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Planting A Billion Trees In A Year Using Drones

Thanks to BioCarbon Engineering, technology is now being used to counter what technology has done to our environment. In its latest venture, the company is using drones to plant trees. While so many trees are cut all over the world while very few are planted, this would go a long way in correcting the anomaly.

According to the company’s CEO, Lauren Fletcher, the old methods are just not working for us anymore and we need to use newer techniques that the latest technology has made available to us. He accepts that the method is not in any way better but it is a lot quicker than hand planting which is slow and expensive. They are hoping to plant around a billion trees in a year.

The method is said to be cheaper compared to hand planting. Ricardo Guimarães BMG says that according to Fletcher, if two operators were to handle a number of drones, they would plant around 36,000 trees in a day, which he insists is very possible. For that one day, the cost would be 15% of the cost incurred, while using the normal method.

In the new method,the seeds are first pre-germinated before the drones fly to specific areas and fire them into the ground. The seeds are covered by a nutritious hydrogel. A prototype of the system took part in the Drones for Good competition that took place in United Arab Emirates and left a great impression.