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The Association Between Andrew Rolfe And Ubuntu Fund

Andrew Rolfe is presently serving as the Senior Managing Director with Towerbrook Capital Partners L.P. This is where he looks after investing opportunities in both Europe as well as the United States. His focus is on acquisitions in several sectors that include retail, besides food service along with hospitality.

Currently, Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Board of the Directors of Ubuntu Fund. This Ubuntu Model has been recognized internationally. The approach has managed to completely redefine development landscape in Africa. It has changed the theory of scaling also in accordance.

The Ubuntu Model has its focus on how much impact it is making. It focuses on at the depth and not the breadth of impact here. Hence the Ubuntu Model operates at the most basic level. It focuses on the smallest unit of society, the family.

Now in a family, children will always be cared for by the adults. This means providing customized plans for them. They have to be highly flexible so that they can address all those challenges which the kids may face in their life. This same principle will apply to the Ubuntu Model also. It has a really simple guiding philosophy. But there are very few organizations that operate on such a principle. This is why it is considered as an innovative and unique approach.

This Ubuntu Model is very successful as it is linked to the stability of the household besides being based on the health and education sectors too.

It seeks to fundamentally bring a change to the life of a child. Hence it is important that all the obstacles being faced by a child are addressed. This would also include preventing all obstacles which affect children and are preventing them from coming out of poverty.

Under the Ubuntu Model by Andrew Rolfe, once children are able to spend a few years here, they can move on. They would be able to make a place for themselves in the world and get access to higher education along with employment. This way Andrew Rolfe has ensured that they grow into healthy adults who take responsibility for all their actions.