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Andy Wirth Bringing the Good Life to You in Squaw Valley

Andrew Wirth, or Andy as he prefers to go by, has been in the hotel business for most of his professional life. In fact, he has the lifeblood of this industry right inside of him, as some of the earliest parks and hotels in the country were managed by his grandparents. With such a long line of individuals who love to work in the service industry, it only makes sense that Andy Wirth does the same. Of course, he has just not taken up where his parents and grand parents left off but he has made it is own and thrived in the industry, bringing in all sorts of different awards for himself and the hotels he manages, in order to showcase exactly how to run a hotel.

Now, Andy Wirth is originally from Neubrucke out of West Germany. As part of West Germany it proved to be much easier for him to travel around and to experience different countries and ways of life. This eventually allowed him to obtain his Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University. He also attended school in Scotland at Edinburgh University. After graduation, he remained inside of the state of Colorado as he served as a backcountry ranger in the Rocky Mountain National Parks department. This is right along the same line as his grandfather, who works as a former U.S. National Park Service director.

During his time in the Rocky Mountain National Parks department, he worked in the wilderness area and also served as a member of the Hot Shot Wild Land Fire Crew, which worked to put out fires in New Mexico.

He eventually went to take on an internship with the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986. He worked throughout the company for the better part of 20 years, at which point he was promoted to the parent company and eventually named the Chief marketing Officer. Not a bad way to go from internship. Eventually, he move to a different company and helped create the Mountain Village Partnership, which went on to partner with Squaw Valley. By 2010, he was appointed the President and CEO of Squaw Valley in California, which is a position he holds on today. All of this makes for a very important position as he has brought in more attention and recognition to Squaw Valley since taking over. He is recognized both by his peers and by those who stay in the hotel.