes achieve success in the music industry. One of the artists that has greatly benefited from Perez business and management skills is Sean Carter also known by the stage name Jay-Z. The two have had a good working relationship for years, and in those many years, Perez has helped Jay-Z secure major deals with big multinationals companies. Perez has also worked with other top celebrities in the music industry and among them is Rihanna with whom she helped secure a major deal amounting to millions of shillings with Samsung.

Finding Forgiveness with The Greyhound Diaries

Whenever a parent ceases to be in a child’s life it is something that can fundamentally change who that child is and what they grow to become. Parents who leave their children in a violent manner, such as by suicide, often have children who face a tremendous amount of guilt as they grow older. That is exactly something that Doug Levitt, the author of The Greyhound Diaries, was experiencing before he took his epic journey.

Doug was born in Washington D.C. where he attended public school and learned a great deal about politics and socialism from his mother, a D.C. councilwoman. At the age of 16 his father chose to end his own life, something that would affect Doug for many years to come.

After spending time as a foreign correspondent in London, Doug switched careers to become a singer/songwriter and returned to the United States. It was then that he realized how many people in the nation were simply struggling to get by. He decided that he wanted to tell their stories – to travel the nation and to write folk songs about the people he met and the sights he saw during his journey. It was also where he learned forgiveness.

Raising money by busking, an old tradition where performers play on the street for money, Doug rode Greyhound busses over 70,000 miles across the nation. Traveling from one end to the other, then zig zagging back, Doug was able to truly see how diverse the nation is. He also was finally able to come to understand, and forgive, his father for leaving the family, also learning that forgiving himself is just as important as forgiving his father.

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Couple Decides To Get Married At Bonnaroo Festival

Christian Broda suggests that many people are getting married in different places these days, and some places are unbelievable. There was a festival called Bonnaroo, and a couple decided that they would get married at the festival. In the pictures that are available on MTV News, you can see the couple kiss, and they are standing right beside a water fountain that’s big enough to hold people underneath it. Wedding At A Music Festival. The picture is very festive and beautiful, but who would really get married at a music festival?

People are getting married in different places these days, and it’s not always traditional. A couple decided to get married at Taylor Swift’s concert in Philadelphia recently, and they may have made the best choice. Taylor Swift decided to meet the couple behind stage after her mother brought the couple to Taylor’s attention. Although this is one of the best days of their life, it just seems weird to get married in the parking lot of a stadium.

It could be a lot of fun to get married at a festival or even in a parking lot, but many are still down for a traditional wedding. Those who want to do something different, they’ll have something to pass down to their kids and their grandkids after all is said and done. It might be fun to be able to tell your kids that you listened to some great music from different bands while you got married.

Timbaland Claims Aaliyah Spoke to Him During His Sleep

Producer Timbaland, who collaborated with the late Aaliyah and reportedly admitting his feelings of romance toward her, recently stated that Aaliyah spoke to him in his sleep.

People are either going to believe that Timbaland has some sort of spiritual connection with the late “Are You That Somebody?” singer or that he’s just plain out of his mind.

Dan Newlin said that the producer opened up about the experience during a showcase at the SWSW entertainment festival when he premiered a song by another aspiring musician, Tink.

“I don’t touch my sister’s records, but she spoke to me in my sleep and said, ‘She’s the one.,” Timbaland said.

Could the message have been that Tink was the perfect candidate for Timbaland to incorporate one of Aaliyah’s song into her own music?

Timbaland told MTV that he felt that Tink “saved” him.

“She’s just got it, like really got it,” Timbaland gushed. “She’s 19 and we just don’t see that anymore.”

At nineteen, Chicago native Tink has already collaborated with Rick Ross and rap royalty Jay-Z.

Aaliyah, often referred to as Baby Girl, was an up-and-coming singer and actress. She collaborated with producers Missy Elliott and Timbaland for her sophomore album release, “One in a Million.” The album spawned the smash hit, “Try Again.”

Aaliyah died in August 2001, in the Bahamas, after the private plane she had chartered crashed shortly after take off.