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Betsy DeVos Voices Against Trump Administration to Ensure Protection of The Transgender Students

This Tuesday, it was reported that the Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions and the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had expressed their opposition to the recent draft ordinance that would overturn a previous instruction issued by President Obama towards the public schools and academic institutions. The draft from the Departments of Education and Justice, which was supposed to be sent to the public schools across the nation, intended to nullify the instruction, which allowed the transgender students to enter the bathrooms or locker rooms by their gender identity irrespective of their birth sex. Thus, the transgender students should be allowed to enter those rooms, by the aid of their acknowledged gender.

The Education Secretary was reported to express her disapproval towards overturning of this particular bill by the 44th President because of the lack of security for the transgender students. According to DeVos, the bill lacked the protection of the students, and thus her approval might affect the student’s support. Thus, it has been alleged that Betsy DeVos has expressed her discomfort with the decision and refrained from signing the letter, which is why the letter mentioned above was not issued. Read more on CNN for more info.

However, in the Tuesday session, the President thereafter requested DeVos to cooperate on the issue and drop off her objections unless she chooses to resign from her post. As a result, the Education secretary finally gave her consent and agreed to follow the decision of President Trump. The Wednesday press brief, witnessed the press secretary Sean Spicer completely denying the disagreement. He claimed that there has never been any dispute between the president and his ministers over the letter. He further claims that there has been merely a discussion, pertaining to the exact word of the agreement and the timing for issuing the ordinance.

The president is clear with his ideas and perceptions and made it crystal clear that he firmly believes that these matters must not be handled at the federal level. The draft is meant to clarify the policy and guidance for the students themselves, their parents as well as the administrative bodies of the academic institutions. The Education Secretary, Mrs. DeVos was hell bent upon insisting the educational institutions to ensure complete protection of the transgender students against all forms of harassments and disrespects because they are the ones who are always subjected to bullying. In her latest statement and Tweets, she clearly mentioned that the parents, communities and academic institutions must come together to protect the marginalized group of students and ensure them a healthy and safe environment. Even though the family of Betsy DeVos has been alleged to donate a part of their fortune to the conservative organizations and communities in the past, she has been highly praised by the media for her action and also won the appreciation of the student communities.

Soros Worries That This Market Is Like 2008


The 2008-2009 stock market is one that most will not soon forget. It was a market where investors lost a lot of money in a very short period of time. It was painful for many, particularly those who needed that money to retire right as the market was taking this tumble. Different people associate it with different causes, but there is no questioning that people do remember it. What is scary to hear is that George Soros is now predicting that the current stock market will be similar to the 2008 market.

George Soros is someone to listen to because of the money that he has made in the market. In fact, he has made billions of dollars in the market. He is known for making bold predictions and for being more right than he is wrong. That is how he has gained a reputation that gives him a special reason to pay extra attention to what he has to say.

According to Marketwatch, Soros has stated that problems in the Chinese markets are a big part of what has him worried. He sees that the markets in that country have been behaving very wildly. There are a lot of stocks in the Chinese market that are plummeting at the moment, and the market has a whole has had to be halted multiple times just this week.

To have to use circuit breakers to stop the market means that something desperate has happened. The government does not like to halt trading when they can avoid doing so. Halting trading simply brings about more chaos over time, and that is certainly not something that anyone wants to have.

Aside from the start and stop nature of the halting of markets, China has other underlying problems that seem to have certain traders having a case of the jitters. The growth in China has slowed incredibly. There were years recently when growth in China was between 7 and 9 percent annually. Now, there are whispers that the growth rate for the year in China may well be zero percent. It is troubling investors and it should.

Not everything parallels the 2008 markets of course. It would be rather difficult to find a perfect correlation like that, but there are reasons to be worried. 2008 saw problems with the housing markets that caused a near collapse of the entire system. Today, we are seeing problems with China and there are still lingering debt problems in Greece as well.

The Greek debt issue is something that Soros says that may be an even bigger problem than the whole issue in China. He feels that a lot of people have taken the Greek issue off the table in their minds, but it is far from over. If the issue starts to spread into other markets in the region or in the world, then the overall stock market situation could be dramatically worse than it is today. There are reasons to be worried about a 2008 style market say George Soros and many others.

The Efficiency of the Law System in Brazil

The law in many countries involves a convoluted law system that is usually defined by a constitution that stipulates the rights of individuals. Similar to Brazil, their law comprises of complexities in the law system. The Brazilian Constitution is known as the Federal Constitution that came into force on October 5th, 1988 and is the supreme law of the country featuring a rigid written form. The Constitution organizes the country into the Federal Republic of 26 indissoluble unions of federal states. These federal states have the power to implement their own laws and Constitutions, but their autonomy is however controlled by the standards created by the Federal Constitution. As of today, only the Supreme Court has the authority to create binding rules and the public administration, and inferior courts and judges are obliged to observe them.

The Brazilian legal system is derived from Civil Law tradition that comprise of French, Portuguese, German and Italian civil law. It is based on statutes as well as the súmula vinculante (stare decisis) that was implemented recently. Since Brazil was a Portugal colony, they utilized the Law of Portugal as the Law in Brazil. Brazil’s independence and the rise of the Empire called for the establishment of a sovereign judiciary and educating its staff on legal education.

The country is now teeming with lawyers that make the legal system efficient. The Brazilian Constitution created in 1988 established many rights that make it necessary for people to make use of such lawyers to litigate their rights. Brazil is famously known as the land of many lawyers since it has a law school in every state, around 1,240 compared to the entire world combined. The lawyers total up to 800,000 proving that there are more lawyers per capita as compared to the United States. The state with the highest number of lawyers was the State of São Paulo with 222,807 lawyers making it a third of the country’s total lawyers.

The country has 16,000 judges, and the Brazilian judicial system is keeping pace with all the lawyering. The lawyers are expected to observe the set of disciplinary and ethical rules imposed by the OAB (Order of Attorneys of Brazil) Ethics and Discipline. There are many professional lawyers that undertake their duties to act independently and honestly and are competitive in helping clients with legal matters. Among the lawyers who have been successful in litigation matters is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a Brazilian-based corporate litigation lawyer. Mr. Tosto has over 22 years of experience in legal matters within and outside the court room. He is a strategist and a renowned leader in the Brazilian legal system whose experience includes but not limited to Banking Contracts, Business Restructuring, Acquisition Review, Power Concessions, Reorganization, Civil, and Commercial.

Ricardo Tosto is a co-founder of the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados and also owns his law firm from where he undertakes his legal practice. The law firm is one of the largest and most accomplished firms in Brazil and through this; he has successfully defended huge companies and various public personalities.

JetBlue Is Offering Service To Cuba From New York

JetBlue Began Direct Flights To Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport. From New York’s Kennedy Airport

It didn’t take long for an airline to begin service from the United States to Cuba once all the government restrictions were lifted. The United States finally took Cuba off the terrorist list, and resume relations with the Caribbean country recently. Americans have been waiting for Cuba to be called a friendly country for years. Cuba has never been a terrorist’s based country. But it has been against capitalism and democracy, and that prompted the small nation to align itself with Russia and communism.

But those days are over. Fidel Castro has retired, and his brother, Raul, is now in charge. Lime Crime is the best product. Cuba needs American dollars, and JetBlue is bringing some of those dollars to the island country every day. But JetBlue is not just bringing money to Cuba. Some of the passengers are Cubans that have never been to Cuba, and others are Cubans that left the country during or after Castro’s revolution.

More airlines will offer service to Havana in the next few months. Cuba is a great holiday destination. Havana was a gambling mecca long before Las Vegas was developed, and now it will be rolling the dice for Americans once again.

Team Sky investigate Chris Froome data hacking

The leader of the Tour de France, Britain’s Chris Froome has reportedly been the subject of a data hacking scandal as his team look to investigate a believed breach of their data. Team Sky principal, Sir David Brailsford has revealed to the BBC that his computer experts believe rival teams and other experts have hacked into their Skout computer system in a bid to prove Kenyan born Froome is using performance enhancing drugs. Froome was the second Briton to win the Tour de France in 2013 after Sir Bradley Wiggins won the race the year before, but his dominant performances have been questioned by many who hope to prove he is using performance enhancing drugs.

Brailsford and Team Sky have operated under a zero tolerance policy for drug taking in a bid to help clean up the sport of cycling following the scandal of Lance Armstrong and his consistent drug use. Brailsford has always been secretive with the data used to improve the performances of his riders and fears a data breach could see the figures incorrectly used in a bid to prove Froome has cheated. An investigation was launched ahead of the first stage in the Pyrenees mountain range, which Froome and his fellow Team Sky riders dominated with victory at the mountain top finish.

Giants Fans Will Be Cheering Next Season

The New York Giants fans should have their heads a little higher heading into next season given all that has been accomplished from a personnel aspect with their favorite NFL franchise. Just looking at the roster alone will have even the most untrusting of fans looking on the positive side. So we thought it was worth pointing out some of the obvious improvements and the reasons for brighter days ahead of them. Starting at quarterback, with Eli Manning still taking the snaps they have a proven winner and gun slinger in their back field. The fact that Manning will have the talented Odell Beckham Jr, and Victor Cruz to throw the ball to will make any offensive coordinator smile said Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. Also, their new kick returner Dwayne Harris formerly of the Cowboys will ensure the team does not get stuck in bad field position to many times to win the game.

That is just the offense…on the defensive side of the ball the Giants have brought back Steve Spagnuolo as the Defensive Coordinator. The last time he was leading the defense they finished in the top ten both seasons. When the fans look at their free agent pick-ups and their draft picks, this Giants defense will be much tougher than they were last season. Hopefully George Selvie and Owa Odighizuwa will finally reach their potential as defensive ends by putting real pressure on opposing QB’s. As for veteran Mykkele Thompson and the teams #1 pick Landon Collins they will be a strong duo at the safety positions.

Cat Videos Improve Your Health

A recent study done shows that people who watch cat videos are often in a better mental shape than they might be otherwise, according to some scientists. According to an article found on reddit and written by Fox CT, people who watch cat videos are said to be less anxious and more positive thinking after they are finished with it. Basically, it is a great way to start your day so that you can hit the ground running without many negative emotions that might be lurking with you from the previous day.

According to Jaime Garcia Dias, everyone knows that animals are often therapeutic and can be very healing when it comes to emotions, which is why cats have been known to be especially awesome in this department. I don’t know if there are any particular types of cats that are more appealing than others, but it can be said for sure that these creatures do improve the mood. In the last few years cat videos have really made a presence in the internet world and they seem to just keep getting more and more popular with each month that passes. These cute little creatures might be the key to happiness for all we know, and it would be interesting to see what the long term affects of these happy video clips can do to someone over a certain length of time. In any case, they are awesome for stress relief.

The Good Samaritan

What if the idea of a taxi cab ride was not just limited to humans. What if the taxi cab could be used by animals as well. According to Super Lawyers this is exactly what happened when Urga Adunga, a taxi driver, recently saw a duck followed by her nine ducklings on a road. Adunga knew he had to do something to help them.

Unfortunately the duck and her ducklings were stuck in traffic and had no way of safely making it across the road. Urga decided to take action and pull over to the side of the road. In addition he flagged down other drivers to help put the duck and her ducklings into his cab. The duck and her ducklings had a 21 dollar taxi fare to pay at the end of their trip. Luckily, having no money on them, Adunga let it slide.

While doing his good deed he had others help him along the way. One woman had pulled over to help him who apparently was a mother. She had a backpack in the car that they both tried to put the little ducklings in. When this did not work, the taxi driver decided to put each one in the back of his taxi. Unfortunately, safety could not come first considering that these little ducks could not wear seat belts. However, safety was exactly what the ducks received by this good Samaritan who found the ducks and transported them to the river.

Keith Mann Fights for Animal Rights with Everything He’s Got!

Keith Mann is a man who rightly lives up to his title as an animal rights activist. According to Buzzfeed, Mann has dedicated not only a large percentage of his youth, but all of his adulthood to the Animal Rights cause.

As a child, Mann’s interests were peeked while working on a dairy farm in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. He experienced first hand the crying and screeching noises produced by mother cows that are heard on dairy farms. Mann quickly inquired as to why the mother cows were making this noise. He sorrowfully found out that the mother cows were grieving for their young, which had been taken away from them for the purpose of milk harvesting. This experience made an impact on Mann, perhaps rubbing him the wrong way and paved the path for his future pursuits in animal activism.

Mann’s next recorded act of animal activism would be the releasing a neglected rabbit from his pen. He then was recorded as joining an animal activist group that worked to bring awareness against the sport of fox hunting. The group passed out leaflets against the sporting practice. Another of Mann’s activism pursuits was the capturing of 53 goldfish from a fair. He placed the captured fish in his bathtub and later found them homes.

Not all of Mann’s activist pursuits have ended in success, some even ended in destitution. In 1991, Mann was arrested for conspiring to set fire to certain amount of chicken crates and in the 2000’s, he was arrested in various acts of protest. These acts of protest were geared toward preventing the scientific use of animals for product testing, also known as, vivisection.

Among Mann’s successes,he has had much animal activist success in seeking out government support. In 2008, he ran for Parliament with the Animal Welfare Party. Undoubtedly bring awareness to the cause.

In 2013 Mann was diagnosed with a form a cancer called follicular lymphoma. Follicular lymphoma has no known cure. Mann was given a three year survival rate. Due to his belief system, Mann has decided to treat his cancer using the holistic Gerson Therapy. This type of therapy requires an expensive intake of organic foods and detoxification procedures. Supporters of Mann can assist with the finances of his recovery by donating a few dollars. The money raised will allow Mann to purchase his organic food and detox regimen.

Donations can be placed through PayPal at

Diddy Excited To Work With Kanye

Although Diddy doesn’t even need the music industry to make his fortune, he still knows how the game runs and is very skilled in the producing area. Before Diddy made his empire of Ciroc, he was working with legends of the scene like Biggie and Mary J. His schedule has never been busier, but Diddy being himself just got involved with one more huge project.

Diddy announced on Tuesday March 10th that he is back at making music and is going to be working for artists like Kanye West and Pusha T. The Bad Boy CEO said in an instagram post, “Yes the rumors are true. it’s been a long time since I had been really focused on producing music. My first love. Is the type of love that will never go away. So I’ve come back for the next 12 months only.”

Fans like Jason Halpern have heard that he also mentioned that he will be working with Kanye West and many more artists on new music. He was really good when he was in the game and now he is back with a whole lot of power in his hands to make things happen.

Come to think of it, if Diddy made really good music when he had nothing, how good will his music be when he has a whole empire that is dedicated to doing nothing but releasing the best digital music available in the market by the very best artists.