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iZombie Recap

The CW’s iZombie has been getting rave reviews for its quirky, fun story that does a fair job of following the original iZombie comics. Tuesday’s episode didn’t disappoint fans in the least.

Last week, Liv’s former fiance, Major, was beaten to a bloody pulp by The Candyman. This week’s episode opened with Major on a steel morgue table. Thankfully, he wasn’t dead. Instead, he asked Ravi to help stitch him up. Ravi also helped Major with his search for two missing teens from his social service program and Ravi learned that Blaine has been creating zombies and killing people.

Newlin stated that the police case of the week was about an angry, agoraphobic, peanut-allergy suffering video gamer and hacker who died while trying to get to his upstairs epinephrine pen [Sidebar: this part was a little weak because the writers never explained why the epinephrine pen would be upstairs instead of in the basement where the gamer/hacker spent most of his time]. In the end, it turned out that he was murdered by the brother of a former customer service agent who killed herself after this guy ridiculed her extensively over the phone.

On the boyfriend front, Liv finally realized that she can be a little more human with fellow zombie musician Lowell. After a missed opportunity for a kiss, she met up with him to show that she’s ready to move on from Major.